Air (2023) Movie Review

Based on a true story, Air is directed by Ben Affleck and written by Alex Convery. Several passages under the title Air: Courting a Legend is a biographical sports drama film about the origins of the Air Jordan, the basketball shoe, in which a Nike, Inc. employee. trying to make a business deal with rookie Michael Jordan. The film also stars director Ben Affleck, in addition to other roles filled by Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans, Chris Messina, Chris Tucker and Viola Davis.

Air has its world premiere at South by Southwest on March 18, 2023. Air is scheduled to be released globally by Warner Bros. on April 5, 2023, competing with the video game film adaptation Super Mario Bros Movie. Making it the first film Amazon has released in theaters without simultaneously premiering on Prime Video since Late Night (2019).

Air (2023) Synopsis

A scout or star recruiter at the Nike company named Sonny (Matt Damon) is adamant in his stance to want to recruit Michael Jordan to become an icon for Nike basketball shoes. Nike’s basketball shoe division is on the verge of collapse, under the 2 big brands Adidas and Converse, which dominate the NBA.

Phil Knight (Ben Affleck), the CEO, had doubts about Sonny’s crazy decision. Michael Jordan was also initially interested in Adidas and Converse. Sonny’s crazy steps made Nike officials like Rob Strasser (Jason Bateman) and Howard White (Chris Tucker) give up and follow Sonny’s way.


Finally Nike decided to take only 1 basketball player for the long term. They bet the company’s entire budget on a young basketball player, NBA rookie Michael Jordan who was in doubt and only got the 3rd pick in the NBA draft to the Chicago Bulls team.

Air (2023) Review

Sonny Vaccaro’s persistence

Sonny’s role in the Nike company is quite complicated. Even he did not understand what his position in the company. He who really likes basketball, continues to travel around, looking for young talent to become the next Nike shoe icon. With Nike’s basketball division in a slump, this is the main problem in the film Air.

air Review

Sonny was always seen arguing with Nike officials. Explosion of entertaining dialogue, so the main weapon of this film. For basketball and shoe lovers, they will surely be curious about how Sonny turned the impossible into a world phenomenon. Everything rolls fast.

Starting from the idea within the company, to the competition with big names such as Adidas, a big brand from Germany, and the ruler of America, namely Converse. The point is only in the basketball division. Sonny doesn’t want his ideas to go to waste on basketball players chosen by the board of directors.

Not only crazy ideas, his actions against agents also become fun scenes. Even the tough negotiations continue to be presented. Through the setting of the 80s, landline telephones are the thing most often used.

Iconic shoes of all time

Maybe this is the only special line of basketball athletes, even all sportsmen who have succeeded in the last 2 decades. Who has never seen these shoes in public? Maybe in almost every corner of the place and age, admit that basketball shoes are probably better known as sneakers today. Air Jordan became the most successful shoe, and is still being hunted by shoe lovers.

air movie

Being the right decision, Nike made Air Jordan complete with a jumping Michael Jordan silhouette. This breakthrough has not been able to be achieved by any athlete yet. There are many iconic athlete shoes nowadays, but Air Jordan still wins the hearts of shoe lovers, especially sneakers.

With a typical Nike design, the tick logo crosses on two sides. With the prefix of the best special basketball products of all time, red, white and black. Breaking the Bulls’ distinctive color even though it violates the shoe color rules in the NBA. However, it became a prefix for basketball players to become more colorful and diverse. Thanks to Nike for daring to break the rules.

Not only NBA rules, they even hit business rules. For every Air Jordan shoe sold, Michael Jordan will receive a share of his passive income. Every year Air Jordan gets an average of 4 billion US dollars in profits. This is a good example for athletes to develop their own foundation, helping many people. It has been proven that many successful athletes have followed this by building their own foundations.

The brains behind Air Jordan’s success

Maybe the main POV of this film is Sonny. He arrived at Michael Jordan’s house directly, and met his mother Deloris Jordan (Viola Davis) to convince her son to join Nike. However, it wasn’t just Sonny, without Phil Knight, the decision to go all the budget to Michael Jordan would not have been fulfilled.

Movie air

Plus White’s hilarious black negotiating skills make things easy. The combination of Sonny and Strasser, who did not get along at the beginning, was like a roller coaster towards the end, when Michael Jordan agreed to this crazy contract. All thanks to Peter Moore (Matthew Maher), the shoe designer. The idea of ​​the three of them became a breakthrough, but in the end it succeeded in the market, by prioritizing aesthetic appearance rather than function.

Air (2023) Conclusion

The appearance of the veteran actors managed to show how Air Jordan shoes succeeded in the market. Pleasant solid dialogue rolling on and on in tough negotiations. Competition in the shoe business in the basketball division, especially the NBA, has a lot of complicated history, which we may not know about.

The iconic Air Jordan shoes finally emerged from the crazy idea of ​​Nike officials, who sincerely risked many things and even their careers. The ups and downs of the negotiations will not be felt, because the entertainment will be presented from the thinly humorous dialogues in each scene.



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