Ambush (2023) Movie Review

It’s no longer a secret that Hollywood very often works on films that are set during war events in real life, both films adapted from true stories and fictional ones. Apart from World War I and II, there are other war events that are often raised in a Hollywood film, namely the Vietnam War.

So, Saban Films is working on a new Vietnam War-themed film called Ambush . The film, directed by Mark Burman, stars Aaron Eckhart, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Connor Paolo, Jason Genao, and other actors. For information, Eckhart is the actor who played Two-Face in The Dark Knight (2008).

Set in 1966, Ambush tells the story of a group of United States soldiers who receive a package containing secret documents containing war strategies. In the middle of the code-breaking process, Vietcong troops staged an ambush and stole the secret document. General Drummond then orders Captain Mora and his troops to retrieve the classified documents.

Ambush movie review

As the title implies, a film about an ambush

Ambush focuses on the story of a group of young United States soldiers assigned to a jungle in Vietnam. Despite their status as soldiers, this group of young soldiers is more accurately referred to as technicians because their main job is to make trenches, traps around the base, and draw maps of the surrounding area. No wonder this group of young soldiers lack expertise in combat matters.

However, the life of this group of young soldiers immediately changed when Vietcong soldiers stole a secret document that was being deciphered by Captain Mora. Without explanation, General Drummond instead ordered the young soldiers to explore the underground labyrinth which was the headquarters of the Vietcong army. In fact, there was a group of soldiers who were more skilled at fighting who were brought in before the search for secret documents.


As the title suggests, Ambush is literally about ambushing and being ambushed. The storyline is linear and there is absolutely no background about everything that happens throughout the film. So, this film presents one incident at a time where the trigger for the conflict just happened at that time and must be resolved at that time. There are no flashbacks or past events that trigger the conflict in this film.

This film clearly wants to capture purely the fear of a group of young soldiers who are suddenly given a tough mission beyond their capabilities and experience. This film really focuses on searching for secret documents stolen by Vietcong soldiers and there are no subplots that interfere with the story of the search.

Show a slightly confusing labyrinth exploration and an exciting ending

Since the Vietcong soldiers kept their secret documents in the underground labyrinth, Captain Mora ordered Corporal Ackerman to lead other young soldiers in exploring the labyrinth. Mora ordered them on the grounds that Ackerman and his team were too cunning to make a map of the labyrinth and memorize its intricacies. That is why, most of this film is set in the underground labyrinth of the Vietcong army.

Director Mark Burman was quite successful in presenting the labyrinth conditions which were so dangerous, dark and suffocating. Those of you who have a phobia of narrow and dark rooms may feel disturbed when watching this film. But because it was so dark, there were a few moments that seemed to just pass by. Your attention may come back when Ackerman and his team face a dangerous moment.

Movie ambush

When we are happy with the success of Ackerman and his team in completing the mission, this film instead features a quite controversial ending . You might be surprised by the ending . But for me, the ending of this film feels quite upsetting and makes me nervous. Should they get an ending like that after what they’ve been through?

The actors do their part quite well

When talking about the performance of the actors who starred in Ambush , all of them performed very well in playing their respective characters. However, the actors who play young soldiers who enter the underground labyrinth certainly deserve more appreciation. They succeeded in making the audience feel their fear as soldiers who are not skilled in battle.

Compared to other characters who have to face battle, General Drummond throughout the film just sits comfortably in his base while giving orders to Captain Mora. Whether it’s because of Aaron Eckhart’s acting that isn’t as effortless as other actors or because of the controversial ending of the film, the presence of General Drummond’s character is quite irritating.

Review ambush

Overall review of the movie Ambush (2023)

Ambush actually wanted to present a message about the consequences of a war which resulted in a lot of loss and about a struggle that was not considered. Unfortunately, the mission that the soldiers go through in this film does not have a strong story foundation. Plus, this film features an ending that makes you nervous and feels pointless.

After reading the review for the film Ambush , are you interested in watching this war film in theaters? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK?


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