Antares Season 1 Movie Review

Being the leader of the Calderioz gang, Ares is the most feared person both on the street and at school. Until one day he accidentally met a girl who damaged his motorbike, namely Zea. When the relationship between the two began to improve, Zea was busy hiding his true identity from Ares because this would be very dangerous.

Back to making a web series, MD Entertainment adapted Rweinda’s wattpad novel entitled Antares. Set in a high school motorcycle gang, this series has received a lot of attention from the teenage audience. The reason is Angga Yunanda and Beby Tsabina, both of whom seem to have excellent chemistry and extraordinary charm.

This time we will find out, how will Ares and Zea’s relationship continue? The answer you can get below.

Synopsis Antares Season 1

To find out how exciting this Indonesian drama entitled Antares is, we will review each episode for you.

Episodes 1-8

  • Year of Release 2021
  • Genres Action , Comedy , Drama , Romance
  • Director Rizal Mantovani
  • Cast ∙ Angga Yunanda ∙ Beby Tsabina

Opening with a fight scene, on the first day Zea directly confronts a gang of motorized boys named Calderioz. Not wanting to add to the problem, Zea finally apologized and promised to grant Ares’ three wishes. On that day Zea also met Karissa, Seline, Cleo and Serra, a gang of hit girls.

On that day, Zea immediately became the butt of Ares and was ordered to treat all the children in the canteen. But that day Zea finally got to know all the members of Calderioz led by Antares the God of War. On that day, Zea met her potential enemy, one of her upperclassmen named Anya.


In the second episode, taking advantage of the situation, Ares told Zea to follow his wishes as his first request. Luckily Zea wasn’t one of the two types of people at school, being a fan of Ares or scaring Ares and his gang. Elsewhere, Aiden tries to get close to Serra again, unfortunately this doesn’t end well.

At Cleo’s birthday event, Anya tussles with Zea so that the two of them almost have a big fight. Since then Ares started to pay attention to Zea, from giving warnings to taking her home. It turns out that Zea has another mission, her goal is only to avenge her sister who is now lying in a coma because of Ares and Calderios.

In episode 3, Zea intends to find evidence of Ares’ crime but instead sees how this man helps an old man. Of course this was very far from his thoughts, but it didn’t mean that his suspicions of Ares just disappeared. Unexpectedly, Zea saves a girl named Sandra, who turns out to be Ares’ younger sister.

Furthermore, several Claderioz members are trying to win the hearts of Serra, Cleo and Sania. What’s unique is that some of the men’s efforts succeeded in making the girls nervous, while others ended in heartbreak, like Moreo and Aiden. Ares and Zea’s relationship seems to have gone up several levels, because for the first time Zea managed to captivate the Ares family.

At the dinner, Zea didn’t waste a rare opportunity to sneakily investigate Ares. Even though Ares clearly showed another side of him, this managed to make Zea feel carried away. Again and again, Ares pulled Zea’s hair tie and disturbed this girl in a unique way but Zea was no less clever to play a prank on her.

The story continues in episode 5. Involved in an accident after being chased by another motorcycle gang, Ares immediately mobilizes his friends to find out. But there is one thing that Ares emphasizes, “don’t accuse people without evidence.” Meanwhile Ares was busy taking care of and treating Zea, he didn’t even care about his wound.

Starting to show signs of being bubbly, Ares deliberately sent several merchants to Zea’s house after seeing the girl’s Instagram story . Because of this, Zea begins to struggle with her feelings and goals for coming to Jakarta. Another problem arose when Finno kept trying to approach Zea in quite aggressive ways, such as openly stalking .

Trying to save Finno from committing suicide, Zea is even rumored to be dating him. Jealous and annoyed, Ares makes Finno realize where he belongs and apologize to Zea. But love begins to blossom between the two, especially on the night of the art performance, Ares really shows his interest in Zea.

It’s a shame that the art show ended just like that because there was a bomb, it turns out that there are people who want to pit Retro against Calderioz. Elsewhere, Rio suddenly arrives and convinces Zea to stick with his original goal, namely to get back at Ares.

There were many things that happened, one of which was the attack on Aiden. This made Ares even more vigilant, he even suspected an intruder in Calderioz. After the tension passed, Ares increasingly openly showed his love for Zea. But this makes Zea in trouble, because many people are jealous of him.

Calderioz will be touring and social services, Ares forces Zea to come with him. At first Zea refused, fortunately after being persuaded by his gang he was willing to come along. There Zea saw that Calderioz wasn’t as bad as she thought, instead this girl started to change her mind. But his heart is still heavy, because his brother Aeros is still lying in a coma until now.

The Calderioz children’s camp and social service went well, since then Zea has become increasingly curious about Ares and his feelings. But his closeness to Aiden made Ares and Serra misunderstand their relationship. Even though they discussed each other and provided support for their respective problems.

That day Aiden asked Zea to accompany him to find a special gift for Serra, a sunflower clip. Serra was touched by Aiden’s gift, though she didn’t dare to give it to him in person.

When Aiden and Ares were a bit apart, Aiden became the victim of an attack by someone he didn’t know. Luckily there was Serra who saw this incident, Serra came to Aiden who was seriously injured and unconscious. What next?

Episodes 9 – 10

Seeing Serra finally accept his gift, Aiden felt very happy. However, this happiness did not last long. When this man followed Serra from behind, suddenly someone blocked his motorbike. Aiden became the butt of the man, his face and body were covered in blood and only Serra was there.

Review antares

Reality played with Serra’s life this time, Aiden left himself from this world. After that incident Serra’s condition was the worst, this really broke her. Serra didn’t come to school for a few days, she became very sensitive and pathetic. Even Serra hallucinated seeing Aiden, fortunately there was Zea who managed to make him aware.

On the other hand Calderioz was heating up, for the first time Ares lost his control and almost started a war. Luckily all of this was avoided, but Zea started to notice something was strange about Lio. It turns out that this man is the leader of the Wolves members who are violent, even Lio orders people to harm Zea and Ares.

Episodes 11 – 12

Moreo, who accidentally beat Zea because he was mistaken for a thief, made the secret that the girl had kept open. All the Calderioz kids finally know that Zea is one of the leaders of the Wolves gang. This immediately made everyone make him a suspect in Aiden’s murder case.

Movie antares

Instantly everyone stayed away from him, this news had spread throughout the school and made Serra furious. Ares is in a difficult situation, everyone feels betrayed by Zea who is mistaken for an intruder and the cause of Aiden’s death. Zea is not silent, this girl is trying her best to find out who is the mastermind behind this.

Zea admits that she came to infiltrate Calderioz to investigate her brother’s accident. This made the gang of girls begin to realize that Zea was not the cause of Aiden’s death. Zea also begins to suspect that Lio is behind all this chaos, because now his cover has been exposed.

On the other hand, Serra remembers the dark events she experienced, the rapes that occurred and other secrets she has been hiding. Serra asked for Ares’ help to find the perpetrator of Aiden’s murder using the baseball bat he was carrying. Ares and Serra investigate this together until the fact that his father killed Aiden.

Episodes 13 – 14

After her father turned himself in to the police station, Serra got worse and she told everyone that Aiden’s killer was her father. When everyone thought they would apologize to Zea, this girl thought about going back to Bandung. Starting from here, Ares finally wants to realize his feelings for Zea, but it’s very difficult to express it.

The next day Zea visited her sister’s ward, it turned out that Lio’s operatives were watching over the place. Coincidentally, Ares also came to Aeros’ ward and promised to accompany and protect Zea. Seeing that there was an opportunity after Zea and Ares left, Lio’s men were determined to kill Aeros, fortunately the nurse found out about this.

antares Movie

Ares who suspected an intruder tried to chase the person, until he fought several people. Luckily Zea came on time and took Ares away from that place, but they were in a situation of teasing each other. Ares took the opportunity to be alone with Zea, even before he said goodbye he kissed the forehead of the girl he liked.

Elsewhere, the gang of girls accompanies Serra to Aiden’s meal, where she also apologizes to Aiden’s birth mother. The story of Serra and Aiden finally ends with regret, forgiveness and blessing from Aiden’s mother. The woman said that Serra was young and had many opportunities, she was also sincere about the legal process going according to procedure.

On another day, Moreo tries to chase the girl of his dreams but instead he sees Laskar betraying him. Fortunately, this matter can be resolved properly, even the Calderioz children and the gang of girls are trying to unite Ares with Zea. They are excited to see this couple because they don’t want to admit they like each other.

Starting from bringing the two together in the school canteen alone to making a romantic dinner. Before that Zea and Ares had a boxing fight, unexpectedly Zea won the match, at that time they apologized to Zea. In a boxing fight, Moreo loses his motorbike to Selina and starts a romantic thing between the two.

In Bandung, Aeros suddenly disappears from his ward which worries the Wolves kids. While Zea suddenly gets a mysterious message, the message contains a threat to Aeros’ safety. Will Zea be determined to come to that place?

Episodes 15-16

Based on the information Ares had when he visited Aeros in the hospital, he received a warning about Lionel. Aeros, who had regained consciousness, said that Lionel had committed many crimes and he had the proof. From here Calderioz and Wolves work together to save Aeros from Lionel’s hands.

Luckily Aeros was fully aware, he managed to get out secretly with the help of Calderioz and Wolves. On the way to escape, suddenly Zea makes a commotion which ends with this girl being held by Lionel. Thanks to Moreo’s actions, Calderioz and Wolves managed to catch Lionel and the other traitors and then handed them over to the police.

The night turned to morning, Ares picked up Zea and when he got to school Zea still couldn’t believe Lionel’s betrayal. Ares told that Aeros overheard Lionel’s conversation when he threatened someone on the phone about the rape video. Aeros and Lionel who are opposites are involved in a conflict that makes Aeros fall into a coma.

Because he intends to become the leader of wolves, Lionel deliberately sends Zea to Jakarta so he can take over Wolves and destroy Calderioz. Now that Lionel has gotten his reward, Wolves, Calderioz and the entire motorcycle gang are in a conducive situation. Aeros’ return made Zea happier, but her happiness would be incomplete without Ares.

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Ares deliberately made a moment to express his feelings for Zea. Now that Zea and Ares are officially dating, everyone is starting to live their lives as usual. The gang of girls and Calderioz do more charity events and get together to remember Aiden.

Serra’s condition is also getting better thanks to the support of all her friends who are always with her. Even other romantic relationships also began to develop, such as the couple Cleo and Megan and then Moreo and Selina.

The Fight Between Motorcycle Gangs That Feels Crazy

When WeTV and MD Entertainment made the latest series, I was very excited because the excitement of “Story for Geri” (2021) was still ringing in my head . To be honest, ever since I saw the poster for the series, seeing the chemistry between Beby Tsabina and Angga Yunanda has made me even more curious. Moreover, Angga Yunanda seems to have the aura of a cold and mysterious bad boy .

Opened with a scene of student brawls, Antares immediately gave a fierce impression from the start. Not only that, one of the best scenes is in the first episode, namely the meeting of Zea (Beby Tsabina) and Ares (Angga Yunanda). Because this scene makes the tense atmosphere turn into a schoolboy romance scene.

After that, Antares feels like your average teen comedy romantic web series . All the settings are taken in the school area, but there is one thing that bothers me. When this series again wanted to show the ferocious side of the Calderioz gang as a street leader, the plot twist that was shown was too far-fetched and far-fetched, especially when there was a bomb at school.

For a motorcycle gang, it feels like the bomb is too far away and feels a bit awkward for them to use. Moreover, this motorcycle gang is still in the size of high school kids, not a motorcycle gang that is indeed led by the mafia. Presentation of the action scenes in the fight between Calderioz and Retro (another gang), the scenes are a bit clumsy and don’t feel tense.

Not to mention the plot twist about a stalker and one of the male characters’ attempted suicide to attract Zea’s attention. I can say that Antares is a well-budgeted and well-organized version of the Street Children soap opera (2015).

The packaging is too metropolitan

Antares actually has a good premise, moreover the plot is very well laid out. But as a web series that has many stages for teenagers, I have a few criticisms to make. First I saw Antares packaged into a very metropolitan looking web series.

This means that this series looks very modern and closely related to the lives of city children. This is not wrong, but there are several scenes that I think are not good enough to be shown.

Like the dating scene between Karissa (Maudy Effrosina) and Ardhan (Prince Lantang). In my opinion, this couple has several times shown high school dating scenes that are a little exaggerated.

In today’s era, dating at a young age is no longer uncommon. But scenes such as kissing the nose to hugging those who are still in the area and wearing school uniforms are a bit inappropriate.

The reason is, it actually gives the impression that this is freely done by them. I’m afraid this will have a bad effect on the teenagers who watch it.

It’s a trivial thing for some people but it’s a bit annoying for me, when the girls dress up a bit too much. At the beginning of the episode, I could see a gang of hits like Karissa, Serra, Cleo and Selline, they looked a bit too small. Their makeup doesn’t look natural for school makeup, I can see the foundation is a bit thick.

Character Development & Acting Very Good

I can honestly say, I fell in love with the character Ares, played by Angga Yunanda. He can consistently show the character of a cold man with a mysterious side. Even when he shows concern and the ways he approaches Zea, to be honest, the way he does it is really annoying.

I was surprised that Angga could give off these vibes , especially since I still remember him in the film Dua Garis Biru (2019) . His character looks cute, but now Angga looks a lot changed, where he looks more mature. Starting from the eyes, behavior to intonation, everything looks very mature.

To be honest, I hope Angga Yunanda can play more different characters. Angga looks very promising and will become one of the young actors with classy acting in Indonesia.

On the other hand Beby Tsabina also surprised me, this is the first time I have seen this girl act. For the first time I liked the character and his facial expressions that can look strong and gentle at the same time.

The supporting players in this drama seem to have chemistry and are solid, especially the members of Calderioz. They looked so familiar and didn’t look like they were looking for an opening to get to know each other again. Their friendship relationship looks close, even the group of daughters is like that.

Aiden’s Bucin Makes Many People Cry

After episodes 9 and 10 of this drama series aired, social media was immediately buzzing with trending Aiden. The reason is that netizens are also worried about the fact of love between Aiden and Serra. Because when the relationship between the two began to show good development, it was cut sadistically. Aiden died after being beaten by an unknown person.

But the thing that bothered him was that in his final moments, Aiden confessed his feelings to Serra. This is instantly trending everywhere and comments are crying because of this scene.

Even Aiden’s dialogue in the previous episode about love to death is trending again . Irzan Faiq is indeed a name that has recently been on the rise, especially since it is rumored that he is Prilly Latuconsina ‘s lover .

But especially in Antares (2021), the relationship between Aiden and Serra is a really exciting couple. Many people said they were amazed by Aiden’s figure, besides that Serra also received a lot of support. Because this girl was really devastated by Aiden’s departure, even Serra almost had an accident because she hallucinated seeing Aiden.

Zea’s Secret That Calderioz Is Slowly Starting To Smell

Having an important mission to find evidence of Antares’ crime against her sister, Zea is now in a big dilemma. After seeing what happened and how Ares and his friends were behaving, Zea realized something was wrong. What Lio said turned out to be the opposite of reality, moreover there were other facts about the Wolves gang.

Not to mention the strangeness in the body of the Wolves gang which was split into two, one of which was led by Lio. When this girl realized her mistake, the secret that had been hidden for so long was finally revealed. Zea now has the title of a traitor, even this girl was terrorized as Aiden’s killer.

This new chapter in Antares is one of the most eagerly awaited. The reason is that after all this time Zea’s identity is finally known, now how does Zea deal with all this. With this brave personality, will Zea be able to overcome the anger of Calderioz members, Ares and his best friend Serra.

Unexpected Plot Twists and Serra’s Dark Secret

Many are curious why Serra and Aiden can’t be together, even though the two of them still like each other. In the end, all of this has been answered, the reason behind Serra’s hard heart just wants to protect Aiden. The past that Serra has been tightly hiding makes a havoc that takes the life of the man she loves the most.

It turned out that Serra had been a victim of rape, this made her mentally very disturbed. Serra thought that her act of silence would protect Aiden, but this turned around.

All of Serra’s struggle to stay away from Aiden was in vain, when her own father killed Aiden. This protracted misunderstanding makes Aiden a victim, even when Serra is trying her best.

This plot twist was really far from what many people expected, including myself, who thought this was the work of another gang. This episode did present surprises that I never expected, both regarding Serra and her family. Now I also know why Serra looks so fragile and has unstable emotions.

The puzzle of who raped Serra also seems to be guessed, because if you hear it from his voice, it seems that many have already heard about it . Do you have the same thoughts as me? Or still haven’t found the real clue ? Let’s wait for the continuation of this web series continues.

Learning to Forgive and the Beginning of the story between Moreo and Selina

From this episode, Antares (2021) provides a valuable lesson about forgiveness. Here we will see how graceful Aiden’s mother was when her son left.

The pain and hurt over the loss of his only son has not blinded his heart and mind. Aiden’s mother was able to forgive Serra and her family and let everything go according to procedure.

On the other hand, the rest of Calderioz and the girls’ gang also realized their mistake. Zea’s generosity in forgiving all of her friends for the misunderstanding that occurred is admirable. Because what Zea felt at that time could have made him very depressed and dropped his self-confidence.

The unpopular couple Moreo and Selina can finally sail in this episode, because the two of them can finally date for the first time. I myself was sure that Moreo would date a member of the girl gang. If you pay attention, the only one available is Selina out of all the female gang members.

If Selina and Moreo are together, because this couple will increase the atmosphere, both are quite noisy, especially when excited . Even funnier, there will be hate-to-love stories, because Selina will definitely try to refuse while Moreo will approach her in a unique way.

Disappointing Ending and Other Things That Don’t Make Sense

The last two episodes of Antares (2021) have aired on WeTV and ended happily. Unfortunately the ending of this web series gives me a sense of disappointment. Lionel’s story feels like it was rushed to finish just like that. Even though from the beginning Lionel could be said to be the main mastermind of all the riots that existed.

Aiden’s killer and who the perpetrators are managed to be the single best plot twist in this series. But what happened with Lionel gives the impression of the opposite, really very bad.

Actually, I hope that Lionel’s character as a trouble maker can be further developed. But here it seems like it’s just a sweetener, it’s a shame this character doesn’t develop optimally until it feels lost .

I admit that Axel Matthew’s acting cannot match the acting of Baby Tsabina and Angga Yunanda. I feel that Axel is still awkward with the role of a motorcycle kid, at least he can still give the feel of a bad boy. This alone is not enough, I hope Lionel’s character is shown more clearly why and what causes his depraved behavior.

How could he rape Serra, this was also a plot hole that was left unanswered until the end. At least show Lionel’s suffering after he went to prison for all his actions. Even Lionel’s arrest ended in less than five minutes. Another plot twist is when Aeros wakes up from a coma, this doesn’t really make sense.

I was a bit surprised that a comatose person could suddenly wake up looking quite healthy and fit. Especially when Aeros was kidnapped, all respirators and other equipment were released.

This detail bothers me a bit, it’s a shame that something important can be missed. So Antares is just pure romance between two members of a motorcycle gang spiced up by fights between young people.

For the size of a teenage drama, for me the packaging of the Antares web series is too metropolitan. There are some things that are not suitable to be shown to teenagers, especially their dating style. Do you think anyone agrees with me? Write your comments below.


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