Assassin’s Club Review (2023)

Assassin Club is an action film that brings together various stars who are quite well-known thanks to their distinctive roles, such as Henry Golding, the British-Malaysian actor, known for his role as Nicholas Young in Crazy Rich Asians and there is Sam Neill, who is famous through the Jurassic Park franchise.

In addition to these two actors, there are two European actresses, Noomi Rapace, who is famous through the Millennium novel series which was transformed into the films The Girl with Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest . And finally, there is Daniela Melchior, a Portuguese actress who made her international debut in Suicide Squad as Ratchacher 2.

Synopsis Assassin’s Club

The story centers on Morgan Gaines (Henry Golding) an assassin who gets a contract to kill six people living in various countries. Unexpectedly, the six people are also professional assassins who get the same contract to kill themselves.

Fierce action mixes with ingenuity espionage style

The film, mostly shot in Italy, combines several action and espionage genres. This film does not only highlight the skills of killing that are displayed through a variety of actions, be it through hand-to-hand combat, fighting with sharp weapons or sniper-style shooting. But these killer characters also have to play smart games, spy, follow, find information and even hack information like hackers , as is usually the case in espionage-style films.

assassin Club

The killers involved in this game of hunting are like playing a game of ‘hide and seek’. They must hurry to find who is hunting them and who they have to kill, each of them has a target who they hunt and kill and continue to the next target while continuing to search in the shadows for who is the real mastermind behind all this who wants they all killed each other.

Most of the action takes place in the dark of the night

The story is a little more complicated on Morgan’s part because besides being hunted, he also has to protect his girlfriend from being targeted by other killers. Coupled with the involvement of intelligence parties who already know about his identity, Morgan faces two parties at the same time, other assassins who want his death and law enforcement who want to catch him.

Assassin Club is episodic, moving from one location to the next. The action takes place in a moderate tempo interspersed with one-on-one fighting action interspersed with various espionage actions to find out who their next opponent is. The storyline is a bit messy but it’s still fun to watch. The Assassin Club does a lot of its actions in the dim atmosphere of the night, maybe this is in accordance with the world of these killers, where they work in the shadows of darkness.

Review assassin Club

In terms of acting, what really steals the attention comes from the antagonist character played by Noomi Rapace as Falk, a mysterious legendary assassin who adds extra complexity to the plot. Meanwhile for the other actors, their acting was fairly standard, including the main character played by Golding. The audience must be observant in assembling every information obtained from each scene that takes place to get answers why this murder had to happen and what was the cause.

Assassin’s Club Conclusion

Assassin Club presents an entertaining spectacle, combining action and espionage, by inserting a surprise at the end of the story. The premise is quite unique where contract killers get contracts to kill other killers and without them realizing that they themselves are also the targets of assassinations.


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