AVABEL Online is an MMORPG that promises an intriguing role-playing experience, transporting players to a unique and imaginative world that beautifully blends elements of both medieval and futuristic aesthetics. This captivating realm is filled with a wealth of skills to master, secrets to uncover, and interactive adventures that lie in wait for intrepid adventurers.

Within the world of AVABEL Online, players are granted the choice of four distinct character classes: Wizards, Rangers, Warriors, and Acolytes. Each class offers a unique set of skills and combat styles, ensuring that players have a variety of paths to explore and pursue as they develop and customize their characters. This diversity allows for a rich and personalized gaming experience.

Much like other MMORPGs, success in AVABEL Online hinges on undertaking quests and participating in various in-game activities to advance your character’s journey. The game world is teeming with subplots, hidden mysteries, and a multitude of challenges that beckon your exploration, creating a lush and dynamic environment that keeps players engaged.

One of AVABEL Online’s standout features is the extensive range of player-versus-player (PvP), player-versus-environment (PvE), and guild-versus-guild (GvG) activities. Engaging in intense PvP battles lets you test your combat skills against fellow players, while PvE adventures thrust you into battles against various in-game challenges and formidable monsters. GvG events require coordination and strategic team play to emerge victoriously in the fierce battles between guilds.


If you’re an enthusiast of MMORPGs, AVABEL Online is an enticing choice. It beckons you to immerse yourself in a diverse world, complete quests, hone your skills, and partake in intense battles against other players, all while championing your guild. In the realm of AVABEL Online, the adventure is a never-ending odyssey.

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Step into the extraordinary world of AVABEL Online, where your destiny is intertwined with the grand tapestry of an epic adventure. In this immersive realm, players are beckoned to prepare for breathtaking battles that showcase their remarkable skills, all at their fingertips with effortlessly intuitive controls.

What truly sets AVABEL Online apart is its global stage, where fierce battles unfold in a vast online arena. Here, you will clash with players from every corner of the globe. The game’s dynamic landscape of heated online combat includes thrilling PvP (Player vs. Player) duels, epic GvG (Guild vs. Guild) confrontations, and the awe-inspiring spectacle of the “Tower Scramble.” In this massive event, up to 1,000 players engage in a colossal showdown for supremacy. And if that’s not enough to satiate your appetite for excitement, you can even partake in the intense Battle Royale mode known as “AVABEL SUPER FIGHT!!”

But AVABEL Online offers more than just the adrenaline-pumping competitive aspect. For those who prefer cooperative gameplay, you can unite with your friends to face formidable foes together. Forge unbreakable bonds with your companions through Party and Guild features, an experience that is unique to the MMORPG world. Within this virtual universe, you’ll not only discover friends but also create unforgettable memories as you embark on this epic journey.

As you explore this mesmerizing world, you’ll venture into the towering realm known as the “Main Tower.” This colossal structure stretches into the heavens, merging the forces of sword and magic. The Tower’s sudden appearance has drawn adventurers from every corner of the world, leading to the development of an entire nation within its walls. Within the Tower, great riches and fame await those bold enough to risk it all. Legend has it that if one can conquer the Tower’s summit, any wish may be granted, though this achievement remains an elusive dream as no one has reached that pinnacle.

The AVABEL Online realm is vast and diverse, featuring lush grasslands, frigid snow-covered domains, and arid deserts. Each of these regions presents a unique challenge, and you must conquer them as you climb to ever-greater heights, proving your mettle in this epic saga.

Genre: Action MMORPG

To fully immerse yourself in this world, ensure your device meets the recommended specifications:

Android 5.0 and above
Dual Core device
1GB of RAM and above, with 300MB of RAM available
Wi-Fi (ADSL10Mbps and above)
AVABEL ONLINE is compatible with Android devices, Android tablets, and supports Google Play game service “Achievement” and “Leader Board.”

For the latest updates and community engagement, visit the official site and social media channels:

Official Website: http://avabel.jp/?from=googleplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AVABEL_JP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/online.rpg.avabel/
Remember, in the world of AVABEL Online, all instructions are critical for optimal gameplay. Your destiny as a hero in this epic tale awaits!


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