Bad Prosecutor Movie Review

Unlike the other prosecutors in his office, Jin Jung stands out with his unique behavior. Not only that, his appearance is also striking because he never wears a neat suit.

Jin Jung prefers a casual style that seems messy, including hair that seems unkempt. However, when it comes to investigating one case, Jin Jung is very serious.

He did not back down even though the opponent he faced was his own superior. Assisted by four of his friends, Jin Jung begins to investigate a death case that has many oddities.

Will the ‘recalcitrant’ prosecutor succeed in uncovering the real killer? Bad Prosecutor (2022) will answer it for you every week!

Synopsis Bad Prosecutor

A drama about prosecutors and the law is back to fill the slot in 2022. One of the prosecutor’s dramas that K-Drama lovers need to anticipate is Bad Prosecutor. Here’s the full synopsis of Bad Prosecutor .

Episodes 1-4

Transferred to the disposal division by his boss because he acts like he likes, an odd prosecutor named Jin Jung doesn’t give up. He and some friends, continue to investigate the death of a girl who is connected to his own boss.

Bad Prosecutor

Unfortunately, the case turned a dead end because the boss fell to his death from a height. What will Jin Jung do to reveal it?

Jin Jung, a prosecutor who is eccentric and often violates the rules because he tends to limit investigations, is interested in investigating the murder case of a girl named Park Ye Young.

Previously the case had been delegated to another prosecutor, Oh Do Hwan. Do Hwan is sure that Ye Young’s killer is Kim Hyo Jun.

Jin Jung feels something is wrong with Ye Young’s death because the fingerprint found on the murder weapon is right-handed, while Hyo Jun is left-handed.

However, Hyo Jun himself insists that he is the culprit. This prosecutor began to investigate secretly with the help of some of his friends. They are Shin A Ra, her senior at the prosecutor’s office, Lee Chul Ki who is an investigator, and two loyal friends, Go Joong Do and Baek Eun Ji.

Even though it was carried out secretly, the investigation carried out by Jin Jung and the gang still caused a commotion. Deputy Chief District Attorney, Lee Jang Won, was the most outspoken against it.

He even ordered Oh Do Hwan to take care of Jin Jung. Not only that, Jang Won, who couldn’t stand Jin Jung’s actions, transferred him to the Civilian Division.

Being in a new division, Jin Jung meets the head of Park Jae Kyung. However, being in the ‘disposal’ division does not make this unique prosecutor feel at home.

Jin Jung secretly investigates Ye Young’s death and takes her to Yu Jin Cheol. Jin Cheol is known to be the owner of the bar where Ye Young works.

On the night of Ye Young’s death, he managed to take a picture of Jang Won with Ye Young. Knowing this, Jin Jung is sure that Jang Won is the killer.

Jin Jung’s belief was strengthened by Jang Won’s attitude who ordered Oh Do Hwan to send Jin Cheol abroad. However, his attempt failed.

Jang Won even had to bear the shame when Jin Jung openly said in front of many people that Ye Young’s killer was actually him.

Jin Cheol continues to be questioned by Oh Do Hwan because the young prosecutor is starting to get curious. Do Hwan doesn’t care about the truth, he does it because he doesn’t want to lick the shoes of the wrong person. Jin Cheol then gives him a micro SD and makes Do Hwan look very surprised.

Under pressure, Jang Won himself finally opened his voice and said that Ye Young’s killer was not himself, but someone else.

Unfortunately, not having had the chance to meet Jin Jung to tell the truth, Jang Won fell to his death from a height. Jin Jung believes he was murdered, but the autopsy results say the middle-aged man killed himself.

Dissatisfied with the autopsy results, Jin Jung secretly performs another autopsy. The results are according to estimates that Jang Won was killed.

Elsewhere, Kim Tae Ho rose to the rank of Chief District Attorney, replacing the position Jang Won should have filled. A moment later, Do Hwan arrives with a warrant for Jin Jung’s arrest for allegedly killing Jang Won.

Episodes 5-6

Jin Jung was brought to the prosecution for questioning because he was accused of killing Lee Jang Won. However, thanks to Lee Chul Ki’s help, he managed to escape and bring the Lee Jang Won investigation case file.

Review Bad Prosecutor

From the file, Jin Jung learns that Jang Won was murdered after previously receiving injections of illegal drugs from someone. Assisted by Eun Ji and Joong Do, Jin Jung managed to track down drug dealers who might be able to lead him to the perpetrators of Jang Won’s murder.

The reason is, the dealer must know the names of customers who transact with him. Jin Jung then handed over the data to his senior, Shin A Ra to investigate.

When submitting the data, Oh Do Hwan and his men tried to catch Jin Jung again. The eccentric prosecutor was able to escape, but a mysterious person managed to stab him. A Ra, who found Jin Jung lying down, quickly took him to Park Jae Kyung’s place to be treated.

Jin Jung’s wound has not healed properly, but he is back in action with the help of three of his friends. He orders Joong Do to get Oh Do Hwan’s car GPS navigation because it could lead him to new leads. Meanwhile, A Ra managed to get one name from the list of drug buyers that Jin Jung submitted.

The name in question is Tae Hyung Wook, he is the chief secretary of the largest law office in Korea led by Seo Hyun Kyu. Jin Jung himself begins to suspect the new Chief Prosecutor, Kim Tae Ho, for some of the evidence he found, including evidence of a conversation with Do Hwan.

Jin Jung then asked for A Ra’s help to catch Kim Tae Ho. By running the scenario, A Ra tries to have a direct confrontation.

He accuses Tae Ho of being the mastermind behind the accusations against Jin Jung. Kim Tae Ho who was under the control of Seo Hyun Kyu could not give a firm answer. All of his conversations were successfully recorded by Jin Jung and he is ready to sue him.

Episodes 7-8

Jin Jung is desperate to return to the prosecution after succeeding in making Kim Tae Ho panic. Tae Ho, who feels pressured to vent his frustration on Do Hwan. Unwilling to be treated as he pleases, Do Hwan begins to find out and follows Tae Ho’s movements that lead him to Seo Hyun Kyu.

Movie Bad Prosecutor

Jin Jung still has to prove that Tae Ho was involved in Lee Jang Won’s death. He then found the whereabouts of Jung Jae Hoon, the forensic doctor who falsified Lee Jang Won’s autopsy report. However, getting recognition from Jung Jae Hoon is of course not that easy.

Seo Hyun Kyu’s men try to get Jae Hoon while the man is preparing to testify on camera for evidence in court. Shin A Ra, who accompanied him, rushed Jae Hoon to escape. Unfortunately, due to being outnumbered, A Ra can’t bring Jae Hoon.

However, the prosecutor secretly puts his cell phone in Jae Hoon’s pocket so they can keep track of his whereabouts. Jihun and the team immediately headed to where Jae Hoon was and found the man almost murdered.

Luckily Jihun managed to save him and got testimony from Jae Hoon regarding Kim Tae Ho’s involvement in Jang Won’s death.

Kim Tae Ho was also indicted and became the prosecutor’s detention. Oh Do Hwan, who has had access to meet Seo Hyun Kyu, seems to have got a new sanctuary.

However, he must first face Hyun Kyu’s son, Seo Ji Han. From that meeting, Do Hwan found out that Ji Han was the killer of Park Ye Young; the girl who was previously suspected of being murdered by Jang Won.

After throwing Tae Ho into prison, Jin Jung himself can breathe a little easier. However, he still has to find Jang Won’s real killer.

Tae Hyung Wook’s name was again mentioned. At the same time, Jin Jung accidentally finds Jang Won’s MP3 Player that was previously given to Park Jae Kyung.

The recorder contains something that Seo Hyun Kyu is really looking for. Jae Kyung forbids Jin Jung to face Seo Hyun Kyu alone because it will endanger him and the people around him.

Jae Kyung, who has lost his wife and child as a result of investigating Seo Hyun Kyu, feels the need to take revenge using his own hands. However, Jin Jung insisted and even deliberately provoked Tae Hyung Wook to meet.

Jin Jung is sure that Tae Hyung Wook is Jang Won’s killer as well as the person who stabbed him some time ago. Without fear, Jin Jung invites a duel. After being overwhelmed, Hyung Wook injects Jin Jung from behind. As a result, the prosecutor looked confused.

Episodes 9-10

In a weak state, Jin Jung can paralyze Tae Hyung Wook. Seo Hyun Kyu’s men were also arrested. Oh Do Hwa acts as his attorney, but he doesn’t come to the rescue. Tae Hyung Wook seemed to be thrown away by Seo Hyun Kyu.

Do Hwan’s own fate is not so perfect because even though he has won Seo Hyun Kyu’s trust, he is treated badly by his son, Seo Ji Han. The arrest of Tae Hyung Wook did not stop Jin Jung and the team from conducting further investigations.

Bad Prosecutor Review

Unfortunately, the investigation was hampered by evidence files on MP3 which he was able to secure using a code. Even so, the investigation continues.

Shin A Ra even investigated Park Ye Young’s social media and concluded that Ye Young was in a relationship with another man besides Lee Jang Won.

After hearing the news, Jin Jung and Chul Ki searched for Yu Jin Cheol’s whereabouts. The man admitted that he had told Oh Do Hwan about the mysterious man who was with Ye Young, along with his dashboard camera footage .

Jin Jung starts directing the investigation on Kim Hyo Jin who is currently in prison. Together with A Ra, Jin Jung went to Kim Hyo Jin’s house and found a pile of money.

With threats, Kim Hyo Jin finally confessed that he was not Ye Young’s killer, but rather ordered by someone he did not know the face of.

After meeting Kim Hyo Jin, Jin Jung met Park Jae Kyung. The eccentric prosecutor secretly remembers that Jae Kyung was an old acquaintance of his late father. Jae Kyung tells that Seo Hyun Kyu is a corrupt lawyer who is good at falsifying evidence and sacrificing innocent people.

While the two people were talking, Hyun Kyu suddenly came and made Jin Jung panic because the middle-aged man sounded like he was threatening his mother. Luckily the mother was immediately taken to the hospital after experiencing a fractured leg.

Meanwhile, Oh Do Hwan and Seo Ji Han’s relationship got worse. Departing from hurt feelings, Do Hwan gave Jin Jung the dashboard camera recording that recorded Ji Han’s arrival at Ye Young’s residence.

With the help of his friends, Jae Kyung and Kim Tae Ho, the prosecution issued a warrant for Ji Han’s arrest. Seo Hyun Kyu’s son could no longer avoid it.

After catching Ji Han, Jin Jung returns to struggling with the locked files. With great difficulty, Jin Jung managed to open the file.

The file apparently contains a recording of the murder committed by Seo Hyun Kyu. He was acquired by Jin Jung’s late father who worked as a reporter. Jae Kyung, who watched the videotape, forbade Jin Jung from getting too involved.

Jin Jung of course refuses and Jae Kyung looks resigned. Jae Kyung then asks Jin Jung to go to the hospital to celebrate her mother’s birthday.

After that he contacted Seo Hyun Kyu and lured the man to come using the MP3 recording. A moment later, Jin Jung gets the news that Jae Kyung has died.

Episodes 11-12

Oh Do Hwan saw Seo Hyun Kyu kill Park Jae Kyung. He was in shock but had no strength to fight back. Jae Kyung’s death also dealt a blow to Jin Jung and friends.

However, a light came when a mysterious person handed over to him the small, bloodstained statue that Hyun Kyu used to kill Jae Kyung.

Jin Jung also meets Tae Ho to get information about Seo Hyun Kyu’s biggest secret that can paralyze him. Even though he refused, Tae Ho wanted to open his voice.

He reveals Hyun Kyu’s secret in the form of a high-ranking crime archive storage room that is kept to control powerful people.

Jin Jung regained the confidence to face Seo Hyun Kyu. Unfortunately, he got suspended instead. Joong Du and Eun Ji were also arrested, while Shin A Ra and Chul Ki were interrogated. Things got out of control when Jin Jung was kidnapped and held captive by Seo Hyun Kyu’s men.

Hyun Kyu destroys all evidence and orders his men to kill Jin Jung. Luckily Shin A Ra and Chul Ki, who previously managed to free Eun Ji and Joong Du, came to save the young man.

Seo Ji Han ran away seeing his men being attacked. However, Jin Jung manages to stop him and knocks the prosecutor unconscious. Using his wits, Jin Jung manages to trick Ji Han into getting information about the location of his father’s archives.

After getting the exact address, Jin Jung went to the location of the archive room. Soon Hyun Kyu came with Oh Do Hwan. He then asked Oh Do Hwan to shoot Jin Jung, but what happened next was unexpected because Do Hwan actually aimed his gun at Hyun Kyu.

It seems that Do Hwan is secretly on Jin Jung’s side after seeing the tragic incident that happened to Jae Kyung. Unfortunately, Hyun Kyu is still slippery enough to be beaten by both of them. Jin Jung and Do Hwan are kidnapped and held captive by Hyun Kyu’s men.

Luckily they managed to break free after working together. Surviving the incident Jin Jung wanted to immediately secure the files he found, but as expected, Hyun Kyu had already moved them.

Thanks to Jin Jung’s clever idea, he was able to find a new archive location. Seo Hyun Kyu could no longer avoid it and had to undergo trial. Witnesses are presented but Hyun Kyu still manages to dodge. Jin Jung who acts as a prosecutor is very furious.

He then brought out his last key witness, Park Jae Kyung. Jae Kyung isn’t dead yet. All this time he was secretly saved by Do Hwan.

Since that incident Do Hwan and Jin Jung have started working together. Jin Jung then demands the death penalty for the crimes committed by Hyun Kyu.

Thanks to his achievements Jin Jung was reassigned to the Civilian Division; complete with Park Jae Kyung as his boss. Jin Jung doesn’t seem to want to drown himself in grief after learning that his father is one of Hyun Kyu’s victims. He chose to continue life as a prosecutor who upholds the truth.

Eccentric Prosecutor Investigate Death Case

In addition to interesting cases, investigations and resolutions, the prosecutor’s character in legal and crime genre dramas is a magnet in itself. How they solve cases, how they use their intelligence to uncover a crime is always satisfying.

Well ! You can also find that kind of satisfaction in the drama Bad Prosecutor (2022). As the title suggests, this drama focuses on the actions of Jin Jung, an eccentric young prosecutor. Jin Jung is typical with messy hair and investigations that often break the rules.

As a prosecutor he often overwhelms his fellow prosecutors, while to criminals he is a threat. Until episode four, Jin Jung was not alone because he was assisted by several friends who were both reckless, loyal and solid.

Starting from senior prosecutors, investigators, to unique styled girls who seem interested in him. Their presence makes the story of Bad Prosecutor (2022) even more interesting because the plot does n’t only present something serious, but also funny.

Do Kyung Soo ‘s Comeback After 2018

Bad Prosecutor (2022) is Do Kyung Soo’s return project to drama land after last starring in 100 Days My Princes (2018) with Nam Ji Hyun.

This drama is also his first drama after the actor completed his mandatory military service in January 2021. DO’s appearance as a unique prosecutor in the work of director Kim Sung Ho is definitely awaited by his fans.

Apart from that, the character he is playing this time is still new in his career as an actor. With proven acting skills, DO has no trouble bringing the character of Jin Jung to life which is quirky , but smart and detailed.

So far, Bad Prosecutor (2022) presents a plot that is actually not very new for a legal and crime drama; There are mysterious figures and crimes to be uncovered.

However, the trip to reveal it was an interesting thing because it was handled by Jin Jung and friends. Intrigued by DO’s acting as a ‘bad’ prosecutor?

Jin Jung Starts To Suspect Kim Tae Ho

After Lee Jang Won’s sudden death in the last episode, in these two episodes Jin Jung was named a suspect. However, as a prosecutor with a myriad of ideas, Jin Jung certainly didn’t give up so easily, moreover, he also didn’t feel like he had committed such a heinous act.

As a result, you can see the exciting and ridiculous actions of Jin Jung and his three friends to escape. So far, the bad character in Bad Prosecutor (2022) is quite clear, namely Seo Hyun Kyu, the head of the biggest law firm in Korea and the person who controls Chief Prosecutor Kim Tae Ho.

It was also explicitly explained that Seo Hyun Kyu was the mastermind behind Lee Jang Won’s death and the accusations against Jin Jung. However, so far, Seo Hyun Kyu’s motives remain unclear. The middle-aged man is only shown as a figure that Kim Tae Ho is quite afraid of.

He has great control and influence over the newly elected chief prosecutor. What was Seo Hyun Kyu’s real motive for killing Jang Won and targeting Jin Jung? Does he have a grudge against the prosecutor?

Kim Tae Ho Arrested, Jin Jung Continues Investigation

It didn’t take long for Jin Jung to prove Kim Tae Ho’s involvement in Lee Jang Won’s death, because in these two episodes the Chief Prosecutor was finally arrested.

Seeing Jin Jung and the team carrying out investigation after investigation to catch Kim Tae Ho is satisfying. Starting from Shin A Ra to Eun Ji, they are compact to help Jin Jung.

However, the story of Bad Prosecutor (2022) is of course still long. Kim Tae Ho is like a ladder for Jin Jung to find the real criminal.

Jin Jung and the team still have to work together to uncover the killer of Lee Jang Won. This means that we will still meet other surprises and Jin Jung’s actions.

Meanwhile, the excitement was getting stronger when at the end of episode eight, Jin Jung was seen in a dangerous condition. The detached and fearless prosecutor seemed overwhelmed by an attack from behind from Tae Hyung Wook. So, can Jin Jung’s investigation continue?

Jin Jung Getting Closer to Revealing the Truth

Jin Jung is indeed the most interesting character in the drama Bad Prosecutor (2022). With his eccentric behavior, he has a strong determination to reveal the truth of a crime. It was proven at the beginning of episode nine, when Jin Jung was almost unsteady, he was still able to beat Tae Hyung Wook.

Having been worried at the end of last week’s episode, Jin Jung turned out to be fine in these two episodes. The strength of his determination became Jin Jung’s greatest strength in upholding justice for Lee Jang Won’s death.

There is satisfaction in seeing him, Shin A Ra, Eun Ji, Chul Ki and Jung Do working together to find evidence of Seo Hyun Kyu’s crimes. Their hard work finally brought Jin Jung closer to the truth. Unfortunately, this was accompanied by a big loss because Park Jae Kyung became the next victim of Hyun Kyu’s ferocity.

Jin Jung’s bravery against this middle-aged man had to be paid handsomely. Then with Jae Kyung’s death, will Jin Jung back down or will he fight harder?

Oh Do Hwan Becomes Jin Jung’s ‘Secret Weapon’

In the last two episodes of Bad Prosecutor (2022) you will still see Jin Jung going through hardships. At least twice he was kidnapped and held captive by Seo Hyun Kyu’s men. It was not only Jin Jung who was in trouble, but his teammates like Eun Jin and Joong Do were also arrested, Shin A Ra and Chul Ki were interrogated.

Jin Jung’s steps to arrest and throw Seo Hyun Kyu into prison were very heavy. All efforts that have been made seem in vain. Fortunately, the plot gives a breath of fresh air with a surprising change in Oh Do Hwan’s character.

Attorney Kangsan, who since the beginning of the episode has been annoying to Jin Jung, has turned into a ‘secret weapon’ that can be relied upon. His character, who seems to have no heart and only cares about his own gain, undergoes a change in the final episode.

Surprise for Seo Hyun Kyu

Apart from Oh Do Hwan, the last episode of Bad Prosecutor (2022) also presents another plot twist which is of course unexpected. The sadness at the beginning of episode 11 because of Park Jae Kyung’s death, turned into a big surprise because it turned out that the character could still be saved.

Bad Prosecutor (2022) ends the story unsatisfactorily because the punishment for Seo Hyun Kyu doesn’t feel like it’s worth it. There are no scenes that show him suffering behind prison bars or wearing prison clothes.

However, this drama shows satisfaction from the other side, namely the satisfaction of a Jin Jung who can finally beat Hyun Kyu.


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