Battle Legion – Mass Battler Codes (New)

Battle Legion is a unique tactical game that maximizes relaxation for you to experience captivating battles. Embark on a journey to conquer the endless ocean with your mighty army, making your enemies envious. New and unexplored lands await you, each presenting challenges with its own distinct style.

More than just a mundane “kick the ball” game, Battle Legion demands strategic thinking, careful calculations, and meticulous planning. Before stepping into the battlefield, you’ll need time to devise and construct the perfect strategy. Only when you are fully confident in your army and tactics can you easily face formidable foes.

Constantly upgrading and strengthening your army will immerse you in the delightful whirlwind of recruiting new recruits. Fascinating and unique characters from various eras will contribute special strength to your forces. Discover new armies from the ages of stone, ancient, medieval to the future, providing you with endless excitement and curiosity.

With diverse tactics and versatile armies, Battle Legion never lets you feel bored. Each battle is an intense clash, requiring cleverness and flexibility in tactics. From offensive maneuvers to defensive stances, from close combat tactics to long-range attacks, all demand creative thinking and precise calculations.

Battle Legion – Mass Battler

Therefore, be ready to fight and become the leader in the conquest of Battle Legion. Explore new lands, conquer enemies, and become the greatest commander in the history of Battle Legion!

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Massive 100v100 Unit Battles – Build an army and watch it fight idle-style – Plenty of units and skins. Endless fun! Battle Legion puts you in shoes of an aspiring commander, and as you rank up through unforgettable victories, so does your legion.

Design and tweak your army from dozens of unique units, ranging from classic sword and shield fighters to arcane wizardry, dark age machinery, and mythical creatures. Equip your troops with Powers that match your masterplan, sit back, and watch how they fight pitted enemy legions to the bitter end.

– BITESIZED COMBAT: Battles last 20 seconds or less.
– LAID BACK GAMING: You plan the army layout, and they do the fighting.
– AUTO-PLAY: Your legion keeps fighting against enemy monsters and creatures as you go about your daily business.
– COSMETICS: Choose what your warriors, battlefield, and banner looks like as you fight.
– PLAYER BATTLES: Face other players’ warriors in the battlefield and learn from their strategies.
– POWER UP: Boost your units with dynamic seasonal Powers.
– REFRESHING SEASONS: New content introduced in bi-weekly Seasons, with fourth Season marking the dawn of a new Era of legends in the battlefield!

Take complete control over your war royale brawl clan army and tweak your epic raid strategy to suit your combat playstyle and the fight challenges at hand. Whether you prefer to focus on ranged raid attacks, heavy artillery, or up-close war and royale clash combat, you’ll have a wide range of strategy options to choose from in each individual clash to hack and slash and brawl against epic enemy warriors, monsters and creatures that will be the stuff of legends and many a winning strategy in the battlefield!

Jump right into the battle royale of war brawl action against epic monsters and creatures and start building your fight clan army of legends right away with easy to learn clash raid combat mechanics! And with regular updates and new content being added all the time, there’s always something new to discover in the brawl war world of Battle Legion’s battlefields.

If you’re looking for an army building game with tons of awesome characters and strategy legends to recruit, epic war battles against huge monsters and creatures, and immersive clash gameplay, you’ve found it! With an exciting visual style, responsive combat controls, customizable strategy crafting and engaging raid royale brawl gameplay, Battle Legion is sure to provide hours of entertainment for clan warriors of all levels who want to royale raid, clash, hack and slash at epic enemies, monsters and creatures worthy of legends!

Battle Legion has an active and EPIC Discord clan of over 10K warriors where players discuss winning strategies, tips and development of the game — with devs frequently participating in the chat. Weekly streams and community events hosted on Youtube! Join the clan!


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