Bed Rest (2022) Movie Review

The XXI cinema network will again release one of its leading films in the coming week. The film entitled Bed Rest feels promising, because the trailer is unexpectedly very attractive in its packaging. Bed Rest , which was originally released on the Tubi streaming channel in the United States, has a premise that can be considered a classic and is most often used in many horror films. However, there is a difference, and this difference is what makes this film interesting.

Bed Rest (2022) Synopsis

A married couple, Daniel Rivers (Guy Burnett) and his pregnant wife Julie Rivers ( Melissa Barrera ), move into their new lakeside home. Then they renovated the house and inevitably they survived amidst the limitations. One day, Julie saw an apparition that made her, who was on the stairs, fall hard enough, which caused Julie’s womb to almost miscarry. The doctor also advised Julie to take complete rest until the time of her birth arrived. Julie didn’t necessarily accept the suggestion, and already imagined how stressful it would be for her not to go anywhere, other than just in her room.

During that total break, Julie even had visions of small children who sometimes liked to see her from behind the cupboard, or from a distance. Daniel, who examined this, found nothing, and instead blamed Julie’s pregnancy and past experiences of losing children, as the cause of Julie seeing many oddities.

Bed Rest

During the renovation, Julie then found an antique bracelet which was later discovered to have the initials MK. Day after day she goes through sightings, until finally her husband brings in a nurse named Delmy Walker (Edie Inksetter) to accompany him and give him medicine.

He had rejected the nurse before he finally accepted Delmy. Julie finally finds out via the internet about what happened in the house decades earlier. The result? What a shock. The house was previously owned by Melandra Kinsey, according to the initials of the bracelet Julie now wears. And Melandra’s story is very similar to what Julie is experiencing now. What did Julie really see in the newspaper article?

Bed Rest Review

Bed Rest (2022) Movie Review

The first half is slow and tends to get boring

It’s nothing new that horror films with this type of character will run slowly. Julia’s character is like being forced to improvise alone in a dark room and just lying in bed for a long time. Practically Daniel and Julia only met briefly at the opening before the doctor finally sentenced him to complete rest. Director Lori Evans Taylor in her debut film this time doesn’t develop much of the script she wrote, and tends to rely on the creepy atmosphere that she built in the house from the start in the first half of this. The jumpscares here and there are sometimes surprising and manage to build a creepy atmosphere in Julia’s room, unfortunately there isn’t anything big and interesting that could make this film better.

Bed Rest Movie

The second half, the escalation increased only in the last 20 minutes

Entering the second half, the film’s tension is still stagnant, nothing happens significantly and can change the direction of the film. We can see new interesting things in the last 20 minutes. When Julie’s birth reaches its peak, everything is just starting to open up one by one, and the tension of this film increases more and more until the end. The fixation on children that Daniel had been worried about for his wife immediately vanished in that part.

Review Bed Rest

The jumpscares element, one of the horror elements that should be a savior for Bed Rest , doesn’t even look too scary. All jumpscares that appear are only as a complement to completion.

Bed Rest Conclusion

Bed Rest actually appears decent as a horror film, even though the storyline is slow in the first half and tends to be clich├ęd, but in the last 20 minutes, this film is able to make a significant breakthrough, making us focus for a moment and what we are afraid of with its anti-climactic ending. it didn’t happen.


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