Bedtime Friends Review (2023)

What happens if the school you live in has so many mysteries? Starting from the things that are still breathing to the invisible. Can Cilers survive in the face of it all?

This horror will come to haunt Indonesian horror lovers through the latest film entitled Sleep friend. Not in the sense of the word naughty, but a scary terror that will accompany you to sleep.

Present on National Film Day, whether Sleep friend can be an interesting impression for Cilers?

Bedtime Friends Synopsis

A high school student named Kelly, because of hurt, shame, and disappointment, commits suicide. He became a victim of bullying after his erotic videos suddenly went viral. His spirit was wandering for revenge.

Meanwhile, Amanda, a student who lives in the dormitory, is about to take part in the Biology Olympiad. But at school, Amanda becomes a victim of bullying. Luckily, he was assisted by his best friend, Adam, and his friends.

On the other hand, Davin, Kelly’s friend, suspects Adam’s gang as the perpetrators of spreading Kelly’s video which eventually went viral. The story continues with the revenge action of Kelly’s spirit against her bullies.

Bedtime Friends Movie Review

Carrying an interesting theme

With a catchy title, Sleep friend it turns out that it also carries a theme that is no less exciting. Through issues that are currently widely raised and often occur in the world of education, this film highlights cases of bullying or bullying. Although there have been many themed films like that, however Sleep friend still able to tell an interesting story.

bed buddy review

In this film, the bullying is carried out by a gang of 4 people who have a bad reputation at school. These rich kids often threaten and bully people who don’t agree with them, with the power they have. Unfortunately, this actually brings disaster for them.

Not only the outline of the story, the display of murders and film scoring is also quite interesting and somewhat different. Instead of a tense sound, this film actually supports a sadistic atmosphere with orchestral-style music. Each music also describes the character of each player.

The film tone is too dark

It seems that the tone of this film is also not much different from what is shown in the trailer. The dark and gloomy impression continues to be present since the beginning of the film. Intending to create a spooky impression, this film actually hurts the eyes a bit. Not to mention that there are some rough transitions, untidy editing, or visual effects that are still very visible. This film does not support in terms of appearance.

bed buddy review 2

However, what should be appreciated is that this film does not rely on jumpscares. Fear builds slowly and doesn’t show ghosts too much. Therefore, for movie connoisseurs who don’t really like horror, Sleep friend still suits you.

Bedtime Friends Conclusion

bed buddy review 1

In story, Sleep friend may still be able to attract the attention of the audience. Who is not frightened when they experience terror every time they want to sleep? It is important for the body, but the stakes are lives. Watch Sleep friend starting March 30, 2023.


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