Bitch X Rich (2023) Movie Review

Similar but not the same, for those of you who haven’t moved on from the drama The Glory (2022) , there are similar K-Dramas that are highly recommended to watch, you know . The drama is titled Bitch X Rich (2023) which you can watch on VIU.

The series is directed by director Min Ji Young, while the story is written by Jung Sung Eun. The story centers on a poor girl who tries to fight against a group of wealthy kids at an international school.

Lee Eun Saem, who is popular through the drama All of Us Are Dead (2022), is here as the main character. She plays the character of a poor girl named Kim Hye In. While the maknae of the Red Velvet group, Yeri, plays the richest girl in school named Baek Je Na.

bitch x rich

The dispute between the two is guaranteed to make the audience goosebumps and gape, especially since these two young actresses have capable acting.

Approximately how fierce is the battle between Kim Hye In against the group of rich kids led by Baek Je Na? Find the full review and synopsis only on Bacaterus.

Synopsis Bitch X Rich (2023)

Kim Hye In is just a poor girl who is suddenly accepted to attend Cheongdam International High School. There Kim Hye In had to face Baek Je Na, the richest student who hates poor students. On the other hand, Kim Hye In wants to find out the facts about the suicide case of a student that was covered up by the school.

  • Year of Release 2023
  • Genres Drama , Mystery , Thriller , Youth
  • Director Min Ji Young
  • Cast ∙ Lee Eun Saem ∙ Yeri ∙ Lee Jong Hyuk ∙ Yoo Jung Hoo

Episodes 1-4

Kim Hye In (Lee Eun Saem) is a student at a private school who was born into a poor family. Every day, Kim Hye In spends her time working part time. This girl does many things, from running a convenience store to becoming a tutor.

Desperate to falsify her education, Kim Hye In is accepted as a tutor for a junior high school student named Kang Na Yeon (Ko Ju Hee). This girl from a wealthy family is currently preparing herself to be accepted at an elite school like Cheongdam International High School.

Cheongdam International High School is not just any school. The school is only attended by the children of rich people in South Korea. In fact, the school uniforms are sewn by special tailors with high-quality fabrics and a pair of uniforms can cost millions of won.

bitch x rich Review

But unbeknownst to many people, Cheongdam International High School has its own dark side. This school applies a hierarchical system, now the highest caste is occupied by Baek Je Na (Yeri). As the only daughter of the CEO of Hanmyung Group, Je Na is the figure most respected and feared.

Baek Je Na can do anything, including bullying poor students and several teachers at her school. In fact, Baek Je Na was easily able to escape the various accusations of bullying leveled at her.

It is common knowledge that Baek Je Na really hates social scholarship students or more clearly poor students. Baek Je Na will treat them very badly, not only verbal abuse, sometimes physical abuse is also done.

Then, how did Kim Hye In become a student at Cheongdam International High School? All of this started when Kim Hye In lost a scholarship to continue her education in New Zealand. The school said Kim Hye In had to pay a sum of money to continue her scholarship program.

But with her status as a poor student, it will be difficult for Kim Hye In to get the money. His father, who was a taxi driver, is now out of work, while his older brother is just lazy all the time.

When Kim Hye In was having a hard time getting 35,000 won, the student, Kang Na Yeon, spent tens of thousands of won to buy a bag.

Kim Hye In was confused, why does a child at Kang Na Yeon’s age need branded bags at exorbitant prices? But Kang Na Yeon made him realize that those items showed a very important status in their social environment.

Sure enough, when Kim Hye In casually posted her photo posing with Kang Na Yeon’s branded bag , everyone at her school started to treat her well. Not only that, Kim Hye In’s popularity as a fake rich person on social media can actually make a lot of money.

Every day, Kim Hye In came to Kang Na Yeon’s house early, because she wanted to prepare new material. In fact, Kim Hye In tried to steal time to pose wearing Kang Na Yeon’s clothes, shoes, bags to jewelery and posting them on social media.

Unfortunately, what Kim Hye In did was found out. That day Kang Na Yeon came home early, because she wanted to see the Cheongnam International High School school uniform she had ordered last year.

Since then Kim Hye In and Kang Na Yeon made a pact. Kim Hye In will do anything to keep Kang Na Yeon from opening her mouth to her mother. Kim Hye In is like Kang Na Yeon’s maid, she follows wherever the girl goes and does all her schoolwork.

But Kim Hye In’s anger peaked, when Kang Na Yeon forced her to leave the exam just to bring her audition script. Apparently, all of this was just Kang Na Yeon’s trick. In fact, the little girl insulted Kim Hye In as a poor girl who doesn’t know herself.

Wanting revenge, Kim Hye In manages to ruin Kang Na Yeon’s audition to enter Cheongdam International High School by throwing a bucket of water in her face. Suddenly this made the judges and other students who auditioned surprised.

Even though he had to listen to insults and insults from Kang Na Yeon’s mother, at least Kim Hye In was happy because the girl would not be able to go to school there. But this happiness did not last long, because Kang Na Yeon’s mother continued to terrorize and create a lot of trouble.

Not wanting to be expelled from school, Kim Hye In begged the headmaster of Cheongdam International High School so that Kang Na Yeon could study there. But instead of Kang Na Yeon going to school there, it was Kim Hye In who became the new student at this elite school.

It turned out that Kim Hye In entered as one of the social scholarship students. The principal deliberately included Kim Hye In on the list because this girl was the only witness in the suicide case of one of her students. In addition, Kim Hye In also believes that the student did not commit suicide but was killed by someone.

Episodes 5-6

That day Kim Hye In accidentally bought a pair of expensive shoes to start her new life at Cheongdam International High School, but Kim Hye In accidentally lost them.

Elsewhere, Baek Je Na is grumbling because she met her father’s mistress who is also an English teacher at her school. Her days get even more chaotic when Je Na meets a girl from her school in a mall toilet.

For no apparent reason, the strange girl dared to attack Baek Je Na and tried to snatch the shoes she was wearing. That night Baek Je Na was completely battered, her face covered in wounds, she even came home barefoot.

bitch x rich Movie

That day, Baek Je Na promised to find the strange girl and make her live like hell. Baek Je Na will do whatever it takes to find out who this strange girl is and guarantee that her days at school will be tragic.

Today is Kim Hye In’s first day as a student at Cheongdam International High School. He hopes the beautiful shoes he uses will take him to a better place. In fact, the shoes he used actually brought Kim Hye In to hell.

Just opened her locker, Kim Hye In was shocked by the sight of her missing shoes at the mall. Then, there was a note left behind, it read “Welcome to Hell.” This made Kim Hye In realize that last night she had stolen someone’s shoes.

Kim Hye In’s first day was tough. All the students at his school tried to attack and bully him. Even when she asked the school director for help, Kim Hye In was slapped with the fact that she was willing to enter the golden tiger cage herself.

That day, Kim Hye In found out that last night she had attacked a girl named Baek Je Na. It’s like Baek Je Na’s caste is the nobility at her school, while she’s just a lowly student.

Unable to stand Baek Je Na’s bullying, Kim Hye In realized that she needed help from someone in power. Coincidentally, this morning Kim Hye In met Seo Do Eon (Lee Jong Hyuk), the son of the school director.

Kim Hye In has no other choice, she needs Seo Do Eon to save her from this nightmare. Seeing Seo Do Eon’s sweet attitude towards her, Kim Hye In started dreaming “can she become Cinderella?”

But that dream suddenly vanished, when Seo Do Eon started asking about the suicide case the other day. The man asked, did Kim Hye In see clearly the figure that pushed the victim?

Kim Hye In finally finds out, it turns out that Seo Do Eon is the girlfriend of a student who committed suicide. In fact, the student has a name similar to Kim Hae In (Jang Sung Yoon). No wonder Seo Do Eon was kind to him, the man just wanted to find out the facts behind his girlfriend’s case.

Although annoyed, Kim Hye In is very aware that she needs Seo Do Eon’s influence to survive Baek Je Na. That’s why Kim Hye In offered Seo Do Eon a deal. The guy has to pretend to be his girlfriend, so Kim Hye In will cooperate and tell him about the unfortunate incident.

Day after day, since Seo Do Eon announced their relationship on social media, Kim Hye In’s life at school has completely changed. The students who initially bullied and bullied him, are now trying to approach him. In fact, Baek Je Na did not appear before his face again.

Elsewhere, Baek Je Na is meeting with her family, her father is present at the lunch, unfortunately her mother is not there. It was precisely his father’s mistress who was present, and the woman even said that Baek Je Na would soon have a younger sibling.

Unable to contain his anger, Baek Je Na decided to leave the lunch full of nonsense. If you ask what is lacking in Baek Je Na’s life? This girl does not have a harmonious and happy family.

Elsewhere, Kim Hye In is visited by a group of girls who were initially bully but are now trying to approach her. They look cute at the beginning, at the end these girls insult Kim Hye In’s social status.

Wanting to prove herself, Kim Hye In said that she would attend a sorority party or a special party for rich female students at Cheongdam International High School. Stupidly, Kim Hye In didn’t realize that the party was a trap set by Baek Je Na and the girls at her school.

Bitch X Rich (2023) Movie Review

A Promising Opening

The first episode of Bitch X Rich (2023) managed to make the audience curious. In just five minutes, director Min Ji Young managed to show two different worlds.

There is the world of Kim Hye In, a student from a private school who comes from a poor family. Every day Kim Hye In is only busy working part time in various places to earn extra money.

On the other hand, a group of rich kids are enjoying their day. Money is not a problem, they can buy and do whatever they want.

The plot gets more intense , when Kim Hye In finally realizes that a person’s social status changes everything. A bag belonging to Kang Na Yeon that costs 50,000 won makes the students at her school think of Kim Hye In as royalty.

This is where Kim Hye In begins to face reality, will she continue to pretend to be a fake rich person or tell the truth?

Using a limited edition bag as a symbol, to be honest I like the way the writer Jung Sung Eun shows how Kim Hye In’s life has drastically changed.

Even though the duration of each episode is only about 30 minutes, the first episode was used very wisely and precisely, both by the director and the story writer.

Yeri Looks Badass

So the second drama that Yeri is confused about, her performance in the drama Bitch X Rich (2023) was successfully flooded with praise.

In this series, Yeri plays a character named Baek Je Na, the only daughter of the CEO of the famous Hanmyung Group. This girl is in the highest caste as the richest child in her school.

Amazingly, Yeri appears badass with her expensive and intimidating aura. Instead of smiling sweetly, her cold gaze manages to make the audience goosebumps.

Many compare Yeri’s acting in Bitch X Rich (2023) with Shin Ye Eun’s acting who plays the young Park Yeon Jin in the drama The Glory (2023). The two are referred to as brother and sister, because they both have strong auras and characters.

I also want to praise Yeri’s acting progress from the web drama Blue Birthday (2021) to Bitch X Rich (2023).
Yeri looks more confident with her acting skills. Her eyes are very sharp and full of arrogance, really fitting with the character of Baek Je Na.

For me Yeri is one of the idols who has the potential to have a successful acting career. His acting skills and characterization are admirable. If given more opportunities, I believe Yeri will have a successful career.

The dialogue and cinematography make goosebumps

Not only my Yeri’s acting has succeeded in reminding fans of Shin Ye Eun, in fact Bitch x Rich (2023) does have vibes similar to The Glory (2022). So far, the drama directed by director Min Ji Young has focused more on verbal violence.

In episodes one through four, most acts of bullying are shown through verbal speech. One of the most iconic always comes from the mouth of Baek Je Na.

In the fourth episode, Baek Je Na said, “He doesn’t hate poor people, but feels disgusted with them.” The plot explains that Baek Je Na does not like poor or middle class people who often flex on social media.

Various other epic dialogues continue to roll in each episode. These dialogues feel like satire for teenagers who are obsessed with looking rich on social media.

Cinematographically, Bitch X Rich (2023) also feels very intense and dark . The director chose natural lighting, so that the audience could feel the tension in each plot. The angle of the image to the selection of several forward and backward paths is very well placed.

Likewise with the scoring , some of the background music and audio clarity really give goosebumps. Then, I really like the music soundtrack entitled Did It Myself sung by Kid Milli. Feels very energetic , mysterious and tense.

Finally Kim Hye In and Baek Je Na met

In the previous four episodes, the audience was presented with two different worlds between Kim Hye In and Baek Je Na. These two young girls have the same character, they are badass, fearless and will do anything to get what they want.

Having the same character but different goals, many people are curious what would happen if Baek Je Na and Kim Hye In met? Finally all of this is answered in episodes 5 and 6.

Uniquely, the first meeting between Baek Je Na and Kim Hye In immediately showed a fierce fight. For me, this scene is very important and is the most interesting scene in the drama Bitch X Rich (2023).

I also like the acts of bullying carried out by students of Cheongdam International High School. Even though it’s a bit impossible, this plot feels very tense. For me, the fifth episode of Bitch X Rich (2023) is the most epic and the best episode.

Another Side of Baek Je Na

At the beginning of episode 5, the audience was presented with a question, what was lacking in Baek Je Na’s life? Even though it’s short, we can see the real life of Baek Je Na.

Behind his abundant wealth, it turns out that Baek Je Na has never been happy with his life. His family was destroyed, his father chose to live with his mistress. Unfortunately again, the woman is one of the teachers at his school.

From this episode, we can see that a child’s attitude is influenced by his family. Baek Je Na’s unhealthy family makes her have uncontrollable emotions. Then, the reason why Baek Je Na doesn’t like poor people is also explained well.

To be honest, I’m really looking forward to what other family problems Baek Je Na will face. I hope there will be a fierce battle between Baek Je Na and her father’s mistress later.

Impressed with dark , Bitch X Rich (2023) has succeeded in making Indonesian K-Drama fans curious. Lee Eun Saem and Yeri’s stunning acting really deserves thumbs up. These two young actresses make fans feel goosebumps, especially when their feud makes them shake their heads.


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