Black Knight (2023) Movie Review

K-Drama Black Knight can be watched now. Departing from a webtoon as a source of adaptation, this series is one of the shows that fans have been waiting for a long time.

Are the results worth the wait?

Black Knight (2023) Synopsis

Set in 2071, the storyline focuses on the legendary courier 5-8 who works as a lifeline for humanity by delivering oxygen and other necessities during the day.

At night, he transforms into the Black Knight who plans to disrupt the order created by the Cheonmyeong Group, the de facto ruler of the shattered world.

Ryu Seok (Song Seung-heon), heir to the tyrannical Cheonmyeong Group, fights 5-8 to defend his vision of a world without refugees.

Seol-ah (Esom), a major in the Defense Intelligence Command, warns 5-8 of possible chaos. Meanwhile Sa-wol who wants to become a Black Knight bravely boards 5-8’s truck because she wants to join the battle.

Although 5-8 plans to destroy the evil world order, Ryu Seok’s dark ambition, Sa-wol’s quest to become the Black Knight, and Seol-ah’s investigation of Cheonmyeong’s dirty secrets add to the excitement of this series.

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Black Knight (2023) Review

Worldbuilding is quite convincing

To build a dystopia, of course there are many elements that must be considered. Starting from the concept of the country, ecosystem environment, to how to adapt and behave. Without perfect planning and concept, these films are just baseless fiction.

Luckily, the Black Knight could still be saved for this. Set in the dust-covered ruins of Seoul, 5-8 couriers work around the clock to deliver the needs of the middle class. When night falls, he turns into a knight to save stranded refugees.

Dark visualization with a gloomy tone covers most of the story. This can then be both an advantage and a drawback – supporting the story, but not making the audience feel interested. Not to mention the stunning visual effects in certain parts, but looks rough on the other. Even so, the courage in developing a story like this still deserves appreciation.

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Story development is too slow

Unfortunately, even though it presents an unusual story concept, Black Knight doesn’t succeed in making it more interesting. The development of the storyline is too slow, while the final execution is fast.

Consisting of only 6 episodes, the audience is continuously shown the doubts of the knights – without knowing what is holding them back from rebellion. Though, when you think about it, there was already plenty of evidence to subvert the villain from the start. Unknowingly, the audience is not given a clear reason why Ryu Seok (Song Seung-heon), heir to the cruel Cheonmyeong Group, really wants to complete the dream of “a world without refugees”. Is this character really born heartless?

Again, there are many points that are not explained in detail. Little things that escape the audience, but should not be ignored. As a result, this slow story development is not matched by answers to crucial questions. Who is the real Black Knight? Who is the original figure 5-8? What is the connection between the heroes and the refugee grandfather? Why does Sa-wol’s grandfather have the blueprints of the Inti district?

If you only follow the explanation given at the opening of the first episode, the audience will obviously be confused. It takes at least three rounds to remember where everyone is in the social order of society, who got the QR code and who didn’t.

It would be nice, if Netflix brought the answers above for a second season.

Action is a good thing

Without fierce fights, chases, or shooting incidents, the Black Knight drama would probably lose all that is good. One of the strengths of this drama itself is how the director makes all the scenes of fights, violence, or slamming quite intense and livens up the atmosphere.

However, there is not much to see from Kim Woo-bin’s great work as the 5-8 courier. He is only described as a legendary figure, the strongest among hundreds of humans, so that one punch is enough to paralyze the opponent.

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On the other hand, Sa-wol is beaten more often than beating up her opponent. With hidden powers, of course many fans have been waiting for his prowess. But unfortunately, he has not had many opportunities to shine than the star courier 5-8.

Black Knight Conclusion

Black Knight isn’t one of Netflix’s best productions, but it’s certainly not a bad one either. Even so, this show can certainly still be enjoyed in just one sitting.

The thing that becomes an advantage is the series of action scenes that make this drama more intense and lively. Apart from that, how the director displays classes and all forms of discrimination has succeeded in making the audience wince. Especially when the criminal is still continuing his uncivilized actions.

There are also obvious shortcomings that are certain in terms of stories that are still not conveyed in detail. The audience is only presented scene by scene, without seeing a clear connection. It takes several repetitions in order to better understand why one incident and the other can happen. Therefore, it is better to watch Black Knight fresh and not tired.


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