Blood Eggs Review (2023)

This original series from Disney+ Hotstar is quite unique. The theme of witchcraft which is often brought up on the big screen, is now entering the small screen, which inevitably makes it happen story tellingit is more dynamic and more personal, because there is a difference in duration that is far adrift with the big screen. After watching these 10 episodes in full, Cineverse should commend the series starring a number of well-known cast members such as Lukman Sardi, Imelda Therrine, Mikha Tambayong, Deva Mahenra, and Justin Adiwinata.

Blood Eggs Synopsis

blood drop 5

Continuing the preview previously reviewed by Buma, we are now faced with two situations in two different families. Mr. Ahmad’s family consists of Mr. Ahmad (Lukman Sardi) and his wife, Astuti (Imelda Therrine) and their two children, Wulan (Mikha Tambayong) and Wisnu (Justin Adiwinata). Another one is in Pak Bondan’s family which consists of Pak Bondan (Willem Bevers) and his son, Esa (Deva Mahenra).

Apart from the first two episodes reviewed by Bumareview, now Pak Bondan and Pak Ahmad die horribly in the same way. They were cursed or bewitched by a series of events that the two families had never experienced. Centipedes were seen on the surface of Pak Ahmad’s body, and before he died in the hospital, hundreds of wasps came out of his mouth at the end of episode 3. Mrs. Ahmad then started to get the same thing as her husband at the end of episode 4. But this time it wasn’t wasps, but lots of them. cockroaches came out of her hair when Mrs. Ahmad was taking a bath.

Mr. Bondan’s son, Esa (Deva Mahenra) after the death of his father and Mr. Ahmad, then asks Wulan for help to solve this mysterious event. Esa had seen his father’s old video. It turns out that Mr. Ahmad and Mr. Bondan were co-workers when they were in Banyuwangi in 1998. This is shown in a flashback scene in episode 4 which implies that the two of them had worked together in the same company. It was there that Mr. Ahmad was first introduced by Mr. Bondan to one of his staff, Ms. Astuti who later became his wife.

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In episode 5, Esa and Wulan then try to investigate the death of Mr. Bondan and Mr. Ahmad through an old video that was kept by Mr. Bondan. There were people closest to them who Esa and Wulan considered suspicious. It turns out that after being investigated, she is Mrs. Rima (Ruth Marini), Mr. Ahmad’s first wife who had visited Wulan’s office to ask for money. Mrs. Rima was then left by Mr. Ahmad to remarry Mrs. Astuti. In the end, Mrs. Rima was divorced by Mr. Ahmad because she had a pretty bad cancer, and gave up after seeing Wulan at this time.

Apart from Mrs. Rima, there will be a new character, Reno (Bizael Tanasale) who is Wulan’s ex-fiancĂ©, who, together with his shaman, Pak Harna (Otig Pakis), moves increasingly suspicious around Wulan’s house.

Entering episode 6, this series is getting more interesting. The appearance of the new characters Mr. Ridho (Kiki Narendra) and his daughter Atik (Shenina Cinnamon) complicates the storyline with a series of stories that Mr. Ridho harbored in his past. Mr. Ridho, who had visited Mr. Ahmad’s residence, was shocked after learning that Mr. Ahmad had died, and came home in fear. Atik was confused by her father because she did not want to talk about her past.

Episode 6 is indeed the most interesting, because one by one the evil characters begin to slowly open up. For example, the gardener who has just been at Mr. Ahmad’s house, Harun (Hingka Moedra) turns out to have a hidden mystery that only Wisnu can see. Unfortunately, Wulan doesn’t just believe it, because Wisnu is still taking drugs when he sees this incident, which results in Harun being severely beaten by Wisnu.

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At the end of this episode, Bu Ahmad was forced to end his life because of the constant disturbances that bothered him. He stuck the scissors in his own head while in the bathroom, which caused Wulan and Wisnu to cry hysterically when they saw the incident.

Episode 7 onwards we will see who Harun and Pak Ridho really are. Their roles are very important and related to each other, especially with the events that occurred in Banyuwangi in 1998. And the answer to who the two people are, will lead us to the intellectual actors who will appear in episodes 9 to 10.

Blood Eggs Review

A horror series with multiple plots and twists all the way to the end

After the first 2 episodes we were presented with a warm, family atmosphere, entering the next episode, escalation began to increase slowly. The horror is shown little by little but constant. The interesting thing is that some important flashbacks are included, such as the incident in Banyuwangi in 1998. This incident is very important because the mystery of the death of Pak Ahmad and Pak Bondan originates from that city. This background was then associated with the witchcraft massacre which actually took place from February to September 1998. The deaths of many people at that time did cause terror to the local community. Murders where the bodies were then dumped in the middle of rice fields or in the river were no longer an open secret at that time.

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However, there is also a flashback scene about Wulan’s past, why she didn’t want to marry Reno, which is actually not too important, but it is also told to deepen Wulan’s character in the future and also to open the story of why Reno and Pak Harna (Otig Pakis) finally want to help Wulan and her family.

All the flashback scenes are inserted to fill the linear plot that continues to run, so that we understand what problems Pak Ahmad’s and Pak Bondan’s families are really experiencing. Indeed, episode 6 until it’s finished is very interesting, because character after character that appears, begins to open the curtain of crime that has been hidden for 20 years. In episodes 9 and 10 these layers begin to open, many of us will be surprised to find out who is behind it all. All of that is neatly packaged and explained in detail without any annoying plot holes.

The acting and technical elements are quite riveting

From the very beginning, the audience will be captivated by openingwhich shows that this film is full of black magic. This opening is followed by a key scene when Esa is on the roof of the hospital with her father who feels disturbed by something she doesn’t know about. Esa didn’t even know what her father was suffering from, until in the end his father stabbed himself in the eye with a knife.

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One of the elements that can be said to be good is the transition between scenes which is very smooth. Smooth transition from one scene to another makes flow the story becomes interesting to follow, especially with several flashback scenes that make this series full of dynamic back and forth plots. This dynamic flow makes Blood Pool not difficult for anyone to follow.

In addition to the transitions, the score also supports the nuances of this series, which is much darker and more gripping. The game of tension that fluctuates in each scene, makes us automatically carried away until the series ends, and it doesn’t feel like time has passed so quickly. The tension that is presented through a number jumpscare It looks natural and doesn’t seem forced. Although the depiction of animals such as wasps, cockroaches, and centipedes still looks a bit rough, although now it’s starting to look real.

After episode 5, filming began to move to many locations, and was no longer focused on Wulan’s house. This is very interesting, considering that horror genre films are usually fixed in one set of locations. The combination of whodunit and horror in this series makes Blood Pool far different from all horror films that have ever circulated in Indonesia.

The acting of the cast deserves special praise in the series Blood Pool This. The family atmosphere was successfully created without any rigidity gesture and narratives that usually appear frequently. Pak Ahmad’s family looks very happy without too much effort from the players. The dialogue feels fluid and down to earth, as if the happiness is wrapping up a big mystery that has yet to be revealed. Don’t forget to also use the Osing language which the cast speaks fluently when filming was held in Banyuwangi. This gives a plus in itself and strengthens the narrative that has been built from the start.

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Blood Eggs Conclusion

as a series horror genre, Blood Pool managed to build one series quality. Even though the theme being carried is not a new one, it even tends to be marketable, but the approach from the family side makes a significant difference. The script is solid, the horror scenes are gripping, the scene transitions are smooth, and a little romance is combined, will make us interested in following the story further. Blood Pool also managed to become a serial whodonit horror that can be said to work until the end.

Plot twists layers that are opened little by little after episode 5 is surprising. The emergence of several new characters will make us wonder who is the actor behind it all? Why is revenge only being carried out 20 years later? All of this will be answered and the ending will actually make us sink deeper than we thought from the start. Kimo succeeded in Blood Pool and Buma admits that this series is indeed the best in its genre and even the whodunit twist itself can be juxtaposed with even foreign films. Proficiat!


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