Boss Level (2021) Movie Review

Those of you who like watching action movies are certainly no stranger to one of the Hollywood action actors, namely Frank Grillo. He also plays Brock Rumlow or Crossbones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). There is good news for those of you who have seen Grillo’s appearance in various films. You see, Indonesian cinemas will show one of Grillo’s films entitled Boss Level .

Boss Level was worked on by Joe Carnahan, a figure who also directed Stretch (2014) and The Gray (2011). Even though it was only released in Indonesia in 2022, Boss Level actually premiered in the United States in March 2021. Apart from Grillo, this action film is enlivened by a number of well-known actors, including Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Ken Jeong, and Michelle Yeoh.

Boss Level tells the story of a Delta Force veteran, named Roy Pulver, who is trapped in a time loop for hundreds of days. Every time Roy dies, he has to repeat the same day over and over again. But the more Roy spends the same day, he always finds something new to be able to stop the time loop .

Boss Level movie review

A time loop themed film with nuances like video games

I watched Boss Level without watching the trailer. So, I thought that Boss Level was an action film in general and had low expectations for this film. My guess turned out to be wrong. Boss Level turns out to be a sci-fi seasoned action film using the time loop concept as the main theme of the story.

Time loop themed action films are not something new. However, what makes Boss Level so interesting is that the time loop concept is made as if we are watching a video game where the players are stuck at one level that is so difficult. Plus, the film is also filled with various actions that make the feel of the game even more pronounced.

Boss Level

Since Boss Level is a time loop themed film , you will definitely find scenes that are repeated many times in one film. However, you won’t get bored with the repetition because the main character will always find a different way to survive longer in each repetition of the day.

Apart from the action that doesn’t make you bored, another thing that makes Boss Level interesting is that this film also includes elements of comedy and drama about the relationship between fathers and children. So, you can find various funny moments in the middle of Roy’s attempt to solve his time loop problem . Then, the drama elements also make you feel sympathy with the main character.

Show character development that builds sympathy

As explained earlier, Roy must experience the repetition of the same day for hundreds of times. Even though Roy always experiences the same day, we can see a very significant character development in Roy. We can see how Roy tries to keep learning new things that enable him to solve his time loop problems.

Review Boss Level

The learning experienced by Roy is also fairly complex. He doesn’t just learn how to deal with the assassins that are after him. He also learns about solving a puzzle left by his ex-lover that kept him stuck in a time loop . Apart from that, we can also see how Roy learns to improve his relationship with his son.

Of the many things that Roy continues to improve, the audience is slowly being made more sympathetic to the main character of this action film. You see, Roy wasn’t just made to be a perfect action hero from the start. The appearance of Frank Grillo who plays Roy also needs to be appreciated because he managed to make Roy into a character that can be liked.

The adult rating makes the action so bearable

The abundant action presentation displayed by Boss Level makes this film feel like watching a video game. Moreover, Boss Level is given a rating for audiences aged 18 years and over so that the action shown in this action film is completely unbearable. This film doesn’t hesitate to show scenes of severed heads, bodies being run over by trucks, and several other scenes that might make you feel a little sore.

Movie Boss Level

Since Boss Level is also packed with comedic elements, the sadistic scenes shown in this film are actually made to look like slapstick . That’s right, it might make you feel sick, but you might even be made to laugh at some of the sadistic scenes. Moreover, we will know that the people who die will come back to life due to the influence of the time loop .

Boss Level can be regarded as an underrated action film that unexpectedly displays quite an exciting storyline. The added spice of comedy and drama also makes this film more colorful, coupled with the action that dares to be brutal. Frank Grillo’s appearance as the main character in this film also managed to steal the show.

After reading the review of the film Boss Level , are you interested in watching this action film? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK?


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