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Brave Nine is an extraordinary role-playing tactical game that immerses you in a world of darkness. As a formidable warrior, you find yourself at the forefront of a heroic battle against evil and malevolent creatures, determined to bring light back to the realm. The fate of this world rests in your capable hands, and you alone possess the courage and skill to thwart the sinister forces that seek dominion.

In this captivating game, the darkness looms with an array of malevolent entities vying for control and supremacy. It is your destiny to rise above the shadows and stand firm against the relentless onslaught of these nefarious beings. Every encounter is a test of your strength and strategic prowess, as you engage in epic battles against a multitude of diverse and formidable monsters.

To emerge victorious in your quest, you must not only rely on your brawn but also on your intellect. Cunning tactics and well-thought-out strategies will be your best companions as you navigate through the treacherous paths of this darkened world. Gather your allies, form a formidable team, and embark on an epic journey filled with challenges and rewards.

As you vanquish each malevolent foe, you will gain the power and experience necessary to face even greater threats. With every triumph, you grow stronger and more capable of confronting the maleficent forces that threaten to engulf the world in eternal darkness.

The game’s immersive storyline will captivate your imagination, as you delve deeper into the lore of this fantastical realm. Unravel the mysteries that shroud the world, and uncover the secrets that hold the key to salvation. Every step you take brings you closer to understanding the true nature of the darkness that envelops the land.

The visuals are breathtaking, transporting you to a beautifully crafted world teeming with mystical creatures and awe-inspiring landscapes. The attention to detail in character design and environmental art will leave you mesmerized as you traverse through the various realms of this dark fantasy world.

brave nine - tactical rpg

But it’s not just about fighting the malevolence that plagues this world; it’s also about forging bonds and friendships with other players. Brave Nine offers an interactive multiplayer experience, allowing you to join forces with like-minded warriors from all corners of the globe. Together, you will form alliances, exchange strategies, and challenge each other in friendly competition.

With regular updates and new content, the adventure in Brave Nine is ever-expanding, ensuring that you will never run out of thrilling challenges to overcome and new experiences to savor. Join the ranks of the chosen heroes and embark on a journey that will test your mettle, define your legacy, and bring light back to a world mired in darkness. The fate of the realm lies in your hands – will you rise to the occasion and become the ultimate savior?

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Giftcode Brave Nine – Tactical RPG New






■ The Final Swordsmen Revealed

After ages of mystery and speculation, the veil has finally been lifted on the last two elite members of the revered Iselok Templars. ‘Lain’, the enigmatic leader whose very name strikes fear into the hearts of opponents, emerges wielding the legendary ‘Sword of Fate’. And at her side stands the formidable ‘Kubera’ – a warrior who has paid the ultimate price, surrendering her own ‘Courage’ in exchange for mastery over the mythical ‘Akasha’ blade, the ‘Sword of Division’.

Their arrival heralds the dawn of a new era of chaos and conflict. What sinister machinations and untold power lurk behind these newly revealed adversaries? The realm of Brave Nine holds its breath as the Templar’s Epic nears its climactic conclusion!

■ When Worlds Collide: Brave Nine x DJMAX Fusion!

Brace yourselves, dear Mercenaries, for the vanguard of an unstoppable rhythm force is about to make its presence felt. The pulsating electronic beats and kaleidoscopic visuals of the legendary DJMAX universe are converging with our own!

The iconic El Clear and El Fail, those chromatic avatars of musical mastery, are transcending realities to grace the battlefields of Brave Nine. Their dazzling powers and entrancing melodies will reverberate through every clash of steel.

But which of these two diametrically opposed entities will you choose to align yourselves with as the year’s rhythm intensifies? Will you channel the hopes and aspirations symbolized by the radiant El Clear? Or will you instead embrace the chaos and wildness embodied by the audacious El Fail? The fate of Jayden’s lofty dreams hangs in the balance!

■ [Origin Realm Exclusive] Accelerate Your Legend with the Revamped Jump-Start Quest!

For those daring few destined to forge an unstoppable vanguard, the newly enhanced Jump-Start Quest beckons with unprecedented opportunity. No longer will the tireless grind impede your collection of the mightiest Mercenary legends!

Claim your birthright of raw, unadulterated power – a full formation of four elite +9 Skill Level Companions will be yours to command from the very start of your quest! The lavish rewards shower you with invaluable assets to accelerate your legend: a veritable trove of Legend Skill Books, your pick of a coveted Legend Companion, and even the power to recruit a mighty 5-Star ally of your choosing.

The quintessential collector’s dream is now an Origin Realm reality. Immerse yourself in the very essence of our grand RPG and rise to sovereign dominance!

■ The Harrowing Truth Behind the Eclipse Revealed

At last, the shrouds of secrecy are rent asunder to expose the full, horrifying implications of that fateful ‘Day of the Eclipse’. For on that day of unfathomable darkness, more was lost than any could have grasped.

Adel, Crown Prince in exile, was cruelly robbed of not just his noble retinue, but his very legacy and identity. How can one soul bear the weight of such tragedy while still standing resolute against the vile machinations threatening to unleash interdimensional devastation?

For indeed, the terrifying truth has emerged – the cataclysmic ‘Battle’ that looms is merely the first salvo in a ploy to shatter the barriers separating our realm from the eldritch ‘Night World’. Can the prince’s solitary heroics defy the eternal hunger of that primordial abyss and avert total annihilation?

All will be decided when the ultimate forces of Light and Shadow clash in earthshaking revelation! The Brave Nine universe will never be the same.

● Elevate your legend among global warriors in the all-new World Arena
● Put your tactical genius to the ultimate test against deadly new levels of the legendary Evil Castle

● Expand your Mercenary options further than ever before by recruiting powerful new Companion units


● Real-time turn-based combat against players worldwide

● Over 1400 immersive story stages and hundreds of unique collectible hero units
● Complete bounties to earn upgrade resources for your unstoppable force

● Craft your perfect assault formation to conquer all opposition
● Unravel an ever-deeper, twisting fantasy narrative with each new episode
● Climb the intensifying arenas all the way to the global leaderboard elite
● Build your own Guild fellowship, share strategies, and foster community
● Challenge Guild mates and friends to private duels to settle the score

● Utilize auto-deploy and repeat battles for effortless resource gathering
● Study pro formations and cheer for fan favorites in recurring Tournaments


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