Buya Hamka Review Vol. 1 (2023)

The biographical film of Indonesian figures greets the audience again through its title Buya Hamka. Present in three parts, this film seems to have been planned since 2014 and was announced in 2019.

Besides Vino G. Bastian, Laudya Chintya Bella, and Desy Ratnasari, Buya Hamka Vol. 1 also played by Donny Damara, Anjasmara, Reza Rahadian, and various other top star names.

So, is this film able to amaze the audience?

Buya Hamka Review Vol. 1 Synopsis

Buya Hamka Vol. 1 tracing the period when Hamka (Vino G. Bastian) became a Muhammadiyah administrator in Makassar and succeeded in making rapid progress to the organization.

Hamka also started writing newspaper literature and his romance stories were liked by readers. Hamka and his family moved to Medan, because Hamka was appointed chief editor of the Community Guidelines magazine.

This position made Hamka begin to clash with the Japanese and had to be closed down because he was considered dangerous. Hamka’s family life was shaken when one of their children died of illness.

Hamka’s attempts to approach the Japanese were seen as sycophant and despised, so Hamka was asked to resign from his position as Muhammadiyah administrator.

Buya Hamka Review Vol. 1 Movie Review

Thick with historical elements

Taken from the life story of a famous figure named H. Abdul Malik Karim Amrullah Datuk Indomo who is popular by his pen name Hamka, he is an Indonesian scholar, philosopher and writer. The story begins when Buya Hamka is in a detention center in Cimacan, Sukabumi, West Java. At that time Buya Hamka was sleeping and was awakened by the warden because he had guests. None other than, he has a wife, Siti Raham and their three children.

It is clear how the film Buya Hamka Vol. 1 more is made to build the characters, showing how the atmosphere is when the figure of Hamka is at home, work space, or when interacting with his wife.

In this first part, the audience will also see how Buya Hamka can think broadly and touch many people. This was proven when he used a more modern medium to give lectures. At that time, there were still many people who said “infidels” when they saw people who did not comply – in the conventional sense, with Islamic teachings. However, Buya Hamka has his own views.

buya hamka review vol 3

Through literary works, he gives a touch of religious teachings so that people can like and understand Islam more. Like the example in the novel The sinking of the van Der Wijck shipwhich he wrote was not only about love stories – but also had elements of da’wah.

Not only in literature, the first part of the film Buya Hamka also displays how much Buya Hamka’s contribution was when fighting for Indonesian independence. It is said that he met many big figures, including Ir. Sukarno. At that time, Bung Karno invited Buya Hamka and asked him to come to the place of exile. Buya Hamka himself was invited because Soekarno was so impressed with his writings.

Siti Raham’s involvement

Interestingly, film Buya Hamka Vol. 1 nor does it rule out other supporting characters, such as Siti Raham. Played well by Laudya Chintya Bella, she is a character that is greatly admired throughout the film. Through her love for her husband and family, Siti Raham is like a role model for today’s women who are struggling in their own ways.

buya hamka review vol 1

The idea of ​​doing da’wah through the medium of literary works is fully supported by his wife. Siti Raham even said that preaching itself does not have to be through lectures or speeches, but can be done in other ways that are preferred by ordinary people. Thus, a combination of romantic stories with many moral teachings emerged in Buya Hamka’s literary works.

Unquestionable acting

With a line-up of well-known players and no doubt about his prowess, Vino G. Bastian once again proved his worth. Having undergone various roles, Vino’s acting certainly did not disappoint in the film Buya Hamka Vol. 1. Likewise with the other players, they have succeeded in touching the feelings of the audience so they are immersed in the story.

buya hamka review vol 2

This certainly makes fans curious about the upcoming second and third films, will the story be much better? Considering that there are still several characters that haven’t come out yet, we hope that all parts of Buya Hamka’s film will not disappoint the audience. Especially with the success in the first part.

Buya Hamka Review Vol. 1 Conclusion

For fans who may be tired of seeing a series of horror shows, movies Buya Hamka Vol. 1 can be an alternative choice in the upcoming Eid holiday. This film can be enjoyed by all family members from various generations, with inspiring and meaningful stories.

Buya Hamka Vol. 1 it can also be an educational show, because viewers can learn about historical figures in a more fun medium. Not only about his struggle for Indonesian independence, his enthusiasm for learning and a life journey full of romance is also suitable to entertain and serve as an example.

Film Buya Hamka Vol. 1 will be broadcast simultaneously in all Indonesian cinemas on April 20, 2023. Don’t miss it and look forward to the film, Cilers! (Juliani/Dwi)


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