Cek Toko Sebelah 2 (2022) Movie Review

A year after his debut as a director through the film Ngenest (2015), Ernest Prakasa released his second film as a director, namely Cek Toko Next (2016). This film with the theme of Chinese families in Indonesia was a huge success, even becoming the fourth highest-grossing Indonesian film released in 2016. No wonder Ernest and Starvision Plus are working on a sequel entitled Cek Toko Se Next 2 .

Apart from directing, Ernest also plays the role of scriptwriter for Cek Toko Seuntung 2 together with his wife, Meira Anastasia. Ernest also returns as Erwin, the main character in the Cek Toko Sebel film series . Besides Ernest, this film also stars Laura Basuki, Dion Wiyoko, Adinia Wirasti, Chew Kin Wah, and other well-known actors.

Even though it was released six years after the first film, Cek Toko Next 2 is set just one month after the first film. So, the story in Cek Toko Sejual 2 is still set in 2016. In this film, the Koh Afuk family encounters new problems. Koh Afuk wanted Yohan and Ayu to have children. On the other hand, Erwin is having trouble marrying Natalie.

Cek Toko Sebelah 2 movie review

Show the new, more complex conflicts of the Koh Afuk family

The first film, Cek Toko Se Belalah, tells the story of Koh Afuk who encounters a conflict when he desperately wants to bequeath his shop to Erwin. You could say the relationship between Koh Afuk and his two children became the main conflict for his first film. So, Cek Toko Next 2 presents more and more complex conflicts compared to the first film.

Cek Toko Sebelah 2

Cek Toko Se Next 2 is indeed again presenting a conflict regarding Koh Afuk’s relationship with his two children. The difference is, Erwin and Yohan each get additional conflicts. Koh Afuk wants grandchildren from Yohan and Ayu, while Erwin has his own difficulties in getting his mother Laura’s blessing to marry.

The two conflicts experienced by Yohan and Erwin also open up things that were not revealed in the first film, starting from Ayu’s past, how Erwin could meet Natalie, to Natalie’s family background. You don’t worry if there will be too many conflicts displayed by Cek Toko Next door . You see, all these conflicts are arranged neatly and in the end reconcile all the characters in this film.

Stronger emotional elements of the comedy

Those of you who have watched the first film Cek Toko Secepat will surely know that this film is enlivened by a number of comics, thus making the comedy elements in the film stand out even though the story still displays a deep message. Like the first film, you will also find lots of funny moments in Cek Toko Next 2 .

However, when compared to the first film, the drama elements in Cek Toko Next 2 are far more prominent than the comedy. Considering that the conflicts presented are far more complex, the decision to highlight the drama elements in Cek Toko Sepuh 2 is the right thing to do. The audience is made to understand and feel the various problems faced by each character.

Review Cek Toko Sebelah 2

Even though it still presents a Chinese family as its main character, the conflict presented by Cek Toko Next 2 is far more relatable to all families in Indonesia. Not only do you feel the character’s problems, the audience can also feel more connected to the various conflicts shown in this film. In essence, the placement of the drama and comedy portions in Cek Toko Next 2 is presented in a balanced and appropriate manner.

Collaboration of all players creating harmony

Most of the cast in Cek Toko Sepuh returned to the sequel. Even though they played the same character again, each actor managed to show a new side of each character. Among all the actors from the first film who returned to the sequel, Dion Wiyoko (played by Yohan) and Adinia Wirasti (played by Ayu) managed to show another side that was completely different from their characters.

In his first film, Yohan’s character appears as a character full of burden and sadness because he feels he has never been considered by his father. But in the sequel, Dion presents Yohan who is more cheerful and humorous. On the other hand, Adinia succeeded in presenting such an emotional moment for Ayu that was able to make the audience shed tears too.

Movie Cek Toko Sebelah 2

Laura Basuki and Maya Hasan, who recently joined the Cek Toko Secepat film series, also gave an appearance that caught the eye. Both of them managed to be present as mother and child who were full of conflict. Apart from making the audience nervous, Laura and Maya also performed emotional acting that made the audience understand the complicated relationship between mother and child.

Ernest Prakasa managed to break the “curse” by presenting a sequel that is superior to the first film. Even though the story is much more emotional, Cek Toko Next 2 also doesn’t lose its identity as a comedy film. In addition, all the actors in this film managed to create harmony that strengthens the message of the film.

After reading the review for the film Cek Toko Next 2 , are you interested in watching this comedy film? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK?


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