Celebrity (2023) Movie Review

Who has watched dramas about the lives of celebrities in South Korea on Netflix? Entitled Celebrity , the story is presented in a fresh way and with fun visuals about the depiction of social media.

The story is actually complicated to tell through the number of episodes that are not many. Of course it’s not easy, moreover the conflict in which there is competition and the threat of scandal that can tarnish their good name as celebrities.

Celebrity has been broadcast on Netflix since last June 30, but its popularity has not waned. Evidently, almost one month after its premiere, Celebrity is still in the Top 10 Netflix Tv Shows. Making it one of the dramas that is still being watched a lot.

Intrigued by the story? Check out the Celebrity reviews below!

Synopsis Celebrity (2023)

This drama follows the story of Korean celebrities who cannot escape dark scandals. There is a newcomer celebrity named Seo A-ri (Park Gyu Young) who is famous in today’s world of influencers. Apparently, he is also one of those people who will do anything to fulfill his dream of becoming a famous top celebrity and have a luxurious life.

Not only that, he also believes that when you gain fame and popularity on social media, money can also be obtained easily.

celebrity Review

Unfortunately, becoming a famous celebrity who has a lot of wealth is certainly not easy, but that did not stop Seo A-ri’s bold steps in making big decisions and leading to a successful career as a celebrity.

However, this success creates jealousy which causes various problems to come to put A-ri at her lowest point. Did he make it through?

Celebrity (2023) Movie Review

The Dark Side of Celebrities

Celebrity displays the dark side of the world of celebrities. How they try to maintain popularity and how to be on top. Whatever will be taken, there is no judgment good or bad. For the sake of profit, then all of that is not a problem.

A-ri, who has just entered the world of celebrities, is of course shocked by the reality that seems different from what she knows. Indeed, what is displayed on social media will not always be the same as reality.

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Jealousy always underlies their bad deeds, whether in terms of beauty, relationships, or collections of luxury goods. There are too many lies and greed behind the beautiful posts they upload. That’s the dark side of celebrities in this drama.

The Power of Social Media

Social media is really everything, what is wrong can be right, let alone what is right can be blamed. Viral, one word that changes everything. With just one celebrity post, both goods and food were immediately attacked by netizens.

At the beginning of the opening of this drama, the figure of Seo A-ri uploads a menu at a small restaurant. But, after that the impact was huge. Many people flocked to it, from a small place to a big one.

Not only that, from a business standpoint it is the same. When Seo A-ri used her account to sell, then there she found a way to open a textile business, just like her father used to be.

As soon as the power of social media kicks in, small things can turn into big things.

Fun Serving with Forward and Backward Flow

Discuss the advancement of technology and the sophistication of social media, making the presentations displayed by Celebrity so fun to watch. It feels like something is blocking if every one episode is postponed, making many viewers choose to watch it in a marathon.

The back-and-forth flow adds endless questions to the audience’s heads, what really happened to Seo A-ri? Such a strong and formidable figure, is it right to commit murder and commit suicide?

celebrity Movie

Until finally everything reaches a climax of completion, adding a twist by utilizing deepfakes and artificial intelligence. Once again, providing an interesting side that would be a shame to miss.

Don’t forget the romantic scenes that are as thin as a tissue, but make the audience scream like crazy. Yep, especially if it’s not the relationship between A-ri and Han Jun-kyung. Repeating the two of them is not boring, in fact many fans expect more.

Celebrity Conclusion

Overall, Celebrity is able to present an interesting story and slick visuals. The ranks of the players involved solidify each other to display a memorable soul. The moral message given feels thick and touching.


Once again, Celebrity managed to offer in-depth stories about the dark world of celebrities. Of course with visual support and scoring that is not boring. Don’t forget the presence of many cameos that will make the audience enthusiastic.


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