Christmas Puzzle Bundle Codes (New)

The Christmas Puzzle Bundle is a special game designed for the festive season, combining the warmth and joy of Christmas with intellectual challenges through colorful and engaging puzzles. This game is created to provide players with moments of relaxation and entertainment, while also presenting challenges that stimulate thinking and creativity.

The collection of puzzles in the Christmas Puzzle Bundle includes various types, from visual puzzles and word puzzles to logic and mathematical challenges. Each puzzle is designed with a Christmas theme, ranging from images of sparkling Christmas trees, cheerful Santa Claus, to unexpected gifts and warm holiday music.

The images in the game are meticulously and vividly designed, with bright colors, bringing an authentic and captivating festive atmosphere. The background music is also carefully chosen to match each type of puzzle and the theme of the game, creating a truly lively and interesting Christmas atmosphere.

The game is suitable for all ages, from children to adults, and is a great way for the whole family to participate and enjoy the joy of the season. Different levels from easy to difficult allow players to start easily and gradually enhance their problem-solving skills.

The Christmas Puzzle Bundle also includes a scoring and ranking system, helping players track their progress and compare with friends or other players around the world. This adds motivation and healthy competition, encouraging players to strive further in each puzzle.

Additionally, the game offers support features, like hints and explanations, to help players overcome challenging obstacles. This feature is particularly useful for beginners or those who need a little help in solving complex puzzles.

The game is also regularly updated with new puzzles, ensuring fresh and exciting experiences for players. Each update typically comes with new themes and images, enriching the puzzle collection and enhancing the game’s appeal.

The Christmas Puzzle Bundle is not just an entertaining game but also an excellent way to train the brain and develop problem-solving skills. The combination of learning and entertainment in a festive atmosphere makes this game a perfect choice for the Christmas season.

In summary, the Christmas Puzzle Bundle is a unique and fun game that brings the spirit of the holiday season along with intellectual challenges. The diversity in puzzle design, vibrant images, and engaging music make this game an excellent choice for everyone during the Christmas holiday.

Giftcode Christmas Puzzle Bundle latest

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VVI641604ac Random reward
EVI529376af Random reward
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BHI5d3ab948 Coins, Spins, and Gems

Giftcode Fanpage Christmas Puzzle Bundle latest

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SNI3e67788a 1000 free diamonds
SVI29fbd1d2 Receive free characters
VVI19815143 Get Free JBN
EVI27d1a01a Random reward
TAI4956ea52 Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI3c659f36 Code for fanpage events
BHI1dd3ef83 Coins, Spins, and Gems

How to redeem the code in Christmas Puzzle Bundle

  • Step 1: Log in to the official website homepage of Christmas Puzzle Bundle.
  • Step 2: Locate the designated gift code box on the left-hand side.
  • Step 3: Enter the unique code Christmas Puzzle Bundle to receive your gift.

How to obtain fanpage event codes in Christmas Puzzle Bundle

  • Step 1: Visit the official fanpage of Christmas Puzzle Bundle.
  • Step 2: Identify the hashtag associated with Christmas Puzzle Bundle codes.
  • Step 3: Follow the instructions provided to access the latest Christmas Puzzle Bundle code.

About this bundle

In this comprehensive 3-in-1 bundle, players are treated to a trio of enchanting Christmas Puzzle games, each offering a unique and immersive holiday experience. The bundle includes “Christmas Puzzle,” “Christmas Puzzle 2,” and “Christmas Puzzle 3,” each game boasting its distinct theme and gameplay mechanics, united by the festive spirit of Christmas.

The first game in the series, “Christmas Puzzle,” invites players to dive into exciting Match 3 levels. Here, players collect Santa’s coins and use them to decorate their house for Christmas. The game is filled with beautiful ornaments and bright illuminations to bring the holiday spirit to life. Players will encounter incredible power-ups that add a dynamic twist to the traditional Match 3 gameplay. As they progress, each level becomes increasingly challenging, promising an engaging and joyful experience throughout the holiday season.

Moving to “Christmas Puzzle 2,” the journey takes a delightful turn. Players visit the Arctic to meet Christmas penguins and embark on a magical train ride in the Alps. The quest for Santa’s gold continues at an Old Watermill, adding a charming rustic touch to the game. This installment offers two modes: a Timed mode for those who relish a challenge against the clock, and a Relaxed mode for players who prefer a more leisurely pace. The game’s ambiance is further enhanced with cozy elements like a lit fireplace and a beautifully decorated fir-tree, setting the stage for the coziest Christmas imaginable.

“Christmas Puzzle 3” elevates the excitement as players are tasked with preparing the best Christmas fair ever. This game introduces new challenges and obstacles, with snow-covered landscapes and locked doors that test the player’s puzzle-solving skills. A new Magic Wand power-up is introduced, offering a thrilling way to overcome these hurdles. Players assist an Elf in decorating the town for Christmas, with tasks including building cafes and shops, decorating the town hall, and creating beautiful ornaments and ice sculptures. An amusing touch is the provision of free donuts, playfully intended to attract cops and ensure safety during the festive celebrations. This installment focuses on creating a vibrant, community-centered Christmas spirit, making it a unique addition to the bundle.

Each game in the “Christmas Puzzle Bundle” is designed with meticulous attention to detail, offering high-quality graphics and captivating holiday music. The variety in gameplay, from Match 3 puzzles to decoration and community-building tasks, ensures that players of all ages and preferences will find something to enjoy. The bundle is a celebration of the holiday spirit, combining the joy of Christmas with the satisfaction of puzzle-solving and strategic thinking.

In summary, this 3-in-1 “Christmas Puzzle Bundle” is more than just a collection of games. It’s a journey through different facets of the holiday season, filled with festive charm, engaging puzzles, and heartwarming activities. Whether players are looking for a challenge, a relaxing pastime, or a way to get into the holiday spirit, this bundle promises to deliver a memorable and delightful Christmas Puzzle holiday experience.


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