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Maybe many of you are familiar with the film The Invisible Guest (2016). Yep, this Spanish film has indeed been viral again in recent times because of its tense storyline and full of plot twists . So, in 2022, we will have the Korean adaptation of The Invisible Guest which carries the title Confession .

The synopsis for the film Confession tells the story of Yoo Min-ho (So Ji-sub) who is suspected of the murder of his lover, Kim Se-hee (Nana). Yoo Min-ho denied that he was the perpetrator of the murder case that occurred in the closed room. This then made Min-ho hire the services of Yang Shin-ae (Kim Yun-jin), a lawyer who has never lost any of the cases he handled.

So, before you watch the film Confession in Indonesian cinemas, first consider the following Bumareviews!

Korean film review Confession

A thriller full of plot twists

Throughout this film, we will be able to hear Yoo Min-ho’s conversation with Yang Shin-ae in explaining the chronology of the alleged criminal case involving him. However, the explanation is not only narrative, but there is also a flashback scene with a thriller feel that is quite pronounced. In addition, this moment of explanation is also full of plot twists , both from Min-ho’s and the lawyer’s side.


For those of you who have watched The Invisible Guest , maybe you can guess all the plot twists in Confession . Even so, those of you who haven’t watched the original version at all, will most likely be amazed every time you witness a mindblowing plot twist moment .

Bumareview can’t even explain further how the storyline is more detailed from this film because it will be a spoiler . Anyway, Confession is a film that is perfect for those of you who like to watch mystery-themed movies full of plot twists .

Mysterious acting

Film Confession involves Korean actors and actresses who are quite experienced in acting. Starting from So Ji-sub , who has starred in various popular South Korean shows, to Kim Yun-jin, who has been involved in a Hollywood production series, namely Lost . Both of them managed to provide a conversation scene that felt very intense.

review confession

However, not only Ji-sub and Yun-jin managed to look stunning in this film, but all of them. Each player manages to give a mysterious performance that makes the audience always feel suspicious of them.

Nana “After School” who plays a female supporting role in this film also managed to steal attention through her stunning acting performance. This film also indirectly shows Nana’s acting range , which turns out to be very broad. In fact, compared to other actors in this film, Nana has less experience in acting.

A less ‘angry’ ending

Confession has succeeded in building its conflict very neatly through all kinds of plot twists . This also makes the audience also annoyed when they find out who the real killer is, so they want him to get a proper response. However, this film is somewhat less successful in providing the ‘angry’ ending.

movie confession

Buma feels that this film ends just like that, and does not give the audience satisfaction with the fate of the antagonist. This ending also makes all the conflicts that have been tensely built from the start so that it doesn’t feel like a climax at its peak. However, apart from that, you will still be able to enjoy this film as a whole.

In conclusion , Confession is a film full of surprising surprises and is perfect for those of you who like to watch shows with multiple plot twists . If you are interested, you can watch this film in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting November 2, 2022.

confession movie

So, how do you respond to the review of the film Confession ? Share your opinion and keep following Buma for more film reviews, OK?


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