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Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue is an adventure-puzzle game developed by the independent studio Darkwood Studios, and was released in early 2023. Although this is just a prologue, the game has already made a deep impression on the gaming community with its distinctive approach to storytelling and gameplay mechanics.

The narrative of Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue revolves around the protagonist, a crime scene cleanup worker. Players will step into the shoes of Nora, an employee tasked with handling a series of homicide cases that have occurred in a small town. The challenges she faces go beyond simply cleaning up – players must utilize investigative skills, analysis, and problem-solving abilities to successfully complete each assignment.

What makes this game particularly special is that it not only offers an adventure-puzzle experience, but also provides players with a profound insight into the work of crime scene cleanup professionals. Players will get to explore the various aspects of this profession, from gathering evidence, examining crime scenes, searching for clues, to handling bodies and cleaning up under the supervision of law enforcement.

Furthermore, the game leaves a lasting impression with its meticulous design of the crime scenes and environments. Each case carries its own unique story, with carefully hidden details and clues that require close observation and logical reasoning from the player to solve. The gloomy, tense, and mysterious atmosphere is vividly conveyed through each crime scene, contributing to an immersive and captivating experience for the player.

Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue

In terms of gameplay, Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue features a relatively simple yet highly effective control system. Players will use the mouse to interact with various items and guide the protagonist Nora as she navigates through each crime scene. Each assignment will demand that the player carefully observe, collect evidence, conduct tests, and solve logical puzzles in order to successfully complete the task. These challenges are not at all straightforward and require a high level of focus and reasoning ability from the player.

Additionally, the game offers several other features, such as the ability to store case files, take notes on important clues, and customize the user interface to suit the player’s preferred playstyle. These features not only enhance the gameplay experience but also contribute to the creation of a more dynamic and authentic game world.

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About game Crime Scene Cleaner: Prologue

Here is a longer and more human-like version of the content:

Welcome to the Crime Scene

As you step into the lavish villa, you can’t help but feel a chill run down your spine. This isn’t just any ordinary crime scene – it’s your workplace. The air is thick with tension, the aftermath of a brutal hit leaving a twisted trail of carnage in its wake. Sometimes, it’s almost impressive how much damage a skilled assassin can inflict, but you’re not here to marvel at their handiwork. No, you have a job to do, a purpose that transcends the horror before you.

Your daughter’s life hangs in the balance, the reason you’ve become so adept at this grisly line of work. Dispose of bodies, erase any trace of evidence – all while keeping the authorities completely in the dark. It’s a delicate dance, one that requires unwavering focus and nerves of steel.

As you survey the scene, you know what needs to be done. This is where your skills as a crime scene cleaner truly shine. With the prologue of the game, you’ll get a taste of the challenges that lie ahead, diving into the dirty secrets hidden within the walls of this luxurious villa.

Core Features:

  • Deep clean the crime scene, leaving no trace of the horrific events that transpired
  • Activate your heightened senses, attuned to the smallest details that could betray your presence
  • Destroy any crucial pieces of evidence, ensuring the truth remains buried
  • Uncover the stories behind the crimes, piecing together the twisted motivations that led to this moment
  • Upgrade your equipment, fortifying your arsenal with the tools needed to stay one step ahead
  • Steal what you can to bolster your finances, fueling your ability to protect your daughter
  • Stay out of suspicion, keeping the authorities off your trail as you carry out your grim task

This is no ordinary cleanup job – the stakes are life and death. With steady hands and a clear mind, you must navigate the treacherous waters of this crime scene, emerging victorious and one step closer to securing your daughter’s future.


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