Cross The Line Movie Review

The film Cross the Line some time ago became the subject of discussion because it received a good reception when it was shown at Jakarta World Cinema Week. The director, Roby Ertanto, succeeded in bringing up a theme that other filmmakers rarely touch. In terms of the selection of stars, Shenina Chinamon and Chicco Kuriniawan are also very suitable for the roles they play.

Cross the Line talks about migrant workers and people who are lied to by the sweet promises of labor brokers. This film has been showing on Klik Film since last December 9. For those of you who are curious about the film, you can watch it directly on the digital platform.

If you’re still thinking about it, it’s a good idea to see the film review in the following article.

Cross the Line movie review

Harsh Life in the Harbour

Maya and Haris are lovers who have big dreams. To achieve this dream they are willing to work in Singapore. Those who are born into a family that is not underprivileged certainly have hopes that their lives will change when they work abroad.

The film opens when Haris and Maya register for work. Instead of going abroad, the two of them were lied to by an illegal TKI dealer!

Under the pretext of training , Haris and Maya were asked to work on the ship. Haris works as a crew member, while Maya works as a pants service as well as a cafe waitress. The problem came when Maya’s mother was sick and needed a lot of money. Maya’s many debts with such a small salary make Maya unable to move if she only works as a waitress and cleaning service .

Cross The Line

Maya began to think about working as a prostitute in order to make a living and be able to return home. Meanwhile, Haris, who feels he has a responsibility towards Maya, does various ways to get money quickly. Until he had to cooperate with human traffickers .

Chicco and Shenina Chemistry Begins and Closes 2022

Two young actors and actresses Chicco and Shenina seem to be taking a long breath in the Indonesian film world. In the film Cross the Line , the chemistry between the two really builds up well. They can convince the audience that the two of them are lovers who are in trouble. The natural acting from Shenina and Chicco makes this film’s story even more real.

This is not the first time Shenina and Chicco have played in one film. Previously in the film Copying Light , the two also acted together. What they show in the film is also very full of totality. Chicco even got a trophy as the best actor for his acting in the film Copy of Light.

Review Cross The Line

Uniquely, Copying Light is broadcast on digital platforms in the first week of 2022. Meanwhile, Cross the Line is broadcast in the last weeks of 2022. The chemistry of this pair in the two films seems to be opening and closing a good year for Indonesian cinema.

Raise Important Stories

Apart from the strong acting of Shenina and Chicco, this film also has a good premise. A premise that has barely been touched by Indonesian films before. About human trafficking. Even though it’s actually not really explained in the film. But the courage of director Roby Ertanto to raise this human trafficking case should be appreciated.

Cross The Line Movie

Human trafficking in this film really makes the audience realize that buying and selling humans can actually be done in an easy way. Complete with unscrupulous people who play behind it. Even though it doesn’t go too deep, at least the core of the story in this film can touch many people who are involved in this heinous sale and purchase.

This film only lasts 70 minutes, quite short for a feature-length film with a fairly heavy premise.

Shown As Is

Meanwhile behind the scenes we can find Roby Ertanto as the person sitting on the director’s bench. Roby tries to tell the story of Haris and Maya from a realistic point of view. Everything is shown as is. The audience will be invited to see what the dark harbor world looks like. With such a corrupt system. Roby describes it without exaggerating, everything looks as it is.

Review Cross The Line Movie

Several times the camera’s point of view also makes the impression of despair in the film more pronounced. The choice of film colors used by Roby also makes this film feel miserable for the two main characters. The sadness and anxiety in Cross the Line are increasingly felt through the color tones used.

Impeccable Acting of Supporting Actors

Unfortunately the acting of the supporting actors in this film is still incomplete with the two main characters. Some of the supporting actors still look stiff in their roles. Indeed, the portion of the supporting actors is not too strong in telling the story, but if only the acting of these supporting actors was more flexible, maybe the story would be more exciting.

Apart from that, there are still less important scenes inserted at the top of this film. Like when Haris and Maya were being chased by human traffickers, but they still had time to stop and argue. The tidiness that had been built from the start was somewhat reduced in the last minutes.

The film Cross the Line will open your horizons about the dark world of ports. It’s best to watch this film with some friends so that after watching it, you can discuss what you just watched. So are you interested in watching this film?


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