Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia (2023) Movie Review

Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia will be released in Asian cinemas on 19 July 2023. Cineverse is participating in a special screening with many Doraemon fans, especially children, at CGV Grand Indonesia on 14 July 2023.

The 42nd Doraemon film is directed by Takumi Doyama, who usually handles Doraemon TV anime projects. Ryota Furusawa wrote the script for the film Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia , and was the first to join the Doraemon film project.

Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia (2023) Synopsis

Nobita, who is still lazy as usual, finds interesting historical stories from Dekisugi about the country of Utopia. An island of dreams where everything is perfect, everyone is happy and nothing is sad, everyone is smart, and lots of entertainment.

Nobita invites Doraemon to find the location of the Utopia, which he accidentally sees while daydreaming on the hill behind the school. Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian, and Zuneo travel through time and find lands based on ancient news.

Doraemon Nobita's Sky Utopia

They found a Utopia country above the cloud called Paradapia. They are invited to stay to enjoy the perfect land that was told in the fairy tale earlier.

Shizuka, Gian, and Zuneo have felt and are comfortable living in Paradapia. However, Nobita doesn’t seem to enjoy the perfect country led by the 3 Sages. There is something wrong, Nobita and Doraemon investigate it.

Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia Movie Review

The future is full of surprises

Not knowing exactly where and when, Paradapia immediately made Doraemon and Nobita’s adventures purposeful. A rather blurry destination in the middle of the road, this Paradapia convinces us a little about the legends of the country in several places.

Likened to a utopia or a perfect paradise, it is indeed food for Nobita who is lazy to get good things. He even only aims to be a perfect student and not get bad grades all the time.

While other friends also wish not to be too grandiose. This country also seems to make everything happen easily, with technology that is considered very sophisticated, an island in the sky, even without the help of sunlight.

Doraemon Nobita's Sky Utopia Review

Paradapia can change space and time at will. With an explanation at the end, how they became people’s dream places. It’s a bit strange and becomes the main conflict in the second half of the film.

Robot cat from the 22nd century

In Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia, Doraemon isn’t the only cat robot with his fancy gadgets. At the beginning of the film we are shown a little, that many of Doraemon’s tools are obsolete, so that it becomes a bit of a loss in this adventure.

Luckily there is Sonya, the guide or the person who brought Nobita and his friends to Paradapia. Sonya is also a cat robot just like Doraemon. Sonya became the perfect robot cat in Paradapia, which Doraemon envied for being the perfect robot cat too.

These two cat robots are key at the end of the fight. Paradapia’s influence actually only applies to humans, so robots like Doraemon and Sonya only rely on their goal of becoming perfect robots.

Nobita, who maybe his brain is too stupid or his heart is too kind and innocent, so he can’t be influenced by the perfect things in Paradapia.

Dynamic, consistent visual images

This time, the animated depiction of the Doraemon movie is not excessive in using 3D elements which are sometimes used in several Doraemon movies. The adventures of Doraemon and Nobita are still dynamic with many backgrounds.

Doraemon Nobita's Sky Utopia Movie

Nobita and friends search for Utopia with a crescent shape at various times. Adventures are complemented by unique clothing, even though they are not direct tools from Doraemon, this sophisticated tool is an exciting fantasy in itself.

A toy plane that suddenly becomes a pilot’s full outfit and can fly the owner on a single plane with the shape of each different character. Not many Doraemon gadgets come out in this film.

One tool out, and as usual Nobita who is always careless messes up the plan or something from Doraemon’s tool that should be profitable.

Going on an adventure with a different time machine doesn’t make the story monotonous and that’s it again. This time, Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia , will make a surprise in itself by using this time travel game.

Movie Doraemon Nobita's Sky Utopia

Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia Conclusion

It doesn’t feel like Doraemon has brought us all on an adventure of 42 films. Doraemon Nobita’s Sky Utopia, a time-traveling plot game that returns with the addition of a dreamland, has succeeded in attracting the enthusiasm of Doraemon fans back.

The 2D visual in the style of the weekly Doraemon anime evokes a nostalgic feel for Doraemon lovers, who may still be faithful to watching the animation on Sunday mornings.


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