Emergency Declaration Review (2022)

Directed by Han Jae-rim, Emergency Declaration is an upcoming disaster genre film about a biological virus disaster, which occurs when a terrorist threat occurs in flight.

This film was screened for the first time in the Out of Competition category at the 74th Cannes Film Festival on July 16, 2021. Apart from successfully penetrating a prestigious event in the world of film, ‘Emergency Declaration’ also starred top South Korean actors and actresses, including Song Kang- ho who recently appeared in the film ‘Broker’ and had starred in the Oscar-winning film, ‘Parasite’.

In South Korea, the film was released on August 3, while in Indonesia, ‘Emergency Declaration’ will be released on August 16, 2022.

Emergency Declaration Synopsis

One bustling day, a young man was looking for flight tickets without knowing the direction and destination. Meanwhile, there is a news of terror spreading on social media, that there will be a mass murder carried out in an airplane. Thinking it was just a joke, the government ignored the warning.

Unfortunately, the terror that was spread actually happened. When the flight to Hawaii penetrates the air, the lives of the passengers are in danger. Even though there were several reliable people, this fatal incident seemed unavoidable.

An airplane is forced to declare a state of emergency when an unprecedented terror occurs in flight.

Emergency Declaration Movie Review

The tension that continues to be maintained until the end of the story

Since the first time, Emergency Declaration has offered some tension-inducing oddities. The scene begins with a young man named Jin-seok (Yim Si-wan) who suddenly feels angry because he is not allowed to know which plane is crowded. Upset, he goes to the toilet and accidentally meets Jae-hyeok (Lee Byung-hun) and his son.

Jin-seok himself turns out to be a psychopath, a former employee at a pharmaceutical company, who intends to terrorize an airplane. Through painful methods, he tried to trick airport officials so that the goods he was carrying could pass undetected.

review emergency declaration 2

The story begins to build slowly. Apparently, the director was in no hurry to present the characters/roles of the stars in the film. Tension is also presented through a series of crazy actions by Jin-seok, who bravely releases an experimental virus into the plane.

Unable to go anywhere, the passengers start to panic when it is discovered that someone has died from the virus. Detail after detail is presented so that the audience can see how the virus spreads. Starting from the intention to passing food, the process of spreading is also faster because of the air circulation conditions on the plane. Various success factors made the audience hold their breath when they realized that there would be further victims.

Sacrifice human individualist life

Seeing how the pandemic has impacted all of us so much, I guess Emergency Declaration this is enough to be a reflection of the condition of human morality when trapped in a disaster. If at first the film only presents a storyline full of tension, but towards the end of the film, we will realize that Emergency Declaration is a very touching presentation.

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It’s a slap in the face when the audience sees how the film throws away morality and ethics when they touch each other’s lives. Everyone was scared, panicked, and wanted to save themselves. There is no fake mask to cover up their despair.

Do not forget, the dilemma of the government must think about the fate of its population. Once again, the director seems to want to explain that there is nothing wrong and right in this film. Both the government and the people who support the landing or reject it, have their own reasons.

The appearance of a hero

Heroes don’t have to have great abilities or fancy costumes to support their actions. Heroes are people who are willing to sacrifice their lives to save people. If most films highlight horrific events that don’t stop on the plane, then you shouldn’t forget the role of detective In-ho (Song Kang-ho) who fights for them while on the ground.

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The characters are made to perfection. He is a father figure who tries to calm his son, while being so firm in protecting his wife from threatening dangers. It ends sadly, but there will be far greater victims without self-sacrifice.

Flying aimlessly in the starry sky

Narrow space is not an obstacle to provide an interesting visualization for the audience. Opened with a bright and lively atmosphere, ‘Emergency Declaration’ actually closed with a lonely and dark ending. Several scenes are beautifully packaged, such as sunset on an airplane which looks beautiful – even though the lives of the passengers are on the brink.

tone the dark also successfully adds to the tension during the film. Even though he was in the starry sky with a shining view of big cities, the replacement pilot was actually preparing to give himself up so he wouldn’t be saved.

Emergency Declaration Conclusion

emergency declaration review

Emergency Declaration is a fresh and exciting treat, one that is both suspenseful and heartfelt. Starring a number of well-known South Korean players, it’s no wonder that this film is highly anticipated by fans.

Even though the acting and storyline are made quite nicely, the cinematography of this film is still unsatisfactory when compared to the film Brokers And Decision to Leavewhich also entered the Cannes event.


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