Evil Dead Rise (2023) Movie Review

For those of you who like the horror genre, surely you are already familiar with the Evil Dead franchise , right? Yep, the franchise created by Sam Raimi, which first started in 1981, is still one of the best horror franchises to date. In 2023, we will have the fifth film from the franchise entitled Evil Dead Rise and directed by Lee Cronin.

The synopsis for the film Evil Dead Rise tells the story of Beth visiting her sister, Ellie, who lives in an apartment that is about to be torn down with her three children. However, disaster struck when they found a mysterious book in the basement of the apartment. After that, they also received a terrible terror because Ellie was possessed by a cruel demon.

Evil Dead Rise horror film review

A simple story that is packed in a classic way and manages to make you satisfied

Evil Dead Rise comes with a story that feels very simple. You see, this film only tells of a family that experiences terror from a demon who possesses someone and terrorizes a family. Stories like this have actually been picked up by quite a number of horror films so that they seem clichéd.

It’s just that, Evil Dead Rise manages to present a number of elements that make it feel like a classic horror film released in the 1980s. This film is not just a horror film that sells horror through jumpscares , but also from gore elements to moments of irony with a comedic feel. This classic horror element also works perfectly in this modern era without any cringy nuances.

Evil Dead Rise

So, it’s not surprising that this film managed to give a feeling of satisfaction after watching it because it was scared to the fullest. In addition, with a duration of only one and a half hours, this film has a very perfect pacing or pace of storytelling because it’s not too fast or too slow. As a result, Evil Dead Rise seems to be a ‘love letter’ for horror film lovers in 2023.

The ranks of players who managed to appear in total

Evil Dead Rise doesn’t have top Hollywood stars in its cast. Even so, the performance of the players in this film is far from ‘disappointing’, especially Alyssa Sutherland who plays Ellie.

Review Evil Dead Rise

The reason is, Sutherland managed to provide endless horror as a character possessed by a cruel demon in this film. In fact, Sutherland doesn’t always have to do evil things or say any lines to terrorize the audience. The audience will really feel scared and resigned by simply seeing Sutherland standing doing nothing as Ellie.

Apart from Sutherland, all the players in this film also managed to add a sense of horror through their acting. In fact, according to Bumareview, without the totality of acting from these actors who are not Hollywood’s top stars, Evil Dead Rise would feel like a ‘B’ class horror film or a mockery film.

Evil Dead Rise Movie

Cinematography and scoring that make the horror elements even more maximal

For those of you who basically like watching the horror genre, chances are you will feel happy while watching this film. You see, the horror elements in this film really feel executed to the fullest. One of the factors that make the horror element in this film successful is its cinematography and scoring .

Most of the scenes use close-up camera angles which are probably intended to make the gore moments feel more painful and disgusting. In addition, this close-up angle also makes the audience even more uncomfortable when showing Ellie so close. Meanwhile, the successful sounding score makes the audience’s heart flutter throughout the horrific scenes.

Film, Evil Dead Rise

In conclusion, Evil Dead Rise is one of the best horror candidates this year which must be watched by fans of the horror genre. Unfortunately, you still have to be patient, because this film will only be released in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting May 5, 2023.

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