Ex Addiction Club Review (2023)

Specifically for viewers who want to forget their exes, Netflix has released a new sitcom entitled Ex Addiction Club. This first sitcom series from Netflix Indonesia tells the story of five individuals’ struggles to forget their exes, by joining a unique support group.

This title is one of the newest original series announced at the Time Netflix Indonesia event in September 2022, produced by Wahana Kreator Nusantara and fronted by Salman Aristo.

Ex Addiction Club was originally a serial podcasts 30 episodes, inspired by the jargon “failed to move on” which had caught the attention of Indonesian netizens in 2012. For showrunner and creator Salman Aristo, this jargon is very close to everyone’s life and he feels this topic can be transformed into a story that many people like.

This light and entertaining series will be airing on April 20, 2023. Ex Addiction Club consists of 5 members starring young Indonesian actors, namely Agatha Pricilla, Andri Mashadi, Chicco Kurniawan, Hafizh Weda, and Rachel Amanda.

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Ex Addiction Club Synopsis

This sitcom series focuses on five people: an ambitious businessman, a peace-loving yoga teacher, a grumpy barista, a sympathetic youth, and a dubious playboy, who band together with the goal of ending a past reliance on love.

Through the motto of togetherness, they help each other to forget their ex. Can members Ex Addiction Club resist temptation?

Ex Addiction Club Movie Review

Interesting characters

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In this series, there are five people with different characters and love stories. Starting from Raysa (Agatha Pricilla), she is an ambitious businesswoman who becomes the leader of the Former Addiction Club. Raysa dedicates herself to helping her friends move on from exes. Despite having the same predicament, he always gets lost in other people’s problems.

There is also Tina, a peace-loving yoga teacher who has two different desires: to unite herself with the universe or to let out her fiery anger. Played by Rachel Amanda, her character is so interesting because she is often on the edge. He wants to be proof of the radiance of serenity. But in certain moments, his emotions can get out of control and actually make the audience laugh.

It’s no different from Kori (Chicco Kurniawan), who is willing to be played with by his ex-girlfriend in order to prevent him from feeling angry or disappointed. He is described as very innocent, naive, and also the most sensitive. Uniquely, Kori’s character doesn’t look stupid even though she really loves her ex. Kori even dared to start a new relationship, even though it ran aground in the middle of the road.

There are still two other characters, namely Asep (Andri Mashadi) and Kevin (Hafizh Weda). In dealing with heartbreak, they do it in different ways. While Asep gave vent to his anger, Kevin tried to cover up his broken heart with arrogance and money.

All of these figures are shown in the right portion, according to their respective roles. Since Raysa plays as the leader of the club, it is not surprising that she is given more voices. But every other cast gets a story too closureshis own. Because of this, none of the characters are too alpha or even forgotten. Because of the strong chemistry, all the actors are enough to make the audience empathize with Ex Addiction Club.

Dramatic, absurd, and relatable

At first, maybe serial Ex Addiction Club started out too weird and a bit over the top. Four people longing for the love of former lovers shut themselves up for 16 days to escape danger. After not experiencing any changes – the symptoms of longing for their ex are becoming more and more for some people, they finally break away from the outside world. But as expected, these 4 people have to deal with their exes for the following days.

Besides being full of dramatic stories, Ex Addiction Club also many punctuated by strange and funny incidents. Even so, their journey can be very relatable to some people – although there are spices that make it more interesting. Cheated on, abandoned for being too kind, or betrayed for hope, this club becomes their support to leave the ugly trauma hole caused by love.

Ex Addiction Club Conclusion

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Ex Addiction Club is one of the very Indonesian sitcom. Through a local touch, plus stories and characters that are very close to young people ‘failed to move on’, this 10-episode series is quite entertaining to watch. The short duration means that the audience can finish this title in just one sitting.

Of course, there is still a cringing and somewhat exaggerated impression for some scenes. But it seems that it can be cured thanks to the cheap and cheap humor in this series. Not to mention the cast with interesting characters, which is one of the added values ​​for this sitcom.


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