Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Movie Review

When a sequel to a successful movie is released, it’s like playing a game of chance for audiences. Will it be better, or will it be worse than the original? Unfortunately, around 50% of movies produce inferior sequels and let fans down. This is what fans may be apprehensive about as they await the continuation of Benoit Blanc’s detective escapades in Knives Out 2, titled Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

However, worry not! As the title suggests, Benoit Blanc’s adventure will be thrilling in terms of mystery, setting, colour, and even characters. Although it seems more magnificent than an opera, the case is more straightforward than the previous film. However, you won’t realize it until the very end, making the film all the more intriguing and vexing.

Stay tuned for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the sequel to the successful Knives Out, which promises to offer another exciting chapter in the Benoit Blanc detective series.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Movie Review

Artful mystery

It’s no exaggeration to associate Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery with art. Art , or art, in this film is life. This film provides a playful wardrobe for its players.

Without beating around the bush, this film immediately starts the scene with a mysterious invitation from Miles Bron to his old friends. The billionaire art lover who is “a bit odd” in the style of Elon Musk invites all parties whose projects he funds. So, it’s not wrong if we call them Miles Brown’s “pawn”.

They, who are called ” disruptors ” aka the disruptors are Birdie Jay and his assistant, Peg, Claire Debella, Duke Cody and Whiskey, Lionel Toussaint, and Cassandra (Andi) Brand. Each of them has a different profession. For example, Birdie Jay, who is a former well-known model as well as a Sweatpants entrepreneur. Then, Lionel Toussaint is a great scientist, while Duke Cody and his girlfriend are famous influencers .

Continuing, Claire Debella is a politician and Andi Brand is the person who actually built Alpha, Miles Bron’s company. Andi Brand, left because he disagreed with Bron regarding the release of Klear, a dangerous substance which Bron believed could be the source of future electricity.

This invitation is in the form of a stereographic box, with many layers of old toys that you have to solve first. The invitations are unique too: “Come to my luxury resort to solve my own “murder mystery.”

Glass Onion

The riddle of this invitation is a perfect starting symbol for the layered mysteries. The good news is, we can’t predict what will happen next. Because like Miles Bron’s invitation box, this film does have a lot of plot twists.

Judging from the plot pattern of the first Knives Out , at first, we thought that one of the disruptors had bad intentions. After all, Bron didn’t invite Benoit Blanc, but why did he get one? Did one of these disruptors send him out to be mean to Bron? Yes, this opinion is not wrong, however, it is not entirely correct.

Bron’s penchant for art makes his private resort on the Greek island look like a museum installation. Don’t forget one important piece : the presence of the real Mona Lisa in Bron’s exhibition space and dining room.

Set against the backdrop of the transition between the lockdown and the new normal , Bron said that the museum needed money, so he allowed him to rent the Mona Lisa for a while. The decision to take the Mona Lisa as a display is unique, because like the mystery of the Glass Onion , the Mona Lisa is also unpredictable. Is he smiling? Is he crying? Mona Lisa holds many mysteries.

Satire to modern society

Glass Onion has provided a plot twist after a quarter of the film takes place. So, discussing it longer is certainly not good for those of you who haven’t watched it. However, whatever the plot twist , whoever the main villain, Glass Onion is not just a mystery story.

He is a satire on the hypocrisy of modern society. These disruptors aren’t exactly happy with Bron. Bron is an asshole and a crazy billionaire. What kind of person would dare to release a hazardous substance only to lean behind the jargon of “innovation” and “disruption”?

In fact, this type of human exists, we even encounter many of them nowadays. In fact, Bron’s asshole isn’t much different from his friends. They realize that what they are doing is wrong, but they are more worried that Klear makes a mistake and their career is ruined.

Review Glass Onion

Claire, for example, is afraid that she will lose voters. None of their panic is based on humanity. In fact, what they did to Andi in the past was quite evil, making us think that if we were Andi, it would be better to just kill them all. However, it didn’t happen like that.

From the start, this film shows how Miles Bron and these disruptors talk a lot, as if everything they put out of their mouths is powerful, innovative, and capable of taking the world by storm. This scene paints a picture of what many famous people and (sob) progressive corporate leaders are doing today.

Then, it’s Benoit Blanc who acts dumb and Andi Brand (as far as they know) who doesn’t say much. However, do those who talk a lot and have a lot of ideas fully understand what they are doing? Were Blanc and Brand fooled?

As the title suggests, Glass Onion is layered, but transparent so the meaning is clear. You need to look at it with focus: this film is about loud-sounding empty barrels, and the villains are those who are evil from the start.

The point that this film wants to convey is that simple. However, that simplicity is covered in many marvelous things , like the nonsense we often hear in modern life.

You can see the nonsense the company founders say about changing the world. Not to mention the fake promises of politicians, influencer lies , stupid artists who pretend to be smart, to hypocritical scientists. They really don’t care about humanity, basically all for power and money.

Nothing more than that. Forget about changing the world. The reason is, those who really change the world positively are those who work in silence and are behind the scenes.

Unlike the first, although the characters (aka suspects) in this second film are also super-rich people, they are nouveau riche. The rich people in the first film are old rich people who tend to be introverted and talk a little.

Meanwhile, the rich people in the second film are the kind of rich people we often see in breaking news and social media. Their wealth comes from work, from inventions (some of which are far-fetched), from media exposure, and of course from public attention. So, it is natural that the description of their life is more lively and there are many social assistance.

The closing is unfortunately childish , the pattern is not different from the first

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery , not flawless coating. Towards the end, some people might feel disappointed. Borrowing Bron’s term, the end of this film is throwing the tantrum which is a bit childish, a bit excessive, and less elegant.

Movie Glass Onion

In addition, the end of the story is not much different from the first: Benoit Blanc and the heroine of the film talk calmly, like planning for a better future after a case has occurred. Patterns like this should not be used continuously so that the audience does not get bored.

Supposedly, if the ending could be kept simple and different, this film would be a work of art full of surprises, mysterious like the smile of the Mona Lisa.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, you can watch now only on Netflix. Remember, it’s better not to open all reviews that contain heavy spoilers, because the main strength of this story is its plot twist.


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