Hansan Review: Rising Dragon (2022) Movie Review

The film ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ is an action show of the South Korean war in 2022 made by director Kim Han-min. Star-studded, this film has won the hearts of fans in its native country. CGV also had the opportunity to invite Bumareview to the premiere screening of this film in Indonesia recently.

‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ is the second film as a prequel in director Han-Min’s trilogy, which chronicles the battle of the legendary general Yi Sun-shin. The previous film started in 2014 under the title ‘The Admiral: Roaring Currents’.

In the first film, the story depicts the Battle of Myeongnyang which took place on October 26, 1597. The battle also involved Admiral Sun-Shin, who had only 12 ships under his command, against the Japanese navy which had over a hundred ships.

Hansan Review: Rising Dragon (2022)  Synopsis

In 1592, Admiral Yi Sun-shin and his fleet faced the might of the Japanese navy, which attacked the prowess of its warships. Not without reason, Japan itself intended to dominate Korea in order to colonize the Ming dynasty in China.

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However, as the Korean army plunged into crisis, Admiral Sun-shin used his last, much-dreaded secret weapon. As the war escalates, a Turtle Ship (Geobukseon) arrives to turn the tides of an epic battle at sea.

Hansan Review: Rising Dragon (2022) Movie Review

War is full of action and a little bit of drama

Compared to the first film that took place after the historic event in this film, ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ seems to be more concerned with aspects of war, history, and strategy or tactics rather than presenting a lot of drama.

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Although there are still a few stories of betrayal or spying from the enemy side, not as much as in the previous film in 2014. ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ seems to be presented to fill the historical void in the film ‘The Admiral: Roaring Current’. Fans are also presented with interesting and challenging scenes, with tension that is maintained throughout the story.

Long journey for exciting battles

Actually, those who like historical-action-war films like ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ certainly won’t mind the plot that builds up to 30 minutes towards the end of the film. Like historical films, of course there will be many characters that must be introduced and cannot be missed in the battle of Hansan.

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That said, the addition of these characters doesn’t really help the story progress, even if most are mentioned on screen every time they appear. Each narrative that presents historical figures makes the direction of the story more interesting, but at the same time makes the road to battle longer than it should be. As a result, the audience has to be a little patient to achieve thrilling action over the sea.

Complete elements to become a blockbuster

Even though there are quite a lot of narrative stories, ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ still has other advantages that make this film very suitable to be watched in theaters. Slick cinematography that describes the splendor of the film is really highlighted. The director was able to convey how the battle of Hansan was the victorious result of a well-thought-out strategy. Be it day or night, in a narrow room or on the open sea, ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ performs impressively.

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Not only that, the stunning score in the first film was also returned to the film ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’. This makes the prequel film seem as grand and thrilling as Hollywood films, especially in the battle scenes. good view, tone the film, and the costumes of the characters make this film very worth watching.

Hansan Review: Rising Dragon (2022)  Conclusion

Presumably, the shortcomings of the film ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ are more visible in how the storytelling is a bit tough, requiring the audience to be a little patient. Apart from all that, this film has many advantages that will make you satisfied. The tension that builds up through battle ultimately makes ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ thicker with war action than internal conflict/drama.

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This film is also a lavish depiction of how Korea won at the Battle of Hansan Island. Although it is the second film in the trilogy of admiral Yi Sun-shin, ‘Hansan: Rising Dragon’ is actually a neat opening in Yi’s journey as a great admiral.


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