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Giftcode Harbingers – Last Survival latest

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EVIdc60da3 Random reward
TAI59fdcd0e Receive gift code for fanpage events
FRI6bb94601 Code for fanpage events
BHI36fec9d9 Coins, Spins, and Gems

Giftcode Fanpage Harbingers – Last Survival latest

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SNI1a3613ad 1000 free diamonds
SVI2149246e Receive free characters
VVI1aca7862 Get Free JBN
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TAI3f8d500e Receive gift code for fanpage events
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BHI5ccffaeb Coins, Spins, and Gems

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This world was once a haven of peace and prosperity, where humanity thrived in harmony. However, the tranquility shattered when an insidious infection began to spread. The infected transformed into mindless, ravenous zombies, and the world plunged into chaos. Civilization crumbled, and the survival of the human race hung in the balance. But in the darkest of times, a beacon of hope emerged – the Harbingers. Drawn from different eras and backgrounds by the call of destiny, these extraordinary individuals assembled to protect the world and cleanse it of darkness. In this tale of heroism and ambiguity, the lines between heroes and villains blur, challenging the very essence of morality.

Chapter 1: The Call of Destiny

“Hello there, the new commander!” The rallying cry echoes across the desolate landscape. The Harbingers’ combat team has been formed, and their mission is clear – to stand against the encroaching darkness and reshape the future. As a new commander, you are entrusted with this formidable task, and your choices will shape the destiny of this world.

Chapter 2: A Multiverse of Heroes

In this world teetering on the brink of oblivion, a diverse array of heroes and heroines have answered the call. From the valiant Jeanne d’Arc to the enigmatic Solomon, from the fierce Oda Nobunaga to the legendary King Arthur, nearly one hundred iconic figures from different eras and backgrounds have united as Harbingers. Each harbinger possesses a distinct personality and a unique set of skills. Their exquisite 2D portraits and dynamic 3D action models bring them to life, making you eager to join their ranks and face the impending darkness head-on.

Chapter 3: Unveiling Destiny with 300 Free Draws

Embarking on this harrowing journey requires powerful allies. Harbingers offers you the chance to recruit these heroes through a generous offering of 30 free draws at the start, with a total of 300 draws available for you to collect your favorite Harbingers. The thrill of anticipation builds with each draw; could the next one yield an SSR hero? The only way to find out is to keep drawing.

Chapter 4: Strengthening Power, Even While You Sleep

One of the unique features of this idle game is the ability to accumulate resources even while offline. The world of Harbingers is rife with weapons and resources that can be gathered through offline searching. Upon your return to the game, you can collect these resources and effortlessly enhance your power. This ensures that you’re always ready to face the challenges that await.

Chapter 5: Tactical Mastery in the Face of Darkness

The battle against the encroaching darkness demands strategy and tactical acumen. Assemble your own formation based on the unique attributes of your Harbingers. Choose a camp, decide on your strategy, and allocate skill points on the skill tree, illuminating the skill astrolabe. Arm your Harbingers with exclusive weapons and upgrade them using resources from ancient ruins. Analyze your opponents and deploy different teams accordingly. The choice between Auto and Manual battle adds depth to your strategic decisions, creating a dynamic and visually stunning combat experience.

Chapter 6: Global Competition and Epic Showdowns

Are you confident in the strength of your team? Test your mettle in the arena against commanders from around the world. Assemble your most formidable lineup and vie for the coveted super treasure chest. The arena is a proving ground where only the most skilled and strategic commanders emerge victorious.

Chapter 7: Uniting Against the Darkness

In the darkest corners of this forsaken world, you can join forces with a teammate to confront the Heterozygous Zombies. These formidable foes drop super rare weapons, and by forming a strong bond with your teammate, you can secure a powerful advantage in future battles.

Chapter 8: Conquer the High Seas

The battle against darkness extends beyond the land and onto the high seas. Various types of battleships offer unique attribute bonuses to your heroes. Upgrade your battleship components to enhance their performance and aid in your expedition for vital resources.

Chapter 9: The Power of Guilds

In this fight for survival, unity is paramount. Build or join a guild and proudly display your unique guild banner. Guild membership brings daily rewards and exclusive sign-up bonuses. Collaborate with guild members to complete missions and secure valuable resources, strengthening your collective power.

Chapter 10: Community and Support

Stay connected with the global Harbingers community through Discord and Facebook. Share strategies, tips, and triumphs with fellow commanders as you confront the darkness together.


In a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, destiny has called forth the Harbingers, a band of extraordinary heroes and heroines from across time and space. The fate of humanity rests on your shoulders, as you navigate the blurred lines between heroism and villainy. In Harbingers, you have the power to change your destiny and reverse the course of the future. Join the battle, unite with heroes from different eras, and stand as a beacon of hope against the encroaching darkness. The world awaits its saviors. Will you answer the call of destiny?


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