Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer Codes (New)

Head Ball 2 transcends the boundaries of being just a simple game; it offers an exhilarating and imaginative football (soccer) experience. When you step into this virtual world, you’ll quickly realize that it’s a realm filled with surprises beyond what initially meets the eye. Here, you assume the role of the goalkeeper, and it’s your task to utilize every conceivable move to guide the ball past your opponent’s defenses and into the net.

What sets this game apart and makes it truly exceptional is the vast array of moves and strategies at your disposal. You have the freedom to execute graceful jumps that allow you to outmaneuver your adversaries. You can then follow up with a potent long-range shot, a tactic designed to deceive even the most skilled goalkeepers. Alternatively, you can seamlessly blend both techniques, smoothly transitioning from rapid dribbling to precise shots, creating awe-inspiring opportunities to score goals.

Furthermore, the game provides access to two special skills, each unlocking a multitude of winning strategies. Whether it’s a thunderous bicycle kick or unique trick moves, such as acrobatic volleys or dazzling aerial headers, you can take your opponents by surprise, showcasing the skills of a professional footballer.

Head Ball 2 - Online Soccer

Head Ball 2 goes beyond mere goal-scoring; it’s a platform for you to display your prowess and tactical acumen. Success hinges on your ability to outsmart your opponents, requiring intelligence and shrewdness to keep them guessing your next move. This dynamic gameplay ensures that the game remains fresh, diverse, and far from monotonous.

With Head Ball 2, you’ll embark on matches filled with drama and boundless creativity, where you have the opportunity to prove your worth as a genuine football star. Step onto this vibrant pitch and use every match to demonstrate your exceptional talent!

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BHI39779eab Coins, Spins, and Gems

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BHI5a8c99bb Coins, Spins, and Gems

How to redeem the code in Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer

  • Step 1: Log in to the official website homepage of Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer.
  • Step 2: Locate the designated gift code box on the left-hand side.
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How to obtain fanpage event codes in Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer

  • Step 1: Visit the official fanpage of Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer.
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Head Ball 2 is a thrilling and fast-paced multiplayer football game where you can challenge your opponents!. Take place in 1v1 online football matches against real opponents from all around the world.

Join millions of football players to prove yourself to the online football community and your friends.

Play 90-seconds of action-packed football matches; whoever scores more goals, wins!

Challenge your friends in real-time!
Get social by connecting your Facebook account and playing exciting football matches with your friends, show them who is the best! You can also join a football team or create your own team and gain different rewards as you win matches! Represent your team and face-off, different teams, to show which football team is superior. Contribute to your teams’ overall progress.

Rumble Through Competitive Soccer Leagues with your team!
Compete in 5 different football leagues and do your best to make it to the very top of the ladder. Join a team or create your own, either way, you’re much powerful with your team! Join the competition each week where you have a chance to challenge other teams all around the world. The more teams you beat, the more chances to rise from Bronze League to Diamond League! Fight your way through real opponents and challenging soccer matches. You can’t know who the winner before the match will be is over.

Unique Gameplay
Football is all about kicking the ball and scoring goals, right?

Kick, strike and score using your hero. Use your feet, head, and superpowers to score goals. Head Ball 2 offers simplistic gameplay that can be quickly transformed into action-packed and exciting games. Hit the ball, hit your opponent, use headers, superpowers or outwit your opponent by juking them. Everything is permitted, as long as you win!

Take Control of Your Soccer Career
Progress through the unique career mode to unlock special bonuses, characters, and accessories. As you progress, rewards become increasingly challenging to obtain, do you have what it takes?

Stand out from the crowd!
Pick the best character out of 125 unique upgradeable characters, unlock new accessories to improve your football hero, and create your dream football player! As you progress, you will unlock different stadiums and gain fans to support you. The more the merrier!
Become the ultimate soccer hero and show who’s got more style and skill!

Upgrade Your Character
Upgrade your character to unlock your full potential. Progress through the career mode to unlock unique bonuses, accessories, and even heroes. As you progress, the rewards will get better but so will the challenge. Are you up to it?

No match will be the same as the previous one in this football game!


-Play football against real opponents from all across the world in real-time!
– Thrilling moments with the voice of the legendary commentator, John Motson!
-Facebook connection to play with your friends!
-Dynamic and exciting gameplay with dashy graphics.
-125 unique characters to unlock.
-5 unique competitive soccer leagues with 15 brackets to play through.
-Hundreds of accessories to improve your football hero!
-Plan out your strategy on the field with 18 upgradable powers.
-Card packs that contain characters and items.
-Gain supporters to unlock new stadiums.
-Daily Missions to get more fun and rewards!

Download Head Ball 2 to experience the thrill of challenging soccer matches against millions of players across the world!

Head Ball 2 is a free-to-play game. However, there are some in-game items that can be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings if you don’t want this feature.

A network connection is required to play.

Please note that all instructions


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