Heaven Under Sky Review (2023)

Voice of Indonesia presents a musical drama film with a deep theme of dreams and friendship, Heaven Under Heaven. This film shows how the stories of marginalized people and their children survive in the harshness of life with the dreams they hold, becomes a reflection on how children with different backgrounds also have dreams.

Also starring Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa, and Andien, this film is even more interesting by featuring them singing along with soundtrack songs. Heaven Under Heaven with harmony.

Heaven Under Sky Synopsis

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Heaven Under Heaven tells the friendship of three small children who live in a settlement close to a landfill. Ayu (Neona Ayu), who has a hobby of dancing and follows her mother’s job of dancing in the market to increase school fees. There are Agus (Muzakki Ramdhan), who survives by pickpocketing people at the nearest station, and Laras (Keira Vanaya), who works as an umbrella motorcycle taxi and sells them.

They live in a marginal social environment that unites them. The hard life and the many obstacles they faced finally forced them to separate. Will they meet again as adults? Did they manage to change their life?

Heaven Under Sky Movie Review

About the seriousness of achieving dreams

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The story of the children of marginalized people who have different dreams but are hindered by the family’s economic situation. An image that maybe many children out there also feel it. The conflicts they face also don’t revolve around their friendship, but from family and social society which makes the intrigue even more interesting.

This film shows the seriousness of children from marginalized communities to maintain their dreams amidst the difficulties of life. Their struggles through the various conflicts that occur make this film so warm and emotional at the same time. Provide another point of view from children with economic and access limitations. This story will be very good to provide an example of whatever the background, everyone has the right to have dreams and strive to achieve them.

An entertaining family musical drama film

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Heaven Under Heaven not only featuring inspiring stories, but also interspersed with songs and music ear catching. Brought to you by Voice of Indonesia, of course, this film has a soundtrack and songs that are beautiful and easy to hear. The songs adorn the film from start to finish with the title Rainbows, Heaven Under the Sky, Rainbows of Love, and To Be Useful. These songs are sung by the players and decorate the stories that are presented.

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Released in the month of Ramadan to coincide with National Film Day, Heaven Under Heaven Of course, it can be an alternative for families when they get together and want to spend time together. Not only the beautiful songs that are sung, the actors with natural acting and an entertaining and inspiring story make this film have its own strengths.

The presence of senior Indonesian players

A story that continues into adulthood, featuring the adult versions of the main cast after they have been separated for years. What’s interesting here, they grow to be what they dreamed of as a child and show the audience that dreams that are truly pursued can be achieved. The appearance of these famous Indonesian actors and actresses adds to the interest and curiosity of the audience who want to see them sing.

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Heaven Under Sky Conclusion

Heaven Under Heaven be an interesting and inspiring story for the audience. Taking the background of children in a marginal environment, this film tries to convey a deep message about dreams and hopes and efforts to achieve them. The conflicts that the characters have are varied and add new perspectives for the audience.

As a musical film, this film also does not only present original songs and soundtracks in every scene. timings which is fitting with the deep meaning of the song which makes the stories of these children even deeper and warmer.

Director: Pritagita Arianegara

Casts: Neona Ayu, Muzakki Ramdhan, Keira Vanaya, Jajang C. Noer, Reza Rahadian, Acha Septriasa, Andien

Duration: 89 minutes


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