Hijack (2023) Movie Review

Jack’s Hijack is a 7-episode series airing weekly on Apple TV Plus every Wednesday. The final episode is scheduled to air on Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023. Created by Jim Field Smith and George Kay, Hijack boasts a diverse cast, including Idris Elba, prominently featured on the main poster.

Summary of the series Hijack (2023)

Sam Nelson (Idris Elba) boards flight K-29 from Dubai to London. While at cruising altitude, a child discovers a bullet in the airplane’s restroom, causing panic among the hijackers, who hastily take control of the plane, faster than their original plan.

Throughout the 7-hour flight, the hijackers gain control of the aircraft with specific demands. Sam, situated in business class, negotiates with the hijackers on his own terms. ATC and ground control initially remain unaware of the plane’s hijacking.

Things proceed smoothly yet tensely. After a victim falls, the situation spirals out of control. ATC and ground personnel realize that flight K-29 has been hijacked.


Review of the series Hijack (2023) Assembling the storyline pieces gradually

Hijack concludes with its strongest ensemble cast performance. Apple TV Plus scores a big win. This finale aligns with expectations, wrapping up every loose end, even harkening back to the first episode.

Each character contributes uniquely to the story. Idris Elba’s outstanding performance as Sam Nelson is characterized by bold delivery that delves deep into the heart of Hijack. Every action raises questions, both from the hijackers and the other passengers.

Perspectives continually shift from inside the 7-hour flight from Dubai to London, then to ATC as the first to realize the hijacking. Next is the government machinery, reluctant to create a public spectacle due to the plane’s hijacking.

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Characters introduced one by one may not seem connected. All passengers might not realize or even relate to each other. With the rapid pace and number of character introductions, it can become quite overwhelming.

But this doesn’t last long; the tension escalates when the hijackers take action. With motives still unclear, we see an armed hijacking, though the primary purpose remains vague.

Is being on the plane really boring?

The airplane setting may become somewhat monotonous in certain scenes. The transitions are well executed, with both ground conditions and ATC details being displayed. The negotiating characters perform their roles well.

Regarding the show’s special effects, the team has done an excellent job, making everything appear reliable. All props are clearly not fabricated within an actual aircraft.

There are scenes at the airport, and the escorting of the fighter jet is an adrenaline rush, particularly during the climax of the invasion.

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Unexpected copyright infringement resolution

With the surprises in the past two episodes, speculation about new characters intervening in the chaos arises. This speculation applies not only to the airplane but also to the negotiation beneath.

A mother named Amanda appears at the end of episode 6, creating the series’ most significant surprise. Her presence isn’t a plot changer but adds a clever dimension to the pirate-themed game.

Finally, we learn the motives and ultimate goal of the hijackers. It almost seems inconsequential, by killing lives, even the pilot.

Sam’s final negotiation with Amanda and the subsequent landing with her truly tugs at the heartstrings.

Although we’d like to see Sam reunite with his family and avoid the ultimate showdown between Stuart and him, this doesn’t affect the overall assessment of the ending.

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Conclusion on the series Hijack (2023)

Hijack delivers a gripping 7-episode series. Constructed with intricate plot elements, the relationships between characters are palpable thanks to the exceptional performances of the cast.


The hijack incidents are presented gradually, with mysteries being illuminated in the beginning, and surprises unfolding towards the end. Some might find it slightly dragging in the middle as the narrative expands with numerous characters. – By Bumareview


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