Home School (2023) Movie Review

Long awaited since 2022, Home School finally broke the egg too! Many fans cheered because the GMMTV series, which will air in 2023, was once rumored to be cancelled.

Fortunately, GMMTV decided to continue with this series project, because it’s such a fun story. Curious? Read on for the synopsis per episode as well as the reviews!

Home school

Synopsis Home School (2023)

In order to understand the story more clearly and in detail, this time Bacaterus will provide a synopsis from the beginning to the end of the episode. For more, please read below!

  • Year of Release: 2023
  • Genres:  Mystery , Thriller , Youth
  • Director: Fon Kanittha Kwunyoo , Guntur Soeharjanto cast ∙ Nappon Gomarachun ∙ Cindy Sirinya Bishop ∙ Gun Atthaphan Phunsawat ∙ Chalad Na Songkhla ∙ Film Rachanun Mahawan ∙ Nani Hirunkit Changkham

Episode 1

Run ( Gun Atthaphan ) runs from his school teacher, Prasat (Chalad Na). Run is caught red-handed on his way to escape from the school’s undercover prison. In the jungle, Run is caught by Prasat. He was then forced to eat the red jelly that was force-fed by Prasat.

Swallowing the jelly made Run unable to control his body, as if the whole world was distorted, even Run could not see clearly. The last person he sees is Home School’s principal, Amin (Nappon Gomarachun).

Time skip back to the present, Amin explained that Home School is a special alternative to boarding-based schools. This school, which is located in the middle of a forest in the middle of nowhere, only opens student admissions once every three years. Each generation is called a GEN, short for generation.

Review Home School

The difference between the procedure for admitting students at Home School and other schools is that, if at other schools the students take the test, at Home School it is the parents who take the entrance exam first. Home School also interviews parents of prospective students, rather than their children first.

Various reasons were expressed by the parents of students. There are those who want their children to behave better, there are those who want their children to get the best education, each of these children has their own problems and strengths.

However, they have one thing in common, that is, they are all wealthy and fully believe in the education Home School offers. Or, maybe they just want to distance themselves from their children. Among all the prospective students, only two children are candidates for scholarship recipients.

They are Tibet (Nani Hirunkit) and Maki ( Rachanun Movie ). Every time a new GEN opens, there are over a thousand candidates for two scholarship student positions at Home School. And, Tibet as well as Maki is the top entrant.

For Tibet, it was his mother who wanted him to study there so he didn’t have to think about tuition fees, because Home School would cover it . As for Maki, he doesn’t have a family or money. So, if he is accepted into a school with a tuition fee of one million Baht (Rp. 429 million) per month and his future is guaranteed, of course he will feel very grateful.

The welcome party for 13 GEN6 Home School has started. The students were asked to change into uniforms, then treated to a sumptuous meal. There is a butler on duty, his name is Phoban (Dew Sexun).

Even though the table was full of various snacks, Phoban brought a tray of cookies which was offered to the GEN6 students one by one. Not long after eating the cookies, all GEN6 became unconscious.

Maki was the first to wake up. They are on a running bus. All around them was a jungle that was nowhere to be found. Arriving at a large building, Master Amin explained that this is a Home School. Realizing that something is wrong with this school, everyone wants to go back.

Hugo (Kay Lertsittichai) and Jean (Indy Thanathat) were the first to move, but they didn’t go anywhere because Phoban’s butler threatened to punish them. Reluctantly, everyone obeys the school rule, which is to collect their cellphones because the use of cellphones is prohibited there.

Another rule, actually not too strange, is that each student must go to bed and wake up at the same time. If it’s past bedtime, they are not allowed to leave the room. Every Saturday and Sunday, all the children are required to cook their own meals, three times a day.

They are only allowed to roam within the school area, they are not allowed to enter the ‘forbidden area’, and it is forbidden for them to enter the forest. How, Home School rules are the same as boarding school rules in general, right? So, there’s nothing for the GEN6 kids to be afraid of, right ?

After several days, Nai (Dew Jirawat) and Fuji (View Benyapa) finally opened their voices that they all wanted to go home. Hearing that it was forbidden to go to the forest, half of the Home School students even dared to run there. They do not realize that all their movements are being recorded by the CCTV camera.

Maki, Nai and Tibet took a walk in the empty area by the river around the school. They chat to get to know each other better. Nai asks why Tibet and Maki want to go to Home School, even though this school is full of rules that don’t make sense. Maki asked back, wasn’t Nai’s parents weird?

They already know what students will go through at Home School, but work hard to pass the test to get their children educated there. Suddenly there was an announcement that all GEN6 students had to gather. Apparently half the GEN6 students have run away from school.

The remaining students are made responsible by Master Yani (Cindy Sirinya) to find and drag all those who escaped back to Home School. Those who escaped were Hugo, Mek (AJ Chayapol), Mork (JJ Chayakorn), Fuji, Jingjai (Jamie Juthapich), White and Jean.

There was a fight between those who fled, they were separated between those who wanted to return to school and those who remained in the forest. Everyone finally decided to turn back, leaving Hugo, Jean and Jingjai who continued to explore the forest.

On the way, the blurred students who decided to return to Home School heard someone scream, the scream sounded like someone was in pain. White ran out of fear, followed by the twins Mork and Mek and Fuji. Luckily they soon met the children who remained at the school, Maki and Tibet.

Maki had wanted to go towards the source of the screams, but the Tibetans had forbidden him. Everyone returns to Home School easily because Pennueng ( Chimon Wachirawit ) who has autism has marked the way home from the start when he entered the forest.

However, when they arrived at school, Master Yani ordered them to look for the remaining children. Pennueng, Tibet, and Maki returned to the forest, followed by White who felt guilty for bothering them.

Let’s turn back time a little. It shows Jingjai, Hugo and Jean still exploring the forest. Jingjai was starting to get annoyed that this forest seemed to have no way out, and the two boys she had hoped to rely on, apparently didn’t know anything either.

Had a fight, they panicked when they heard the screams of a man who seemed to be in pain. So, the screams didn’t come from either of them. Even so, they were frightened and ran helter-skelter. Jingjai, who fell and couldn’t stand up anymore, was just left by Hugo and Jean.

Meanwhile, another team looking for Hugo CS for the first time: Nai, Biw (Prigkhing Sureeyares), Phleng (Love Pattranite), got lost. They don’t have any ideas to mark their way home like Pennueng, so they are still stuck in the forest.

Surprisingly, after everyone found each other, Phoban’s butler suddenly appeared and guided them home safely. Finally they all realized, that all this time their every move was monitored by the school. And, there is no way out for them to escape from this school.

When they disbanded, Maki walked alone and found a room full of photos of students from the previous GEN. And, apparently there was a photo of someone Maki knew very well. That is Run, Maki’s older brother, or whose real name is Rin. As a child, Rin was abandoned by Run at an orphanage.

They parted in tears with bodies covered in blood. But it seems that the blood is not theirs, but from someone else. Run promised to come back to pick up Rin. He also advised, no matter what happened, not to let Rin go to Home School.

Episode 2

The first semester for GEN6 has begun. Masters (teachers) were officially introduced to the children. There is Master Yani, the Home School Principal as well as a foreign language teacher; then Master Phraephon (Sobee Chotiros), a doctor at the school hospital as well as a psychology teacher.

Home school Review

There is also a Master Deluxe as a math and science teacher who likes to sing. While the male teachers are Prasat, a teacher of social sciences and history; Master Champ (Papang Phromphiriya) as sports and physiology teacher; finally Khru Phoban, the butler who makes sure all activities at the school run smoothly.

Master Amin also told GEN6 that this week they don’t have classes, but they have one task to do, which is taking care of the ducklings. The children were divided into two groups, some took care of the food and some took care of the house for the ducks. However, there were three children who did nothing.

Of course they were Hugo, Jingjai and Jean, the culprit trio. Even Jean and Hugo bullied Pennueng, a child who has autism spectrum disorder ( ASD ) until they got amplified and screamed “Don’t lock up Pennueng.” which may be an explosion from his latent trauma.

Even after the duck pen was finished, the three culprits were still reluctant to take care of their ducks, until Master Amin promised a reward of good food and a private room. Then Hugo cheered up. However, it turns out that Hugo and Jean have gaslighted Pennueng to take care of their ducks.

Meanwhile Jingjai pretends to be weak because his leg was injured the other day, so he asks Phleng and Biw to take care of the duck. One night, there would be a thunderstorm, which made Pennueng run straight to the duck pen and take his duck, Hugo’s duck, and Jean’s duck.

He left all the other ducks in the duck house in the coop, that’s all he took the initiative to collect all of them and put them in the houses they made. Pennueng is very empathetic and smart.

The next morning, Mork and Mek were surprised to see that the duck pen was broken and all the ducks were missing. Master Yani also ordered them to find their own duck, if they didn’t succeed, they wouldn’t get any food.

Everyone was looking for ducks in the forest, but when that didn’t work, they asked for help from Pennueng who seemed to understand how to take care of ducks. On the other team, there were Maki, Nai and Tibet who didn’t know that all the ducks had been found and were still looking into the forest.

However, it seems that they are more interested in finding other things, or rather just Maki. They found a locked fence, and Maki was very curious as to what was inside. However, before they managed to unlock the fence, Master Prasat came to prevent them and asked everyone to return to school.

That night Jingjai and Hugo went to the forest to make out. Then Jingjai saw a duckling just lying there. Worried that it is dead, Jingjai tells Hugo to check on the duck. And, sure enough, the duck was gone. They were even more shocked when they saw the nametag on the duck’s leg that bore Hugo’s name.

They cunningly exchanged Hugo’s nametag with Pennueng, so that the poor boy who was punished was locked in an isolation room overnight. Meanwhile Jingjai and Hugo did not admit the mistakes they made at all.

The next morning, the children who managed to keep the ducks alive were given special food, as Master Amin had promised. However, while eating the delicious food, Phleng noticed that his duck’s nametag was on it. He also screamed in horror, that the steaks they were eating were the ducks they had been caring for.

Episode 3

All the GEN6 kids are angry that the Masters are serving the ducklings they raised as a snack. That makes everyone rebel, they will not follow the lesson. Only Maki and Tibet were in class, maybe because they were scholarship students.

Meanwhile all the rich kids who decide to skip classes gather in other parts of the school and plan a strategy to escape from this school-clad prison. However, in the end they were found by Master Prasat and Phoban’s butler , so they were forced to attend class.

Their class is divided into several sections. For the history class led by Master Prasat, there are Nai, Mork or Mek (twins are hard to tell apart), Jingjai, Fuji, White, Hugo, and Jean.

From the conversation in class, Master Prasat said that their parents already knew about the condition of Home Schools which used teaching methods that were different from schools in general. Nai threatens that his father will not like it if he finds out the truth.

However, Master Prasat confidently said that their parents would not know, because the children would stay at the school for the next three years. Then they should consider Home School as their home.

On the other hand, Master Yani met Master Amin in the Home School hallway. Master Yani reported that last night Run’s condition worsened. Yes, they were talking about Run, Maki’s older brother alias Rin. Master Yani looked a little worried, but Master Amin said that he would take care of Run alone.

The next morning, all GEN6 fell asleep because no alarm woke them up. The first person to wake up was Maki, because he had a bad dream. He tried to wake up his friends, but only Fuji and White woke up, while the others decided to continue sleeping.

Arriving at the forest for sports lesson, from the boys’ side there were only Mork, Nai and Tibet. Master Champ also ordered them all to run on behalf of their friends who were late. They couldn’t stop until all their friends had arrived.

After gym class was over, everyone arrived at the dining room only to find charred roasted chicken and fried rice that didn’t look tasty at all. All the rich people’s children were about to protest at the Master, only White ate the food without complaint.

Master Yani arrived just in time, as if he had known this would happen. When protesting, Master Yani also ordered their friends who wanted to eat to eat all the food from the children who refused to eat. Nai said this was not true, because Home School seemed to be deliberately pitting them all against one another.

After they finished eating, Maki and White went to find Master to ask about Pennueng’s condition. Master Yani replied that Pennueng’s condition was fine after receiving treatment. Maki and White were worried, they got permission to visit Pennueng. Master Yani allows, as long as they are done with today’s class.

Now math class with Master Deluxe. The children study in the living room, where they usually eat. The master gives a very difficult math problem, and they only have 5 minutes to do it.

Every time one of them answered incorrectly, they would continue to get new questions until all of them answered correctly. All the children felt jealous of Pennueng who didn’t have to do all of this because he was locked up alone. What they don’t know, Pennueng is forced to eat red jelly.

Yes, the same red jelly that Master Prasat fed Run a few years ago. This time it was Khru Phoban who forced Pennueng to drink it. After being forced to swallow the red jelly, Pennueng became a bit oblivious, but he still didn’t calm down.

He kept remembering the memory when his father locked him in the house. When a panic attack overtook Pennueng, Maki and White arrived just in time to calm him down. They also brought a snack, Pennueng’s favorite croissant . The boy started eating it and exchanged stories with his friends calmly.

Master Amin once said that Pennueng’s memory is very strong. He does remember a lot of things, even more than other ‘normal’ children. He remembers one by one the ducks from his friends. Oddly enough, the duck that died the other day didn’t belong to anyone, even though its nametag said Hugo.

So, could it be that the Masters deliberately kept dead ducks to test them? During lunch, Jingjai was assigned to deliver lunch to the Pennueng isolation room by Khru Phoban. Jingjai and Hugo exchanged glances, had they been caught slandering Pennueng?

Maki also confronts Jingjai, ordering her and Hugo to confess to Master so that the punishments that don’t make sense that they have been receiving so far end. After being pressured by all GEN6, Hugo and Jingjai finally confessed to Master Amin, and all of them were released from punishment.

Including Pennueng who was finally released as well. Too bad, he has been locked up for more than one night, because Master Amin was waiting for this moment of confession. The next day, Jingjai and Hugo apologized to Pennueng, and Pennueng easily forgave them.

Soon after, all the disciples were summoned to gather in the main hall. All the Masters are also gathered there. Apparently Master Amin wanted to announce that starting that day, Maki was appointed class president of the GEN6 class.

Episode 4

The scene opens with the past, when Master Amin delegates Run as class president for GEN4. However, Run refused, because Master Amin asked him to do something beyond humanity. Even so, of course he couldn’t argue with the principal.

Back to the present, just like her older sister, Maki also rejected the class president position . But, how else, if Master Amin has said, then it is absolute. Maki managed to dig up a bit of information about Run from the Master, he even said that Maki reminded him of Run.

In the evening, all the students gathered in the meeting room. The Masters give good news, that GEN6 is allowed to go home this weekend . However, only one student is allowed. They were made to mutually vote who would be the most deserving student to return to his family even for a while.

In the morning, Master Phraephon (Sobee Chotiros) gives GEN6 a blank sheet of paper. Apparently, even though only one person was allowed to go home, everyone had the opportunity to write letters to their respective families.

Even so, there are students who don’t care, or who are confused about who to write a letter to, because they and their families are not close. But, there are also those who write their letters wholeheartedly, venting about how ridiculous Home School is.

Discussions about who should be voted on began. As the class leader, Maki was asked to mediate everything. He also suggested that each of them tell the urgency to go home, then from there they could vote . However, it looks like this method won’t work.

That night in the boys’ room, Jean says if everyone votes for him, then he will give each person one million Baht. But, Nai reminded the others, that money would be useless now and then, because they would only be able to leave Home School in three years.

After gym class, Mek suddenly brought drinking water for all the girls. Everyone immediately got the signal that Mek was doing this with hidden intentions. Sure enough, he wants all the girls to vote for him so he can go home.

Instead, he was willing to become their slave for a semester. Not long after, Mork, Mek’s twin, came and made fun of Mek’s way of getting votes . They also let slip about Jean’s plan to bribe the children with money.

Maki said that their cunning ways were all wrong. Because, Master Amin said they had to vote for a child who really deserved to go home. White also said that he was thinking of giving his voice to Pennueng, because among all of them, the boy was the one who experienced the most difficulties at school.

One afternoon, all the students (except the Rebel trio ) were cleaning up in the park. Then Phleng remembered White’s words about him voting Pennueng out of compassion. Phleng also started acting like he was sickly and weak to gain sympathy.

The plan worked, because Biw—Phleng’s closest friend—immediately gave him a vote . Even though (almost) all of his friends were really worried about Phleng’s condition, it turned out that he was only acting. A little flashback to Phleng’s past, it turns out that his mother didn’t pay much attention to him.

His single mother was very busy with business, so Phleng was left out. Then he found a way to get his mother to pay attention to him, namely when he was ‘in pain’. That’s why, even now he uses this tactic to make his friends feel sorry for him and vote for him.

Because he had once gained the ‘trust’ of his friends, Phleng became persistent. He hurt himself many times to be pitied. Luckily there was a GEN6 who saw Phleng’s actions when he lied, namely Fuji. Until the day of the announcement of the votes came, sure enough, the one who won the most votes was Phleng.

Fuji as the only witness of course did not accept. However, no one could prove it, so the GEN6 kids even attacked Fuji. Luckily the other masters came and showed the video clip where Phleng hurt himself.

Even so, Phleng still doesn’t admit it. He instead accused the Masters of lying. Master Phraephon said that they, as teachers, already knew Phleng’s character, because his own mother said it when he enrolled Phleng in the Home School. Phleng immediately called his mother a liar.

Because of Phleng’s actions, the voting that day was cancelled, and none of them had the right to go home. Nai protested, but it can’t be helped, everything has happened. The children left, leaving Phleng—who still insisted that he wasn’t lying—alone in the meeting room.

Back at the girls’ dormitory, no one wants to talk to Phleng. Even Jingjai and Fuji throw him out, saying there is no place in this world for a liar like him. Despite being detained by Maki and White, Phleng left the room.

Worried, White and Maki catch up with Phleng, but lose track. They cross paths with some boys and ask for their help in finding Phleng. After looking all over the school, finally Maki and White saw Phleng who was on the balcony of the second floor of the school, preparing to jump.

Remember the series ” The Gifted “, “Blacklist”, “The Eclipse”, and “Who Are You”? There were a number of mystery, thriller and youth themed series produced by GMMTV. However, some of the titles I mentioned earlier still contain ‘light’ contents such as romance and comedy.

As for “Home School”, the first episode was already very tense. The audience seemed not given pause to breathe. Especially with the gray coloring shown, the gripping feel of this series makes your chest feel tighter.

Hopefully the intensity of the tension does n’t decrease let alone disappear in the next episodes . Because, I thought “Home School” would be a ‘serious’ series with no sense of humor at all. I also hope that nothing will happen in this story, even though several times it is hinted that there will be a mutual crush on the students.

When shown a dead duck in Episode 2, Maki looks restless, she has a panic attack . Even so, he managed to hold it in so that no one suspected anything. The death of the duckling they cared for reminded Maki of her past memories.

Since Episode 1, the audience has been told that Maki’s real name is Rin, and that she has an older brother named Run. One night, Rin found her brother shaking and his hands covered in blood. Run also apologized because he had killed their father.

Up to this point, we already understand that Rin’s goal at Home School is to find Run, her missing brother. However, the rest is still a mystery. Who are Rin and Run really?

Why are the rich people’s children living like this? Why did Run kill his father and decide to run away from Home School? All of that is still unanswered, maybe we will find out in the last episodes.

Home School Movie Review

Home School, Good or Evil?

Three episodes have passed, but it’s still confusing to box Home School. Actually this school has bad intentions or not, anyway ? Because, if we refer back to the opening episode, we are shown the scene of Run’s imprisonment. Then, in the third episode, it was revealed that Run was still at Home School.

What for? Why? Questions like these pop up incessantly. Moreover, Masters sometimes speak in high tones and often give them unclear punishments. If this is the case, Home School is certain to have evil intentions.

However, if you think about it, actually the punishments and lessons provided by Home School are very useful for humans. Especially for privileged children like 90% of GEN6 children (only Maki and Tibetans come from simple families).

Some of them really lack empathy and responsibility, so the assignment given by the school is actually the right one to change the lives of their students for the better. To get here, it can be concluded that Home School is good.

But, if the two points are put together, of course it gets confusing, right? Sometimes Home School is good, sometimes they are bad too. What do you think, about what purpose Home School actually has?

Master Amin Already Knows Maki’s Identity?

Since Episode 2, when Maki was standing right in front of Run’s photo, Master Amin had caught her. However, Maki can help by asking who the man in the photo is. Then in Episode 3, Master Amin suddenly announced that Maki was the class president , exactly the same as Run.

Even when Maki confronted Master Amin about his appointment as class leader, Master Amin even said that Maki reminded him of Run. Did Master Amin actually know that Maki and Run were brother and sister?

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