Horizon Line (2020) Movie Review

There are many films released in 2020 that have had their screenings delayed in Indonesian cinemas due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One of them is Horizon Line , a Swedish production film that carries the thriller and survival genre at the same time . This film is planned to be released in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting December 2022.

The synopsis for the film Horizon Line tells the story of Jackson and Sara, a pair of ex-lovers who board a small plane to get to the island where their friend’s wedding is. However, while in the air, the pilot of the plane died of a heart attack. Jackson and Sara also have to put aside their personal problems in order to survive on sober knowledge.

So, before watching the Horizon Line movie in theaters, first consider the following Bumareview!

Horizon Line (2020) film review

A unique survival story , but less logical

Horizon Line actually has a concept that is quite interesting as a thriller as well as a survival film . This film is even quite successful in presenting tension in several scenes through characters who have minimal knowledge of piloting airplanes. Unfortunately, there are more moments that feel less logical or don’t make sense in this film.

Horizon Line

Yep, if you think logically, there are many moments in this film that should have killed Sara and Jackson. However, they actually manage to survive in a way that is actually impossible to happen in the real world.

Maybe for those of you who have never thought deeply about the logic or not of the actions of a film character, Horizon Line can be a film that seems exciting and tense. However, this film actually feels like it provides the thickest possible armor plot for Sara and Jackson so they can survive even in a ridiculous way.

Unimpressive character

Another shortcoming in this film lies in the lack of characterizations of Sara and Jackson as the main characters. The tension in their relationship as a pair of ex-lovers didn’t even feel at all after the two of them started getting stuck in a plane that no longer had a pilot. This makes their status as lovers only seem to be a sweetener from the storyline.

Review Horizon Line

Apart from that, the audience actually felt more irritated with Sara and Jackson . You see, Sara and Jackson make more stupid decisions to survive throughout the film. As a result, the audience feels more irritated with the two of them and has less hope that the two of them can survive this threatening situation.

The number of plot holes that just missed

Horizon Line has a relatively short duration for a thriller – survival film , which is 92 minutes or 1 hour 32 minutes. This duration actually makes the storyline and conflict resolution take place quickly and not be long-winded. However, the relatively short duration also makes the film leave a lot of plot holes in the ending.

Movie Horizon Line

The series of plot holes will definitely be missed because the story in this film doesn’t have the potential to have a sequel at all. As a result, the scene that becomes a plot hole seems to be a moment that is very useless to happen in the film. Because there is no further explanation regarding this moment.

With its unique concept, Horizon Line failed to execute its story into a thriller that makes sense and is entertaining. If you are still interested, you can watch this film in a number of Indonesian cinemas starting December 7, 2022.


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