Hunger Reviews (2023)

What if The Menus Asian version mixed with ambitious films like Whiplash? This is what will appear in the film Hungerwhich has finally been released and is ready to satisfy fans’ curiosity.

Hunger is a Thai Netflix Original thriller film directed by Dom Sitisiri Mongkolsiri and written by screenwriter Lek Kongdej Jaturanrasamee.

Also produced by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, whose name was once famous for writing screenplays Girl From Nowhere, Faces of Anne, And Where We Belong.

There is also a director Mongkolsiri previously directed Inhuman Kisswho was Thailand’s representative for the Academy Awards in 2020.

hunger trailer serves the thai version of the menu

Hunger Synopsis

This film tells the story of Aoy (Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying), a woman in her twenties, who runs her family’s fried noodle restaurant in the old area of ​​Bangkok.

One day, he receives an invitation to leave the family business and join the ‘Hunger’ team.

Out of ambition, Aoy decides to enter among Thailand’s number one luxury competition, led by the cunning and evil Chef named Paul (Nopachai Chaiyanam).

Hunger Movie Review

Cinematography is an extraordinary aspect

If at least the audience can’t taste it, then a tantalizing display is key in films about food. This is very much highlighted Hunger, where the director really makes the audience feel hungry. Hungry for ambition to be successful, and hungry for fine dining.

hunger review 2

Since the film begins, the initial scene shows the figure of a reliable chef who makes interesting dishes. This consistency continues until the end of the story. Every dish, whether simple or difficult, is always served deliciously.

Even so, there are many certain scenes that also show off human nature, of course through food. When classy people are asked to try food, they become greedy and greedy. For some viewers, this scene might be somewhat disgusting.

However, those things that make Hunger so interesting. This film dares to present a disturbing impression but still looks luxurious. On the one hand, the audience can feel scared, while on the other hand, they can feel hungry.

Plot story and class division

Initially, Aoy was just a cook for his own family restaurant. Because of his excellent cooking skills, a chef recruits Aoy to get out of his comfort zone. The need to be recognized and to have choices made Aoy decide to join Hunger.

hunger review 3

To be honest, this motivation is not exactly attractive. Aoy has a safe life – even if it’s boring. When he saw Chef Paul’s treatment, there was a feeling that Aoy should immediately leave the room and continue to choose his path as the successor to the family restaurant.

However, the desire to be special was even greater. Aoy begins to change, seems self-important, and learns a lot. He understands better that food can also be a boundary between classes, the rich and the poor.

While the majority of the pre-wealthy see food as an object of hunger quenching, the rich make food a symbol of luxury. Not to mention, there is a lot to be sacrificed to present that expensive impression. However, the line between the rich and the poor is often blurred, forcing us to see some situations from a different perspective.

Interesting cast and characters

Apart from his interesting character, Chutimon Chuengcharoensukying successfully gives an extraordinary performance as Aoy. He manages to portray the role so convincingly that it often feels like he’s watching someone’s true story. His character develops, from initially just following the flow of fate to finally being able to choose his own path.

hunger reviews 1

Aoy in the first round is just an ordinary girl who understands that she is really good at cooking. He is only concerned with taste, without any appearance. After entering Hunger, Aoy learned a lot of new things even those that weren’t his specialty. Gradually, he understands the true feeling of “hunger”. His ambition began to increase, making him forget about boundaries.

There is also Nopachai Chaiyanam as Chef Paul. He also manages to look amazing and maintain his vicious character. His character can’t be called bad or good. From a certain point of view, maybe Paul is a sadistic, cold, and heartless figure. While on the other hand, he is just a human who grows up with strong ambitions for existence and survival. But at the end of the story, it is explained that that is the price of privilege.

Hunger Conclusion

The two hour duration may seem intimidating, however Hunger can afford that time. The extraordinary appearance of the characters and captivating cinematography will certainly make the audience feel at home for a long time in front of the screen. Keep in mind, there may be parts that will irritate or disgust the audience.

Through the title, Hunger it’s not just about food. Hunger arises in humans as ambition, for ideals or the desire to be recognized. Even so, this film also succeeded in showing that food is a symbol that can be interpreted freely by anyone.


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