Island (2023) Movie Review

Who has watched the entire episode of the fantasy drama Island ? The drama, which aired on Prime Video, ended its last episode on March 11 with a total of 12 episodes divided into two seasons, each season having 6 episodes.

Island is an adaptation of the best-selling original manhwa of the same name by Yoon In Wan and Yang Kyung Il. The manhwa was first released from 1997 to 2001 with a total of seven comic books.

The story offered also invites the audience’s curiosity, of course, besides the interesting players, the storyline given is also good to follow. Curious how the story goes? Come on, see the reviews below!

Island (2023) Synopsis

Island takes the background of Jeju Island and tells of a fight against evil in order to save the world.

Van (Kim Nam Gil) is an immortal demon hunter who has protected the world for thousands of years. However, he has a past related to Won Mi Ho (Lee Da Hee), an heir in his current reincarnated life.

Won Mi Ho is destined to become the key that can save the world. Unfortunately, Mi Ho can’t remember her past and how to awaken her powers.

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The demons who recognized his identity chased Mi Ho and finally led him to ask for Van’s help. The problem is getting worse when Van’s former partner, Gungtan (Sung Joon) comes with a big grudge and increasing strength.

On the other hand there is Yohan (Cha Eun Woo), a talented young exorcist sent to protect Mi Ho. These three people then try to change their destiny and save the world.

Island (2023) Review

Thrilling Battle

Island is a Korean drama that cannot be missed, the reason is because in this drama the battles that are presented are full of tension and thrilling action. It’s normal to fight against humans, but if you’re dealing with demons, aren’t you afraid?

The story itself does focus on the demon of lust whose existence threatens the safety of the world. Therefore, in ancient times there was a group of Buddhists looking for children who survived demon attacks to be used as weapons to eradicate these demons.

Dozens of children were tested to see their endurance as every body was oozed by the demonic blood of lust. Until leaving two children named Van and Gungtan. Both of them trained very hard when they were not even mature.

Divided into two seasons, Island puts the storyline in good order so that it makes the audience even more impatient to find out in full what really happened in the past and what impact it has had until now.

Then after the time setting changes to a more modern era, the threat of the demon of lust continues to haunt. The problems that happened in the past, to be precise the failure when creating a shield to bury all the demons of lust, made them even more violent. Not to mention the fact that there is a group of people who call themselves superpowers who take advantage of it all.

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Every episode that is presented always presents a battle with the demons of lust through barrage of tension. Plus a few more twists that make the audience have to hold their breath for a moment.

From the final episode to episode 12, the series of fighting actions that were given made the audience amazed, even though it wasn’t something perfect. However, the fight between humans and demons is one of the interesting scenes that you shouldn’t miss.

Even though Van and Gungtan’s ending wasn’t so good, that’s how it should have happened. What started with them, will end with them too.

The Law of Cause and Effect

What Van and Gungtan felt and experienced was something that was so painful. Having a bad childhood, a sad experience when their family was massacred, to have to live life as a lust demon hunter.

Very strict education is deliberately given because the task undertaken is both heavy and dangerous. Mixing their blood with the demon of lust makes the two of them have speed, ability, and endurance far stronger than ordinary humans.

It wasn’t enough coaching and hard work, the emotional feelings as human beings were erased from within them which made Van and Gungtan unable to feel happy, sad, happy, or afraid.

However, back to the message that was also conveyed regarding the law of cause and effect. What caused the two of them to be like that would be given a far more painful reply than they had received. Feeling betrayed because when the shield was being made, both of them wanted to be burned alive because their blood was no longer pure.

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In contrast to Van, Gungtan was consumed by a much greater rage. He always says the law of cause and effect when killing humans who make themselves half demons. Even though Van doesn’t follow the path taken by Gungtan, he is still subject to the law for what he has done in the past.

Conclusion Island (2023)

Island is one of the Korean dramas with an action genre with fantasy elements that you should watch, especially those who like this genre. Offering a different story with a series of thrilling and riveting actions, Island also inserts a deep message about the law of cause and effect.

The players involved showed their expertise in playing roles, especially for Kim Nam Gil as Van and Sung Joon as Gungtan. The two of them play half-demon humans who have dark memories with a difficult task that makes them always have to hunt down the demons of lust.


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