Jin & Jun (2023) Movie Review

Ahead of Eid, we will have a remake of a classic soap opera from the production house Multivision Plus (MVP), which was very popular in the 90s. The soap opera entitled Jin & Jun in his time, especially in the first season, catapulted Sahrul Gunawan’s name as the main protagonist named Jun side by side with Jin, played by M. Amin (Jin later disguised himself in human form, played by the late Robert Syarief).

The first season, which took place from May 16, 1996 to August 31, 2000, lasted 181 episodes. This really left a mark in the memory of many people who liked this comedy genre soap opera, especially for those who always make this a must-watch every night. Now the latest remake Jin & Jun Multivision Plus is presented again on the big screen with a number of young players.

Jin & Jun (2023) Synopsis

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Jin & Jun continues to focus on Jun (Rey Bong), a teenage boy who is still attending a high school. Every day at school, Jun is always bullied by his richer friends. One day, when he is home from school, Jun has a crush on his friend, Sarah (Davina Karamoy), while his close friends Fachri (Clay Gribble) and Irdan (Alif Rivelino) encourage him to dare to approach her.

They talked for a long time until Sarah came home, a group of their more affluent friends immediately bullied Jun, and Jun ran until he was cornered in an abandoned house. In that room, Jun was severely beaten by his schoolmates. The next day, after waking up, he tried to free himself from the ropes and he fell into the basement. There he found a clay jar in the room.

Intrigued by the jar, Jun opened the lid of the jar and immediately black smoke swirled around the room. Behind the black smoke, it turns out that there is a mysterious figure that makes Jun surprised, namely because of the appearance of the figure of Jin (Dwi Sasono) with burning eyes, the Jin greets his master while thanking him for taking him out of the jar. Jin continued to follow Jun into the room and changed his appearance from Middle Eastern to that of a metal band, after seeing Jun’s room filled with posters and stickers of metal bands. The genie is then ready to grant all of Jun’s wishes. What did Jun want all this time? Will he be happy with all his requests?

Jin & Jun (2023) Movie Review

Jin’s re-interpretation, which now has the look of a metal band vocalist

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One of the most crucial important elements is how to change the figure of a Middle Eastern-style genie who seems old in the original soap opera to become the figure of Gene Simmons who is the vocalist of the legendary band Kiss. This reinterpretation can be said to be successful. Dwi Sasono is able to portray the character of Jin with the little horns with Gene’s look complete with his make-up and leather jacket with spikes. It’s really very different, and Jin’s figure this time is indeed fresher, the make-up and appearance of his outfit feel thick with a metallic nuance. What’s more, his jokes, which mostly smell of the 90s, can make us laugh.

Loaded with CG effects that are quite entertaining

The advantages of the film Jin & Jun of course it must be presented from the CGI effects that dominate the film, especially during the climax scene, when Jin fights his enemy who is a fellow genie. Jin also tries to learn new things that catch his attention. For example, Jin once learned kung fu moves from Jun’s comic collection, which he later used to help Jun defeat friends who bullied him at school (with the help of CGI, of course). Without the help of CGI effects, just like the previous series, maybe this film would not be interesting at all, because of the main strength Jin & Jun is in this section.

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The narrative is easy to digest and has a lot of moral messages

For Gen Z viewers who may have never watched this series, there will be no significant difficulties. Deep narration Jin & Jun including easy to digest, with a little spice of romance, and interesting action mixed comedy. The moral message is also not left behind, such as the matter of bullying that often occurs, being grateful for what we have and a sense of loyalty to friends who don’t have to know levels. Even the lowest creatures like Jin can still be our friends.

Jin & Jun Conclusion

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Remakes Jin & Jun This latest is very entertaining, especially those who experienced the 90s, can bring us nostalgia for the past. Jin’s appearance, now dressed in the style of an old metal band vocalist, is indeed a very smart choice. A plus point is given to Dwi Sasono who looks enchanting as Jin, and his jokes can add value to this film as a whole.

CGI effects in Jin & Jun also looks decent output, not too bad on the big screen. What’s interesting is the post credit scene. The appearance of Sahrul Gunawan as a cameo indicates that this film will be made into other sequels plus cross-overs between soap operas from other Multivision Plus such as Tuyul & Ms. Yul And Jinny oh Jinny. It’s interesting to wait for the newest universe from Multivision Plus.

look forward to it Jin & Jun which will be broadcast simultaneously starting April 19, 2023 in all Indonesian cinemas.


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