Jung_E (2023) Movie Review

The Netflix streaming service has started to intensively produce content originating from South Korea in recent years. In early 2023 alone, Netflix released the latest Korean film, Jung_E. This sci -fi film is the last appearance of actress Kang Soo-yeon who passed away in 2022.

The synopsis of the film Jung E tells the story of human civilization in 2194 when the Earth is no longer suitable for habitation due to climate change. However, human civilization, which now lives in a shelter, is involved in a war. This then made a group of scientists try to clone a great former soldier named Jung E (Kim Hyun-joo) to stop the war.

So, before you watch Jung_E’s film via the Netflix streaming service , first consider the following Buma review!

Korean film review Jung E Netflix

Sci-fi film about mother and child

Based on the synopsis, maybe many of you suspect that Jung_E is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film full of war moments. However, in reality this film focuses more on the relationship between a mother and child which is packed with the science fiction genre. The relationship occurred between Seohyun (Kang Soo-yeon), a scientist who wanted to clone Jung E, who turned out to be his mother.

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The existence of this mother-daughter relationship also makes the theme of the story in the film feel more different from most other sci-fi films. Seohyun’s relationship with her mother is quite a surprising plot twist even though it was revealed from the beginning of the film, not at the ending . However, actually there are still a lot of shortcomings from this twist , especially regarding the audience’s expectations.

Minimal action, but full of emotion

As Buma discussed in the previous point, this film focuses more on the mother-daughter relationship than the post-apocalyptic war theme in the synopsis and trailer. Therefore, those of you who have expectations that this film will be full of war action with modern technology and robots will most likely feel disappointed when watching this film.

You see, the action-packed scenes you’d expect are really few and far between and only feel like the last 20 minutes or so of the film. This is also considered to make the sci-fi theme and the war of human civilization in 2194 contained in the synopsis and trailer not realized at all. Therefore, this film will feel very bland for those of you who expect to enjoy lots of action moments.

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However, instead, the film manages to present a mother-daughter relationship that is quite emotional. You see, throughout the film we will see how Seohyun is looking for a way so that the robot Jung E, which she cloned based on her mother, can work perfectly.

So, actually this film deserves the title as a family drama with a sci-fi concept . If Netflix focused on its promotion as a mother-daughter drama film that takes place in 2194, and not on the keyword ‘war’, chances are that audiences will have other expectations for this film.

Untidy CGI in many scenes

As a sci-fi film set in the future, it’s not surprising that Jung_E relies heavily on CGI visual effects . This effect also looks quite real in some parts. However, according to Buma, the majority of the scenes in this film are not neat.


Scenes with untidy CGI usually occur when there are many objects that must use CGI that appear at the same moment. If you want to compare it to the Korean film Space Sweepers (2021) , which is also a sci-fi genre and is set in the future, Jung_E has a CGI quality that is somewhat below that film.

Despite being a sci-fi film that is quite emotional, Jung_E remains a spectacle that fails to live up to expectations. If you are interested, you can legally watch this film via the Netflix streaming service starting January 20, 2023.

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