Kajiman Review: The Cruelest Devil Collecting Promises (2023)

Fans of actress Aghniny Haque and actor Jourdy Pranata will be happy, because the two players are involved in playing roles in the latest horror film presented by Visionari Capital and Relate Films entitled Kajiman: The Cruel Demon of Promise Collection.

This film takes the theme of a Javanese mythological creature named Kajiman. In the myths of Javanese culture, Kajiman is known as the strongest supernatural being and can be used as a khodam for ritual sacrifices.

Kajiman: The Cruel Demon of Promise Collection will be released in theaters on May 18, 2023. This time, Cineverse had the opportunity to see the film first through a screening event on May 12. Intrigued by the story like what? Check out the review below!

Kajiman Synopsis

This film tells the story of a young girl named Asha (Aghniny Haque), who works as a nurse. The departure of his mother who died of illness shattered his world.

Realizing that she has to move on with her life, Asha decides to become a nurse at the home of Ismail (Tyo Pakusadewo), an elderly patient with a mysterious illness.

Rumors about Ismail’s house, which is known to be haunted, make Rama (Jourdy Pranata), a nurse colleague who secretly pays attention to Asha, warn him. Initially, the warning was considered a passing wind.

However, after various strange incidents happened to her, Asha was forced to seek help from Rama to find out the mystery of the house. They do not realize that they have been deeply trapped in the heretical rituals of the followers of Kajiman, a demon who is worshiped in the practice of pesugihan.

That said, only the heir of weton Selasa Kliwon is believed to be able to conquer Kajiman, but on the other hand, Kajiman’s followers are also hunting him to make a pesugihan sacrifice.

Chased against time, Asha and Rama try to find a way out to free themselves from Kajiman’s entanglement and the terror of black magic. Can they save themselves or is it too late and they have to be sacrificed?

Kajiman Movie Review

Bad Effects of Pesugihan

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Kajiman: The Cruel Demon of Promise Collection raises the theme of pesugihan which is the basis of what kind of conflict is shown. It does not fully provide an overview of the compensation that was carried out, only presents the bad effects received through these prohibited activities.

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Recognizing the Characteristics of the House of Pesugihan Actors from the Film Kajiman

Ismail’s family, for example, he is allied with a demon named Kajiman who needs a lot of sacrifices. Starting from the smallest, namely animals, to the largest, namely humans.

Greed and dissatisfaction became the main reason for Ismail to make a promise with the devil. Unfortunately, after sacrifice began to turn to humans and attack his family, his wife and first child, Ismail chose to stop giving sacrifices. In the end he was the one who had to bear it all.

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In general, it is good to show that making a promise with the devil doesn’t always go smoothly, but the background of Ismail’s family figures is not very strong to tell. Who exactly is Ismail to need Kajiman, why did he decide to stop halfway even though before making a promise of course conditions were always given at the start.

The figure of mba Rum is also not strong enough to tell. Who exactly is he, is it a shaman? or just an ordinary man filled with ambition? But, looking at the background, it seems like there is little to do with it. Impressed to be forced to put a surprise plot, which for some viewers is not that surprised.

Precisely something surprising is the motivation why Asha did it all, unexpectedly and full of consideration. Adriyanto Dewo was observant enough to put a sense of good reason relate with the real world. Yep, the sorrow of those who lost. Although this film is quite fast in solving problems and a little hasty in showing details.


Concerning the Love of a Child to a Mother

One thing that is interesting about this film is the affection shown by Asha to her mother. The closeness they only have for each other, gives warmth to the hearts of the audience. This affection is natural if it is used as a reason for the assistance that Asha provides.

If examined, which children want to lose their mother. It’s true that Asha’s way was wrong, but her unpreparedness to be left behind by her mother made her willing to do anything. Even if it threatens his life.

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The Less Strong Figure of Kajiman

As a whole movie, it’s true if Kajiman: The Cruel Demon of Promise Collection presents the core of the story that feels close to the people of Indonesia, namely pesugihan. However, the closeness that is given is only limited to the rich families who make agreements, the impact of the agreement, and the ancient beliefs that are still preserved.

The rest for the figure of Kajiman himself still feels foreign to the ears of the audience, maybe some Semarang people know this figure. Well, the problem is the introduction of Kajiman’s character which is not given in detail. It is only told through the depiction of Mba Rum.

The development of a scary character is terrible when the agreement is not fulfilled, it doesn’t make you feel afraid until it makes an impression on your head. Precisely just passing by and raising questions again about the figure in the real world.

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The description given is also not shown clearly, only using effects which are unfortunately still not scary enough. Moreover, the solution given was too fast and in the twinkling of an eye it felt complete.

The surprise that was given also didn’t have a long effect, only made a mumble “Oh, it’s him.” or perhaps someone has already guessed the figure behind what happened to the nurses in the Ismail family.

Conclusion Kajiman

Kajiman: The Cruel Demon of Promise Collection is the latest horror film that brings old nuances with a slightly different touch. Gives an idea if the impact of offerings is a bad thing that can’t be imagined. It feels like exchanging it all for treasure, it’s not worth it.

Unfortunately, the figure of Kajiman is not explained in detail, only told through the story shared by Mba Rum, making the audience still feel unfamiliar with this demon and the power and horror it displays.

Problem solving in this film is fast enough to leave other important details out, although it may be admitted that Aghniny Haque’s acting helps a little to provide the tension that is presented.

Director: Adriyanto Dewo

Cast: Aghniny Haque, Jourdy Pranata

Duration: 99 Minutes

Score: 6.6/10


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