Kaliurang House Movie Review (2022)

Something related to the mystical world is still something that is very popular with the people of Indonesia. The legend from Jogjakarta is no exception, where a building left by the Dutch is said to be inhabited by ghosts, aka haunted. Until now, this place is known as the old house in the Kaliurang area.

Departing from this topic, Dwi Sasono and Dondy Adrian then raised a story entitled Kaliurang House which tells the mystical side of the house, where people who come cannot get out of there.

However, is this film a good representation of the urban legend that is widely circulating among the public?

Kaliurang House Synopsis

Five friends, Bram (Randy Pangalila), Rani (Shareefa Daanish), Kinan (Erika Carlina), Aji (Wafda Saifan Lubis), and Anom (Khiva Iskak) realized their plan to go on vacation. While still on their way, they accidentally hit something. But strangely, when checked, there was nothing that they hit.

In the midst of the interruption, Kinan suddenly had the urge to urinate and asked his girlfriend, Bram, to accompany him. Unable to bear it anymore, the two of them went into the forest and stopped at a big house in Kaliurang.

When it didn’t come, the other three friends followed and waited together in the mysterious house. Without them understanding, all of them have been trapped in the Kaliurang House terror.

Kaliurang House Movie Review

Short duration with a fast story

Kaliurang House Review (2022)
The trip, which was originally accompanied by a cool song, in fact did not last long in the film ‘Rumah Kaliurang’. The characters are introduced in a relatively short amount of time, through dialogue that flows without being pushy. Even so, the audience received very little information in order to empathize with the characters in the film.

It is known that Bram, Rani, Kinan, Aji, and Anom were school friends who were finally able to go on holiday together again. I don’t know where to go and where, everyone is lost in the endless forest. Then, the position is clearly shown when the characters enter the big white house which is Kaliurang’s house.

This is probably because the duration of time owned by the film seems too short. Less than 65 minutes, this film does not delve deeper into the elements that make up the story, including the Kaliurang building and its characters.

uniquely, Kaliurang House exceeded all expectations since the beginning of the story. At the beginning of the film, the director dared to present a scary figure. But until the end of the story, the scary impression that had been built from the start slowly faded.

Mind-blowing movies

kaliurang house review (2022) 2

Kaliurang House no longer presenting horror through ghosts or jumpscares that are usually found in horror films. Although they appear, the ghosts are present in a small way, through shadows or shapes that suddenly disappear.

This film plays with the mind, emphasizing the emotions and logic of its characters. They – as well as the audience, are confused about the haunted building. Only when Rani was possessed could the mystery that caused the strangeness of the Kaliurang house be explained.

Presumably, the directors want to play with the thoughts and conspiracies of the audience. Since there are not many sources circulating about Kaliurang’s house, Dwi and Dondy present an open story and an ending that anyone can assume.

Kaliurang House Conclusion

Who is not interested in urban legend stories? All myths in Indonesia live side by side with every society. There are many indigenous traditions or legends that are still not understood by the human mind.

This is what should be done Kaliurang House be attractive to the audience. But unfortunately, this film failed to live up to expectations. Kaliurang House could have had a longer film duration and explored the story more deeply. Apart from focusing on self-rescue, the directors should also make the audience more empathetic towards the character and the building.

The space used is also not wide, only in that place-that’s all. In fact, when seen from the outside, Kaliurang’s house is a large white building that should have many rooms. For some reason, this situation makes this film seem ordinary and not special.


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