Keramat 2: Caruban Larang Review

Success with the first film in 2009, this time ‘Keramat 2’ is back with a new cast! This time, the second sequel will star young Indonesian stars, such as Keanu Agl, Arla Ailani, Umay Shahab, Ajil Ditto, Josephine Firmstone, Maura Gabrielle, and Lutesha.

Meanwhile, Monty Tiwa is also continuing his success on the director’s bench. So, how is this latest film in the eyes of the audience?

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang Synopsis

‘Keramat 2: Caruban Larang’ tells the story of a group of young people from Jakarta who leave for Cirebon, with various different destinations.

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Arla, Jojo, Maura, who wanted to do their final project research, were assisted by Umay who was making a documentary film. They also meet Ajil and Keanu who play mystical YouTubers, both of whom want to create content to maintain existence.

Things started to get out of control when an old friend of Keanu and Ajil, Lutesha, suddenly appeared. He warned that everyone should return to Jakarta, because there would be danger if they continued with their respective destinations. Regardless of Lutesha’s threats, they insisted on finishing what they had started.

Keramat 2: Caruban Larang Movie Review

Quite different from the first film

Following a story in a more modern era compared to the first ‘Sacred’ film, this sequel has succeeded in treating fans’ homesickness. Even though it’s different, the mystical and scary impression of the film is still felt.

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If in the first film the storyline seems serious, then it is very different from ‘Keramat 2’. There is a new touch that is fresher and acceptable to today’s society. The scary impression is not only shown, but still offers a story that is no less gripping.

This is of course due to the emergence of two prominent stars, such as Keanu and Lutesha. Keanu’s witty humor, which the director often inserts, can be said to be able to rival the extraordinary acting shown by Lutesha’s character. Their existence gives more value to ‘Keramat 2’.

Various aspects that look better

Starting from the cinematography to the extensive storyline, the film ‘Keramat 2’ does not disappoint to be enjoyed. Monty Tiwa makes this sequel film more mature and easier to enjoy. Instead of shooting all the scenes as they are, ‘Keramat 2’ is arranged as best as possible so that it becomes a found footage-style film that is comfortable to watch.

Meanwhile, this film also has many interests other than just survival. Even though they don’t want to die, they are willing to sacrifice their lives to find lost souls. Three dance students who want to complete the task, two mystical YouTubers who are increasing popularity, and a kind-hearted cameraman, make the storyline of ‘Keramat 2’ build solidly. There was no reason for them in the first place, to leave each other. For the smooth running of their respective goals, then everything must work together.

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The interesting thing is that the mystical elements wrapped in historical stories feel very strong in this film. It is said that there is a forbidden dance, which cannot leave the palace. Considered a lost dance, these three dancers try to reveal the secret. Unfortunately, strange occurrences started coming.

Monty Tiwa is also not shy about showing off his creatures. Crawling, dangling, or sleeping, everything is clearly visible to the eye. The director also does not solely rely on jumpscarebecause the tension in the film has been built slowly and continues to increase until the end.

However, the advantages above do not fully make this film perfect. There are still some things that are not quite enjoyable, such as during the opening and closing of the film. Both were carried out suddenly, as if there was no signal that the film would start or end. Through the open ending, it is likely that ‘Sacred’ will expand its story.

On the other hand, ‘Keramat 2’ also reduces the essence of horror and survive the players. Compared to survival, the conflicts that arise are more to each other’s personal interests. This is what makes the sequel film seem very “drama”.

usage subtitles also none, even though there are many regional/local languages ​​that probably most people don’t understand. The audience is presented with an empty conversation, which only the players understand.

The importance of the first film

For those who want to watch, don’t forget to watch and remember the first film. Why? Of course, there are many surprises that appear in the film ‘Keramat 2’, so it would be a shame if the audience did not know about the terrifying events in the first film.

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As the director for both films, it should be admitted that Monty Tiwa has succeeded in paving the way for the ‘Sacred’ universe. I don’t know what will be given to the third film, but Monty’s crazy ideas certainly won’t stop.

Sacred 2: Caruban Banned (2023)  Conclusion

‘Keramat 2’ quite succeeded in giving a mystical impression to the audience. Although not as strong as the first film, the horror atmosphere of the film is still there. Better cinematography and a fairly solid storyline, other advantages are Keanu’s humor and Lutesha’s stunning acting throughout the film.

Keanu’s existence alone makes the impression of horror in the film less because of the various jokes that are right for every situation. Therefore, ‘Keramat 2’ seems to be suitable for audiences who are too scared to watch a serious horror film. However, keep preparing yourself because Monty Tiwa is not shy about showing off the spirit.

It should be reminded again, that it is better to watch the first film ‘Sacred’ before seeing the sequel. There will be surprises waiting and unexpected, which the director will definitely give.


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