Khanzab Review (2023)

Who often forgets rakaat when praying? Maybe you have been disturbed by a genie named khanzab. Yep, the khanzab is a genie that often disturbs mankind when performing prayers. Disturbances can be in the form of forgetting cycles, forgetting to read, and remembering things that are not important.

So, to welcome Eid, there are many films in cinemas decorated with the horror genre. Starting from the film adaptation thread Sewu Dinohorror movies remakes legend soap opera Jin & Jun, and finally there is a film produced by Dee Company entitled Khanzab.

The three of them simultaneously advanced the broadcast date to April 19 yesterday, which was originally scheduled to air April 20.

Khanzab is also the debut horror film of actress Tika Bravani, who is back in films after almost a 5-year hiatus due to giving birth and taking care of her child. Intrigued by the story Khanzab like what? Check out the review below!

Khanzab Synopsis

Khanzab tells the true story of the witchcraft massacre in Banyuwangi that occurred in 1998. This film follows the story of Rahayu (Yasamin Jasem) who is traumatized by being a witness to the murder of his father when the Banyuwangi tragedy occurred.

Not quite up there, Rahayu’s family is still ostracized by the surrounding community because of what happened to his father. Not to mention the disturbance he experienced when he was praying. He was harassed by a demon named Khanzab.

Khanzab himself is a demon who used to disturb humans while praying. Distractions usually make people forget to read prayers, remember things that are not important, and forget the number of cycles.

Khanzab Movie Review

Allude to the 1998 Banyuwangi Massacre Case

khanzabs 3

This film takes a background around 1998, at which time there was a massacre of people suspected of practicing black magic (witchcraft or sorcery) in Banyuwangi, East Java.

One of the victims of the tragedy is Rahayu’s father, Semedi (Rizky Hanggono). He was beheaded right in front of his biological child, when he finished the morning prayer.

Two years after the incident, Rahayu’s life with his stepmother and younger sister continued normally. Even though more and more people are scorning them because of their family background which is a victim of the Banyuwangi tragedy. Actually, the ridicule arises from jealousy because they see their life is fine.

khanzabs 2

Even though it raises the true story of the Banyuwangi tragedy, throughout this film it seems that the tragedy is only an allusion. Not really tied to the storyline that is told.

When all this was revealed, it turned out that Semedi’s murder was not due to the Banyuwangi massacre, but the cover of the theft of Semedi’s heirlooms. Again and again, it’s all fueled by jealousy of seeing a rival get tons of customers.

Starting from jealousy then developed into an evil plan that gave birth to grudges and misunderstandings. Many problems arose after Semedi’s death. What looks good is not necessarily good, and what is considered bad actually has sincere intentions.

khanzabs 6

Qualified Acting of Players

It can be admitted that the abilities of the players in this film are quite capable of living the roles they play. The elements of the family drama that are given really hit the audience, forcing them to feel the sadness that each character feels.

The loss shown also reaches the hearts of the audience, making the eyes a little teary eyed. The actual story is quite sad, as we know the victims of the Banyuwangi massacre had families who felt how their family members were forcibly taken. Of course it causes deep sadness and trauma.

khanzabs 9

Tika Bravani successfully portrayed the character of Nuning’s mother, Rahayu’s stepmother. He is described as patient, religious, and always reminds Rahayu not to fight people who always make fun of them.

The presence of Rahayu’s younger brother named Aji (Sabian) also adds to the warm atmosphere of their family. There is no doubt about Yasamin Jasem as Rahayu, he managed to portray Rahayu well. The fear and anger that was shown was also felt by the audience.

Don’t forget Arswendy Beningswara’s character as Sentot, uncle from Nuning. He is the ustad who had meruqyah Rahayu when he was little. He also helped Semedi to leave the misguided path and turn to the path of truth of Allah SWT.

khanzabs 5

The Story of the Khanzab that Becomes an Allegory

Unfortunately, the figure of Khanzab is only used as a figure of speech in this film. The touch was minimal. The direction of the story starts to go off track, the main focus being told is not in accordance with the title given. Khanzab is only a bridge for the genie who actually wants to control Rahayu.

That is what is lacking in this film. Rahayu is controlled by grudges due to the death of his father, he does not trust Mr. Sentot because of the devil’s persuasion, and spirits appear who are said to be Rahayu’s childhood friends at his unintentional invitation.

khanzabs 7

Repetition scenes are also shown, such as Rahayu constantly praying at the mushala of her former childhood home. It is clear that he deliberately prayed there to dig up his memories of his childhood and his father’s job.

Since Rahayu prayed there, many disturbances have been felt. All of that came from her father’s pet, who had communicated with Rahayu when she was little. They began to feel comfortable and attached to Rahayu so that without realizing that they had been controlled too far.

khanzabs 11

Khanzab Conclusion

Khanzab become the choice of horror films that you want to watch during Eid tomorrow. Taking the religious horror genre, the appearances shown are somewhat spooky and scary. The visuals that are presented are also not monotonous and quite pleasant to watch.

Unfortunately, apart from the less-told story of the khanzab, the scores that are presented are quite disturbing with passionate voices. Even though the scene that is shown does not contain elements of horror, the score is used as if there is something scary.

For those of you who like religious horror films, then Khanzab can’t be missed. Come on, invite your friends and those closest to you to watch this film in theaters!


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