Little Women (2022) Movie Reviews

Little Women tells the story of three sisters who grew up in poverty. This drama follows the interesting story of the three of them who get involved in a major incident and come face to face with the richest family in the country.

Based on the novel of the same name by Louisa May Alcott, mystery drama Little Women this is much different from the actual storyline.

The series is directed by Kim Hee-won, who previously directed Vincenzo, Money Flower, And Fated to Love You. The adaptation comes from screenwriter Jung Seo-kyung, who once wrote the screenplay for The Handmaiden, Mother, And Thirst.

There is no doubt about the actions of the two in presenting a drama full of mystery. Often provides a variety of unexpected plot twists, whether K-Drama Little Women will be masterpiece furthermore?

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Little Women (2022) Synopsis

Three sisters get involved in a case that pits them against the richest and most influential family in South Korea.

Kim Go-eun plays the eldest sister named Oh In-joo, who wants to protect her family with money. Growing up in excruciating poverty, his only dream is to live as luxuriously as normal people. Unfortunately, a major incident completely shakes up his life.

Nam Ji-hyun, the second older sister named Oh In-kyung, is described as a news reporter who doesn’t want to give in to money and aims to always do what’s right. When a mysterious case returns to torment him, he begins to dig for the truth.

Park Ji-hu plays Oh In-hye, the youngest who is overwhelmed by the love of the older sisters who work hard for him. Even though the three have different paths, in the end the Oh family will be brought together in the same problem.

Little Women (2022) Movie Review

The story is fresh and different from its initial form

Maybe some fans of classic literature Little Women by Louisa May Alcott no one would have thought that the book could form the basis for the idea of ​​a mystery-drama series. Instead of adapting it in a lighter form – a drama story full of love stories, the director Kim Hee-won actually made another version. Little Women feels fresher.

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Unlike the happiness that is always displayed in various adaptations Little Women, this K-Drama version often brings a feeling of discomfort with a tense storyline. In a good sense of the word, K-Drama Little Women is not an easy story to follow, but still arouses the curiosity of the audience.

The March family is succeeded by the three Oh sisters. In-joo is clearly described as their eldest sister, Meg March, who is very fond of expensive and beautiful things. Not much different, both of them are willing to do anything to protect their younger siblings from trouble. In this case, In-joo is trying very hard for his youngest brother to have a proper education, also wants to protect In-kyung from the dangers that lurk.

As for In-kyung, a slick character from a tomboyish, straightforward, and smart Jo March. Nam Ji-hyun does well as a representative of Jo in the future, in a more modern world. Both of them have experienced what it is like to live like a rich person, but prefer to have enough as long as they don’t have an evil heart.

This character is actually the most interesting in books or K-Drama Little Women. Naive and idealistic, there are times when In-kyung has to swallow his own spit to protect his family.

Loves to paint and talented in art, Oh In-hye is a clone of the character Amy March. As the youngest child, of course he was spoiled by his mother and older siblings. But in K-Dramas Little Womenit is shown that In-hye is tired of the attention and trying to choose her own path.

His character may seem evil and unsympathetic, but he is realistic about the life that is in front of his eyes. In-hye feels that she is responsible for her own life, so that in the end her sister is able to pay for all the struggles of her siblings.

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Unknowingly, Beth March also lived in the K-Drama world Little Women. Due to his weak body and poor economic condition, a child had died before In-hye was born. But with a weak state, it seems the director kindly left the character so as not to fight against a world full of evil.

Each symbol and color is meaningful

The thing that makes this K-Drama so extraordinary to look at is the perfect blend of cinematography and detailed colors in every scene. Despite raising the drama-mystery genre, Little Women the 2022 version continues to bring warmth in a touch of color and attractive symbols. However, it also does not eliminate the “dark” impression that radiates from a pair of red shoes and blue orchids.

Craving a life of luxury, In-joo is often associated with shoes. His appearance, which is so different from his colleagues at work, makes In-joo feel small. After getting the money, he immediately bought expensive things as his ambition to become rich.

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While death and hope are symbolized in blue orchids, the warmth of their family is depicted through the slum house upstairs, kimchi yeolmu, ice cream, to the apartment inherited from their grandmother. Items that are simple but reflect the “home” for them.

Not only that, the set of decorations is made as neatly as possible and gives a clear picture of the differences in life between the rich and the poor. Not to forget, an extraordinary score that really supports the atmosphere in several scenes.

Little Women (2022) Conclusion

K-Drama Little Women is an interesting series, fresh and different, compared to the original version. This proves that not all classic works have to be adapted to the same formula, without considering the potential of other stories. Through scoring, cinematography, and plot and character development, this K-Drama has managed to become one of the best titles in 2022.

Even so, there are still some plots that are too tough and seem forced. Explanation of important things in the story, including the Jeongran community and land issues, seems to be explained more easily.


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