Marriage Red Point Movie Review (2022)

After the success of the horror film that just premiered in early August, this time, Rapi Film is back to producing its newest film with the drama genre entitled ‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’.

Adapted from the legendary 1996 soap opera with the same title, ‘Red Spot of Marriage’ recruited young directors Sabrina Rochelle Kalangie (‘Too Handsome’) and Titien Wattimena (‘June & Coffee’) as screenwriters.

Remakes it also starred a number of top actors such as Marsha Timothy, Oka Antara, Sheila Dara, and brought back the main character in the original soap opera, Ayu Azhari.

fun facts, according to Gope T. Samtani, founder of the production house Rapi Film Dalam Press Conferenceher, ‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’ is Rapi Film’s first soap opera. With the title being brought back to the big screen, will ‘Red Spot of Marriage’ be able to follow the success of its soap opera version?

Marriage Red Point Synopsis

Marriage Red Spot 1

‘Noktah Merah Marriage’ tells the story of the household life of Ambar (Marsha Timothy) and Gilang (Oka Antara), who are being hit by a lot of problems in their 11 year old marriage. Especially after a big fight due to the intervention of their parents, the communication between the husband and wife did not go well.

Gilang, who works as a Landscape Architect, accidentally meets Yuli (Sheila Dara), who is Ambar’s student at his ceramics workshop. Yuli brings comfort that has long been lost to Gilang, and vice versa. The relationship between Gilang, Ambar and Yuli, who also have girlfriends, is becoming increasingly complicated.

Marriage Red Point Movie Review

Has a new touch from the soap opera version

Marriage Red Spot 2

Although it is remakes From an old soap opera, the film ‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’ has a new twist that makes it different from the original version. Director and scriptwriterit changes the profession of the main characters in the story ‘Red Spot of Marriage’.

If in the soap opera version, Gilang Priambodo is the successor to his father’s company, this time he works as a landscape architect. Likewise with Amber. In the soap opera version, Ambar is a housewife who returns to modeling and is opposed by her family. Meanwhile, in the film version, Ambar is a ceramic artist.

The storyline was made different from before, and modified to suit today’s times, and can be enjoyed by all groups, both the younger generation, people who are not married, or even those who have never watched the soap opera before.

Not just a film about the third person

Marriage Red Spot 3

The issue of infidelity has never been a hot topic and has always attracted the attention of the Indonesian people. If you just read the synopsis or see the trailer, surely we will imagine a relationship that is destroyed because of the arrival of a third person. But, that’s not it value who wanted to make the film ‘Red Spot of Marriage’.

The third person is not the main conflict in this film. From start to finish, the problem is clear: Ambar and Gilang’s problematic relationship and communication, period. From the very beginning of the film, the audience without further ado has been in the midst of a fractured relationship between the husband and wife, which will gradually lead to an affair.

‘Red Dots of Marriage’ also brings many perspectives from a drama on the breakdown of a household with strong characters. Apart from the husband and wife’s point of view, the film subtly presents the point of view of the “third person” (Yuli) without making the audience judge his attitude. Not to mention the point of view of the child, who is starting to know the problems of his parents.

Ceramics and plants are a symbol of relationship

Marriage Red Spot 4

The overhaul of the professions of the two main characters in this film is not just a patch. Ambar’s profession as a ceramic craftsman and Gilang as a Landscape Architect also share their stories. Those two professions brought Yuli to their doorstep. Even ceramics and plants nicely contribute to depicting the relationship and feelings of Ambar and Gilang.

Ambar, who used ceramics as a metaphor when saying “Decorate what can be decorated” which actually refers to her relationship, is devastated. claywhich he made when their relationship heated up, he was the one who returned to try to recreate it clay it breaks down when he wants to try to repair his relationship with Gilang, until finally clay it becomes a beautiful ceramic at the end of the story.

Vice versa with Gilang, the yard in Ambar and Gilang’s yard becomes a symbol of their household. How ironic is a Landscape Architect whose role is to arrange and decorate a garden, but cannot manage his own household. Gilang chose to decorate the garden outside with Yuli, while ignoring his and Ambar’s garden in his own house.

Besides Gilang, irony also comes from the role cameo Ayu Azhari who became a marriage consultant who helped couples deal with their household problems, while her own household was destroyed. Implying that no relationship is perfect, and how difficult it is to maintain a relationship even from the people we think are perfect.

The iconic dialogue “Slap mas slap!”

Marriage Red Spot 6

In the past, there was a very iconic and popular scene in the soap opera ‘Noktah Merah Perkawinan’, namely in which Gilang Priambodo, played by Cok Simbara, slaps Ayu Azhari, who plays Ambar, with his legendary dialogue, “Slap, mas slap!”. Not wanting to get rid of this iconic scene, Sabrina and the team returned to present the dialogue, which again proved to be successful highlights in this movie.

Discussing the scene where the dialogue is placed, the climax scene in the kitchen when Ambar and Gilang’s feud breaks out, is truly the best scene in the entire film. ‘Noktah Merah Marriage’ succeeded in building the audience’s emotions very well through Ambar’s perceptions that piled up until it finally became a time bomb which then exploded.

the dialogue powerfulacting top notch from the two main characters Marsha Timothy and Oka Antara, the score and background music, and the camera movement perfectly executed this very memorable scene.

Marriage Red Point Conclusion

If there are 3 words to describe the film: simple, beautiful, and emotional. If you think ‘Red Point of Marriage’ is only intended for married audiences, then the answer is definitely wrong. With many points of view from other characters who are not only fixated on their partners, this film can be watched, maybe even watched. relate into the lives of the audience.

All aspects are executed very well until it reaches the audience, the extraordinary acting of the players, frame by frame the beauty from the editing team and the team behind the camera, color grading an airy, mature script with beautiful dialogue and powerfulmaking the film ‘Red Spot of Marriage’ as one of the best dramas of this year whose broadcast must be looked forward to.


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