Mars One (2022) Review

The Brazilian film “Mars One,” which achieved success at the Sundance Film Festival, is now available to watch on Klikfilm. Originally titled “Marte Um” in Portuguese, this family drama film was written and directed by Gabriel Martins in 2022. The cast includes Cícero Lucas, Carlos Francisco, Camilla Damião, Rejane Faria, Ana Hilãrio, and Russo Apr.

The plot of “Mars One” centers around a young Brazilian boy who aspires to become an astrophysicist and joins a mission to Mars. The film also depicts the social unrest that arose among Brazil’s impoverished population following the election of populist leader Jair Bolsonaro.

Synopsis Mars One (2022)

The film revolves around a family of four residing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The youngest child, Deivinho (Cícero Lucas), is a curious and imaginative boy who dreams of becoming an astrophysicist and joining the ‘Mars One’ mission in 2030 to explore the red planet.

Meanwhile, Deivinho’s older sister Eunice (Camilla Damião) is transitioning into adulthood. Despite her loving nature, she challenges traditional family roles and feels uncomfortable at home. She also has an unconventional romantic relationship with another woman, which is strongly opposed by their father Wellington (Carlos Francisco).

Mars One

A significant part of the movie focuses on the children’s relationships, while their mother Tercia (Rejane Faria) serves as the family’s mediator and works as an external housemaid to pay the bills.

Mars One (2022) Review

Dramatize a small family with all its activities

In “Mars One,” the social unrest among Brazil’s impoverished citizens is portrayed as the country teeters on the brink of democracy. The movie presents a compelling depiction of a lower-middle-class black family facing the pressures of their new reality, capturing an engraved slice of everyday life. The quartet delivers sincere performances, adding further depth to the story.

Gabriel Martins wrote and directed the film, with a character-driven plot that benefits from the complex personalities that inhabit the script. Each character has a real identity that encourages the viewer to invest in their journey. Through their personal struggles and aspirations, the film explores various themes and issues that are prevalent in families living on the fringes of society.

Review Mars One

Balanced portions for family members

The director gives equal importance and sufficient screen time to all four characters in “Mars One,” and despite the serious and emotional tone, manages to incorporate some humor into the narrative. As is typical in family dramas, the conflicts and relationships are the driving forces behind the story, and the actors deliver convincing performances both individually and as a family unit.

In general, “Mars One” is competently crafted with a patient approach to storytelling. However, whether or not the movie resonates with the viewer depends on their ability to empathize with the characters’ struggles. For some, the slow pace and intricate plot may make the movie feel like a tedious task to complete.

Movie Mars One

Honest Brazilian small town landscape

“Mars One” is set in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and portrays the various family activities that are prevalent in the city. The film showcases the father’s occupation and the mother’s daily tasks, highlighting the bustling and lively atmosphere of the city. The domestic activities depicted in the movie are as important as the exterior scenes that show the corners of the city, even though they are not the primary focus of the story.

Conclusion Mars One

A touching Brazilian film about the daily struggles of a black Brazilian middle class family in the state of Minas Gerais. The characters are memorable, as is the soundtrack, the photography.

Mars One review

They usually deal in a very calm way about the contradictions of Brazilian society, including racism, poverty, homophobia. This includes universal themes, such as: love, family, in small to medium-sized urban landscapes.


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