Mechamato Movie (2022) Review

Indonesian cinemas will receive animated films from neighboring Malaysia. Of course many of his characters already know him. The film entitled Mechamato Movie it is a prequel to the series BoBoiBoy first popular in Indonesia. BoBoiBoy was first broadcast on Global TV in mid-2012 to mid-2013, following the end of season 2. In season 3, BoBoiBoy aired again on MNCTV in October 2014, and since December 2020, BoBoiBoy together BoBoiBoy Galaxybroadcast on RTV.

Just like BoBoiBoyserial Mechamato produced by Animonsta Studios, is part of the BoBoiBoy franchise and will be available in Indonesia starting October 30, 2022 on MNCTV. The series will also stream on Netflix from October 1, 2022, YouTube from October 7, 2022, and Vidio from October 21, 2022.

The film, which will be released in Indonesia starting March 1, 2023, has already been shown in Malaysia on December 8, 2022, and has received many positive reactions.

Mechamato Movie the story itself is centered on Amato, who is the father of BoBoiBoy and this film tells the story of Amato’s struggles when he was young.

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Mechamato Movie Synopsis

Amato, who has mastered martial arts since childhood, accidentally finds a spaceship which is a prison filled with criminal robots, and the plane has crashed to earth. One of the robots in the prison is MechaBot which has the ability mechanize (turning everyday objects into high-tech devices-ed) either in the form of weapons or whatever object you want. Amato, who previously did not want to become a master or master for MechaBot and finally managed to trick him into becoming a MechaBot master. Since then, MechaBot and Amato started working together and shortened their name to Mechamato. Conflict then arises when General Grakakus comes from outer space and wants to take MechaBot from Amato’s hands, and kill Amato at the same time. Can the two of them defeat the enormous Grakakus General?

Mechamato Movie Review

Excellent in all aspects

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As a prequel, those of us who may be new to BoBoiBoy will enjoy this animation. How come? This animation unexpectedly appears solid in various aspects, especially in terms of its very narrative mature, not too childish, but still able to insert humor and excitement in various scenes. Lots of spectators screening which is dominated by children can even laugh while enjoying a film whose duration reaches 2 hours. The duration is relatively long for an animated children’s film, but it is not boring at all and can even entertain adult audiences who are completely blind to this franchise. Even though it has Malay as the language of instruction, however subtitles Indonesian is also included for our audience.

Even if we compare it with the latest Indonesian animated films that have recently appeared on the big screen, Mechamato Movie far superior and it feels like our animation is still far behind from neighboring countries. Of course this is very unfortunate.

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Mechamato Movie Conclusion

Mechamato Movie highly recommended Bumareview to be watched by all groups including adults, because of the story mature, the animation is also very dynamic, not too childish, and solid from start to finish, and manages to slip in a few easy-to-understand plot twists. For die-hard BoBoiBoy fans, this film is a must-watch. However, for fans of animated films, this film is very good to be used as reference material for other animations out there. Mechamato Movie will air simultaneously on March 1, 2023, so look forward to its presence soon. Don’t forget there is also one post credits scene which will make the BoBoiBoy fanboys jump for joy.


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