MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (2023) Movie Review

Netflix recently released a documentary about Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH370/MAS370) which was reported missing on March 8, 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport.

The Boeing 777-200ER aircraft last made contact with air traffic controllers less than an hour after takeoff. Operated by Malaysia Airlines (MAS), the aircraft was carrying 12 cabin crew and 227 passengers from 15 countries, most of whom were Chinese nationals.

The combined search and rescue efforts are reportedly the largest and longest in history. Even today, there are still many parties who are still searching for the location of the mystery of the disappearance of this plane.

This Netflix documentary will be divided into three episodes, viz The Pilots, The Hijacks and last is The Intercepts. These three episodes are based on phenomenal conspiracy theories about the loss of the Malaysia Airlines plane.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (2023) Synopsis

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was supposed to make a routine trip as usual, namely a night flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 passengers and crew. However, shortly after taking off on a quiet night in 2014, MH370 disappeared from radar screens forever. The shocking disappearance of a commercial airliner makes headlines, sparks riots, turns the lives of the passengers’ families into a nightmare, and launches a global search for answers that are never found.

Set in seven countries, this gripping docuseries MH370: The Plane That Disappeared using solid archival material to reconstruct the night the plane disappeared, gives us the opportunity to explore three of the most controversial theories surrounding the event. The documentary also features interviews with family members, scientists, journalists and ordinary people around the world.

After nine years of refusing to give up on explanations, a story filled with conspiracies and confusing situations, mysterious figures, and the silence of the authorities–but, most importantly, this is a chance to relive the memories of those lost in one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. in our time and to continue to search for answers.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (2023) Movie Review

Episodes of accusations here and there

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

The disappearance of flight MH370 has become one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. Various conspiracy theories have circulated during the search for this plane. Starting from theories such as planes being hijacked, planes experiencing engine failure, planes getting hit by meteors, and even ridiculous conspiracy theories, like aliens coming down to earth and boycotting this plane.

Each episode we will be narrated by various sources in detail about a series of scenarios for the disappearance of this plane. The presentation of the narrative wrapped in visuals typical of Netflix makes the audience more complete and detailed about the mysterious scene of the disappearance of flight MH370.

In the first episode, we get more background and chronology. News tensions and waiting official statement always be headlines. Initially, documentaries were only limited to the emergence of news from various media and foreign countries. The rest of the accusations and the possibility of rolling. What is seen from this documentary perspective is the airline and government cover-up.

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

From the start we are brought with the figure of Jeff the journalist trying to uncover the facts behind MH370. The Malaysia Airlines plane disappeared suddenly, and after 9 years several people in this documentary speak from their scientific point of view.

The figure of Fuad Sharuji, the former Head of the Disaster Management Division at Malaysia Airlines, also revealed little. It can be seen that he is also confused, even though he is an expert at at least educating ordinary audiences. However, we don’t get much from him, only adding to the confusion of people with different professions. All parties who were key informants did not provide clear certainty.

Scrolling for 1 hour and 3 minutes, the first episode directs accusations towards the pilot, suspected of being a mass suicide with his abilities. An explanation of the evidence in his house there is a simulator cockpit pilots and history flight that has the same route as the route where MH370 disappeared. Without further evidence, this accusation is invalid because it is only based on simulators and the assumptions of many parties. Nothing else strengthened the captain to become the mastermind.

The next episode is about plane hijacking, which happens a lot. However, getting off the radar is very difficult and requires knowledge of aviation. Piracy that occurred in the 9/11 incident became the basis, terrorists are also quite reliable in flight. The chronology until the loss of the detection radar and the method that only a few people, including technicians and pilots, is aware of, rolls the ball of accusations back at the pilot.

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

The last one is probably the most terrible. Related to military and war. In the near future the incident concerning the Malaysia Airlines accident was repeated. This is not explored further in this documentary. The accusations at the military sound fearful, and spin accusations towards the government and the airline for covering up what really happened.

The perspective of the victim’s family

The sources used in the MH370 documentary are quite random. The interviews with the families of the victims on flight MH370 were quite emotional. Imagine if you were not informed about your family traveling by plane for days to years. Exactly 9 years, until the families of these victims don’t know what really happened to their families.

From the start, these sources only told the lives of the victims as usual. Without mentioning much about the chronology just before flying. Because this is a commercial flight as usual. Nothing strange, until the communication is lost in the middle of the road. The duration of making the documentary made the emotions of the families vary. Maybe some have already given up, with millions of questions.

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

The imbalance between each source influences us to compile things that may be related to the victim. Like the pilot, who was highly suspected throughout 3 episodes. If you pay attention, interview the wife is too flat. There aren’t many things and information that we get, so it doesn’t generate enough empathy for pilots who are also missing victims. This is what leads us to think negatively of the captain.

Conspiracy theories are only the surface

Due to the excitement over the disappearance of the plane, new fact-finding groups with different expertise emerged. There are even scientists and former senior pilots who dissect what really happened. The evidence appears quite convincing regarding the knowledge base of each group. But this is only a theoretical spice that will never be used as a basis for searching or concrete evidence.

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

Interesting theory in the documentary, as if only to inform that someone is researching other than the appointed authorities. Grand conspiracy theories aren’t even in here. As if without a scientific basis, all theories such as aliens or the Bermuda triangle, do not appear at all. Even though there are many interesting things about the disappearance of the plane in the public.

This documentary seems to be afraid to use the theories and evidence that are circulating in the public quite wildly. The discovery of plane wrecks is repeatedly shown, that’s all. It is difficult to uncover facts, because there is a lot of information official which should be opened to be associated with the findings of these groups.

MH370: The Plane That Disappeared (2023) Conclusion

MH370 Review: The Plane That Disappeared (2023)

This episode takes us into the widening possibilities of what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Everything that Louise Malkins has created is taken in a fairly balanced way from various points of view. Unfortunately, the correlation of sources from the victim’s side is not balanced. Not even from the airline, there was only one person who dared to speak from a former Malaysia Airlines official.

Documentaries seem afraid to reveal many things from the theories that are circulating in the public. Terrible theories will be more interesting if discussed in depth. However, going back to the very little scientific basis makes the theory only appear on the surface.


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