Mindcage (2022) Movie Review

For those of you who follow the Bad Boys series , you must be familiar with the figure of Martin Lawrence. Yep, this man who was born in 1965 is indeed famous as a comedy genre specialist actor. However, at the end of 2022, Lawrence is starring in a mystery – thriller film called Mindcage , which is the first time he has ventured into this genre.

Mindcage movie synopsis

Mindcage film synopsis tells the story of Jake Doyle and Mary Kelly, a pair of detectives who are now tasked with uncovering serial killer cases. Interestingly, the case they are currently handling has the same pattern as the actions of the serial killer named the artist five years ago. Now Jake and Mary are asking for help from the artist who is still languishing in prison.

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Review Mindcage

Mindcage mystery film review

Messy storytelling with forced plot twists

Mindcage actually has a premise that is quite similar to The Silence of the Lambs (1991), namely a policeman or agent who consults psychopaths or serial killers. Mindcage was also quite successful in captivating the audience with this premise at the beginning of the film by incorporating elements of art and religion into its conflict which is what makes it different from Silence of the Lambs .

Movie Mindcage

Unfortunately, the storytelling of this film is not as neat as Silence of the Lambs . There are several parts in this film that feel so loose that it is confusing as a mystery film and of course it creates a plot hole after watching. Several scenes in the film also feel completely unimportant to the main conflict of the story.

Apart from that, the plot twist towards the end of this film also feels very forced and doesn’t make sense. This is because there is no build-up at all that provides clues about the plot twist , so it seems absurd. Moreover, the moment of the plot twist also made the genre of the film change from a mystery- thriller to a supernatural nuance.

A low tension mystery film

When watching a mystery- thriller film , we certainly expect to get a tense and curious experience. Unfortunately, this film only succeeds in making the audience curious about who the new hit man is imitating the artist. The rest, this film feels bland and not tense at all.

Mindcage movie

In fact, for a film with a duration of 96 minutes which is actually quite short, Mindcage deserves to be called a film that is boring and makes you sleepy. The main factor that makes this happen is of course the lack of tension or tension from all the conflicts that occur. In essence, this film failed as a spectacle in the mystery- thriller genre.

Protagonists who are less attractive than antagonists

The main protagonist in this film is Mary Kelly which involves Melissa Roxburgh as the actor. As the main character, Roxburgh lacks a memorable performance and makes the audience support all of his character’s actions. Martin Lawrence also failed to deliver an iconic performance in his debut in the mystery – thriller genre as Jake Doyle in this film.

The only savior of this film is the appearance of John Malkovich as the Artist. You see, Malkovich is able to give a mysterious and threatening aura even though the artist is always in prison throughout the film. However, the ending of the artist in this film is somewhat unsatisfactory because it makes his trademark as a genius psychopath meaningless.


In the end, the messy execution of the script and the lack of strong characterizations make Mindcage a failed mystery – thriller film . If you are still interested, you can watch this film in a number of cinemas starting December 21, 2022.

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