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Who has watched the movie Searching (2018)? This film, which became the directorial debut of Aneesh Chaganty, managed to steal attention in 2018 because it presents the unique concept of screenlife , in which all film events are taken from the point of view of the screen. Good news for those of you who like Searching , Sony Pictures has just released its standalone sequel entitled Missing .

Since Missing is a standalone sequel , this film features a new story that is not related to the first film, and was even worked on by a different director, namely Will Merrick and Nick Johnson. Interesting fact, Merrick and Johnson are the editors of Searching. Then, Missing is their debut film as a director.

That is why all the characters you meet in Missing will be different from Searching and also played by different actors, including Storm Reid, Ken Leung, Nia Long, Joaquim de Almeida, and other actors.

Missing tells the story of a teenager named June who lives alone with her mother named Grace. One day, Grace went on vacation to Colombia with her boyfriend. Grace orders that June must pick her up at the airport on her return from Colombia. But on the D-day of her return, Grace didn’t show up at the airport at all and made June have to rack her brains to find her mother.

Missing movie review

Describe how both dangerous and useful the internet is

Those of you who have watched Searching will surely not be surprised by the screenlife concept which is also used in Missing . The entire incident from the beginning to the end of the film Missing is shown from the perspective of the screen. Apart from using the screenlife concept , Missing also features other elements similar to Searching , which are stories on the theme of the strained relationship between parents and children.

Even though they both tell stories about the relationship between parents and children, the role system displayed by Missing is the opposite of Searching . Searching displays the struggle of a father in finding his missing child, while Missing displays the struggle of a child in finding his missing mother. Similar to Searching’s main character, June ( Missing’s main character ) searches for her mother using the internet.


This film showcases both the dark and the light sides of the internet in a way that is tense throughout most of the film. We can see how June was able to collect various clues in finding her missing mother just by using her intelligence to rummage through internet sites and applications. On the other hand, this film is able to make the audience worry about how dangerous the internet is for one’s life.

Seeing how June can hack various accounts owned by her mother’s boyfriend alone can make you question the security of your own account. Even Grace (June’s mother) can disappear due to her interactions on the internet. In addition, this film also shows how someone’s movements can be monitored so easily via the internet.

Presents a barrage of plot twists that continue to make you curious

Searching managed to attract attention when it was released in 2018 because it featured a series of unexpected plot twists throughout the film. The good news is that you will feel the series of shocked sensations that you get while watching Searching again in Missing . Even though it was worked on by a different director, Missing was able to provide tension and quality that was just as good as Searching .

Review Missing

In addition to directing, Will Merrick and Nick Johnson also worked on the script for this film. For a debut film, Merrick and Johnson succeeded in working on the Missing script with a slick conflict development, every detail was paid close attention, and didn’t forget to present a series of mind-blowing plot twists . Even though there are quite a number of plot twists , Merrick and Johnson are able to make each plot twist feel smooth and not feel forced.

If you think the Missing trailer has revealed a lot of things from the film, you are wrong! There’s always a surprise for you to find every time June gets new information about her missing mother. Since the plot twist is well executed, every surprise shown is able to make you suspicious, keep on guessing, and keep on being curious waiting for the continuation of the story until the end of the film.

The plot full of surprises displayed by Missing is also maximized with the scoring (sound effects) created by Julian Scherle. Scherle makes a score that sounds so unsettling and tense at every important moment in this film. The intense scoring makes you feel as if you are directly in June’s position.

Movie Missing

Storm Reid is really the star in this film

While watching Missing , it can be recognized that the actress who plays June, namely Storm Reid, managed to give a prominent appearance compared to other actors in this film. Reid was able to convey June’s various emotions to the audience, ranging from loneliness over the loss of his father, panic in the search for his mother, to fear after knowing who was behind her disappearance.

Apart from Reid, the other actors who starred in Missing also performed their respective characters very well. Other actors who deserve appreciation for their performances in this film are Ken Leung, Nia Long, and Joaquim da Almeida.

Missing review

If you like Searching , you certainly won’t be disappointed with Missing because it manages to present the same good quality as its predecessor film. The script is well structured, so that the delivery of the plot and plot twist feels so smooth and not forced. In addition, this film is accompanied by a score that is able to build a tense atmosphere throughout the film. Once you’ve watched it, it’s hard not to pay attention to every detail until the film runs out.

After reading the review for the film Missing , are you interested in watching this thriller in theaters? For those who have watched, don’t forget to share your opinion about this film, OK?


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