My Puppy (2023) Movie Review

This time, Indonesian cinema has a Korean film with a slightly different genre, this time it’s a family comedy themed film that is entertaining and the story is very touching. The film stars Yoo Yeon-seok and Cha Tae-hyun, who are reunited for the first time after appearing together 15 years ago in the series General Hospital 2 in 2008. Since then, the two actors have thrived in the entertainment world. popular titles.

The film, which has the title My Puppy or the original title My Heart Puppy, tells the story of the relationship between two men and their pet dog.

Synopsis My Puppy (2023)

My Puppy tells the relationship between two cousins, Min Soo (Yoo Yeon-seok) and Jin Gook (Cha Tae-hyun) with their respective stories. Min Soo, a shy and sensitive guy, has Runie, an adult Golden Retriever who accompanies him after his mother left him.

One day he starts proposing to his girlfriend with whom he has lived for 3 years and plans to move in together. However, the lover has a very bad dog allergy and will make his neck swollen. This makes Min Soo confused and looking for a way to move his dog to another place.

Jin Gook has a somewhat contrasting story with Min Soo. After his cafe business went bankrupt, he worked odd jobs starting from the fitness center, and until finally he met Min Soo and promised to help his brother find shelter for Runie via Instagram.

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One by one, everyone who was interested was approached by them. It turned out that problems started to arise when they saw whether or not Runie was suitable for that place. Until one day Jin Gook saw Instagram posts and saw photos of dogs roaming freely and looking happy. After seeing the place on Jeju Island, the two of them started heading to that place and problems started to arise on the way when they found many abandoned dogs that had been dumped and tortured by their owners. Did they manage to find the place?

The use of dogs that are massive and blend with the main actors

My puppy movie

It’s fun to see this film. It’s rare to see a Korean film set on a massive scale pet. Massive here in the sense of using dogs with a large number and variants. They all look cute, fun, and adorable too, especially when you see them on one screen. The script is very solid for a comedy film, and the dialogue is full of chemistry between the players, and sometimes it invites laughter. However, in other scenes it actually drains our emotions and makes our tears come out suddenly. The contrast of this scene is intelligently used alternately by the director, Kim Joo-hwan.

A technical element that excels in many aspects

The exposition of the main players is described in a clear and concise manner. It’s not long-winded, it’s easy for the audience to understand, and most importantly it can build this film as a whole. This is also supported by the score which is very good and blends in every scene, making those of us who watch it very entertained until the film is finished.

My puppy review

Conclusion My Puppy (2023)

My Puppy is unexpectedly able to entertain us with its solid narrative from start to finish. The chemistry between the actors is very good, it can play off the emotions of the audience and is also supported by a score which is very integrated with the scene. The theme of dogs is not something new in the world of cinema, but how to use a cast of pets, unite them with the stars who play in the film, and then turn it into a good film is difficult.


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