Narratage (2017) Movie Review

Narratage is a drama film adapted from the novel by Rio Shimamoto with the same title. For Cilers who has read the novel which was released in 2015, of course he is familiar with the storyline in Narratage which is very moving.

The title “Narratage” itself was chosen because it fits the timeline of the story which is full of memories and is told from the point of view of the main character, Izumi Kudo.

Everyone must have memories of the past. however, a memory has the power to mix up time, of course it all depends on how one’s response relates to the memory itself. This is what the director Isao Yukisada (Crying Out Love in the Center of the World, Pink & Gray) wants to capture.

This big theme is nicely wrapped with a love story between a high school teacher and his student which of course is quite a taboo thing to do.

Narrated Review

The story in Narratage opens with a scene where Takashi Hayama (Jun Matsumoto) contacts Izumi Kudo (Kasumi Arimura), a former student who has entered college. Previously, Takashi was a high school teacher and adviser to the drama club that Izumi joined. Apparently, Takashi wants to ask Izumi to help with the high school graduation ceremony. When the two of them met, all the feelings that were hidden between the two of them flared up again. Can both of them deny the feeling that is getting stronger?

This 140-minute film might feel a little confusing for Cilers, who is not used to watching flashback scenes that occur. Moreover, seeing the appearance of the characters in it that has not changed too much. However, it was quite nice to see Jun Matsumoto’s collaboration with Kasumi Arimura again, having previously played in the series Shitsuren Chocolatier which was broadcast by FUJI TV in 2014.


However, Kasumi Arimura’s acting skills look more mature in this film. This 24-year-old artist skillfully explores the role of a young girl who is fragile and yet strong in dealing with the feelings she harbors. It’s no wonder that Kasumi Arimura won the Asia Star Award at the 22nd Busan International Film Festival, for her role in this film.

Review Narrated

Gliding sweetly on the forbidden love story, director Isao Yukisida also managed to place the inner wounds of the two main characters with dialogue that wasn’t too boring. With only the words, “You’re still the same,” that came out of Izumi’s mouth when she met Takashi again, Cilers could feel various kinds of emotions in them. A sentence that feels normal, but feels very heartbreaking. With those words, Cilers could tell that Izumi’s feelings for Takashi were still as strong even though the two had not seen each other for some time.

Conclusion about the movie Narrated

This is what the film wants to convey. How does the process of maturing one’s self go through different phases. And most of all, how the feeling of love can make or break a person, where time can change everything or nothing. One thing is certain, Cilers will most likely need a pack of tissues when he decides to watch this film.

Movie Narrated

Apart from Kasumi Arimura, there is still Jun Matsumoto who appears brilliantly as Takashi Hayama. Narragate is the Arashi member’s first film after his slick appearance in the film Hidamari no Kanojo (2013). Even though this is his first role as a teacher, Matsujun can carry it well. For some reason, in this film, Matsujun looks much more mature.

Narrated movie

For Cilers who likes Japanese melodrama films, Narratage is a film worth watching. The plan is that this film will soon be brought to Indonesia by Encore Films. So, don’t miss this film when it is shown in Indonesia.


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